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  1. you asked me to comment here, let's hear it
  2. read my mind and tell me of the music i doth audibly perceive
  3. pls for the love of god if i see one more birch plank box im gonna lose it
  4. i like this. +1 i need an imaginary friend @LatteSupremacy Get your own fae fren and let's be twinsies
  5. Vortex on the archipelago? That's pretty hype
  6. Someone make this a speedrun.com category.
  7. you took this challenge way further than i intended 12/10
  8. construct a burrow using no stone (or variants of stone) or wood, do it and i’ll be proud jumpyboi
  9. [!] A flyer with this pencil sketch of Anya and Anne, as well as more information about the wedding (written in terrible handwriting), would be posted upon Brandybrook’s noticeboard and sent out to various friends and family! The Wedding of Anya Asclepius and Anne Applebrook As some folks might know, we (Anne and Anya) have been together for some time, and we decided it’s about fuckin’ time we got married! There’s gonna be booze, cake, dancing, the actual ceremony, and fun times all around, it’ll be ******* grand. When: Just under a year from now! ((OOC: Sunday, 3pm EST, 7pm GMT, 2pm CST, and noon PST)) Where: Brandybrook--on the right of Aegrothond, past the emerald pillar. We hope to see you there! Be safe in your travels. Anya Asclepius Anne Applebrook
  10. OST Flames roared as Kit-Kat Gardner threw a brief glance behind her to face the incoming onslaught of demonic insects. She’d seen her fair share of swarms of bugs before, but this...was something else entirely. They were the size of dwarves--stingers and wings bigger than her own weapon that her father had passed down to her. As she ran towards the shore where the remains of ships lay floating in the water, she noticed the buzzing of one of the inferi creatures growing louder behind her--soon that stinger would be making contact if she did nothing about it. The girl heard a loud rumbling followed by the KRAK of some unfortunate soul’s skeleton as the ground shook beneath her; something, although she didn’t know what, had crashed down behind her. She turned her head and realized she was face-to-face with one of those accursed insects she had seen. The horrifying creature shot forward, and the halfling hopped backwards and swung her shovel-axe at the creature, parrying the blow as she steadied herself and continued to run. The sounds of battle had become deafening, yet unnoticeable. Screams of pain, leaders shouting orders on both sides, the ear-piercing buzzing of the demon-bugs, and so much more flooded her ears. Nevertheless she kept running, veering to the left as a group of five inferi bugs aimed their stingers towards her. Kit heard a loud clink as the stinger of one of these inferi struck her pauldron--followed by another tearing through her cape, two attacking her torso and upper left arm respectively, and one last creature had yet to strike. Pain quickly shot through the girl’s nerves as her armor and dress were pierced by the stingers, as these unholy abominations ate through her flesh and bone. The halfling screamed in agony as she collapsed on the ground--still fighting despite the skin of her right arm having fallen onto the ground beside her. According to those who saw the hellish battle’s end, that’s how Kit-Kat Gardner died. Fighting.
  11. Catch you later jumpyboi, enjoy the break my dude
  12. SunnyBee

    The Crash

    OST Late one evening in Brandybrook, a loud, resounding CRASH was heard coming from the beach, near the Spicy Shrimp. Were anyone to investigate, the beach would be littered with bits and pieces of a mangled ship that had crashed into the beach. It clearly had taken quite a beating before arriving at the village of the wee, just narrowly missing the already docked vessel. All of the crew seems to have already abandoned the destroyed vessel--all that was left of it was some broken driftwood, cloth, and various useless bits ‘n bobs, some of which are marked with strange, foreign symbols. Perhaps finding the crew of the destroyed ship may lead to some hints as to its origin. ((OOC: This is an intro post for my new character, Captain Alice. See y’all in game, cheers))
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