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(ooc) Daily Halfling Build #8

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In which I build a halfling build on my singleplayer creative superflat world every day until the sun goes out.


today I took on the @SunnyBee challenge of making a burrow with no wood or stone variants. The frame was fairly easy, and I was only held back by a lack of slabs. I had to get kinda creative for some of the interior decoration though. Also I merged the burrow with a cottage because why not. I think having a combo burrow/cottage will look better when I’m able to use wood and stone though, so I’ll try this again later.



I don’t have access to slabs of any kind so rip any hopes of having a good ceiling.



Very mushroom-y with the frame here. Not sure if I like it or not, but it’s cool nontheless.



Here you can see the cottage. The walls are just plain ol’ sand. I added some grass to the roof later.



Finished exterior. There’s two entrances kinda, but I think it might have been better with only one. I also tried maing big flowers with wool. I could’ve done them a lot better if I had access to slabs/stairs of any kind and could use terracotta instead of wool.



Snow layers make for great seating arrangements.



Don’t have access to any storage blocks so I just crammed a bunch of random stuff here. The halfling that lives here must keep all their items lying around in this room in the big ol’ piles.



Dead coral fireplace. You can argue that using scaffolding is cheating because it involves sticks, but sticks can be crafted from bamboo so it’s not really all that much of a wood variant IMO. The pumpkin couch is the best part of this entire build hands down.



Can’t use minecraft beds, so I just did a wool bed.


Notes to self:

-more mushroom blocks for future burrows???

-get better at making large flowers as well as mushrooms. Probably a guide on youtube somewhere.

-snow layers are very good for sitting on. Your bum might get a bit cold in doing so, but it’s a worthy sacrifice.

-I really love the pumpkin couch. I should build pumpkin couches in future burrows even when I have access to wood.

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you took this challenge way further than i intended




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This does not fit into the LOTC aesthetic even a little bit B U T,


I do think it is very creative and unique. Gives me fantastical witch house sort of vibes. 


Very pog, very epic, I rate it 420/69 mushroom-sheckles.

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Looks like Teric Ratfoot’s Fever Dream. 10/10.

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