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  1. Halfling accent isn't required at all, and we're a p chill community so it's fine if it takes you a minute to emote. As jumper said you can just write that your character has an accent but not actually write the accent itself, if that makes sense. Good luck, hope to see you around o/
  2. The Ballot: ((MC Name: SnowyBee_)) Name: Winter Gardner Vote for Elder: Burt Hassenfort (x) Onelia Peregrin (x) Kerraline Goodbarrel (x) Cyris Collingwood ()
  3. The First Ever Doublesweet Festival! [!] A series of flyers are pinned to various spots in Bramblebury, including the noticeboard. Flyers have also been placed inside the mailbox of every occupied home! You are invited to Bramblebury's first ever DOUBLESWEET FEST! This festival is to celebrate love and camaraderie; love of our friends, love of our families, love of our allies, love of future friends, and our love of, well, our lovers! Attendees who already have a partner can partake in fun activities with their partner, and those who don't will be assigned a
  4. Winter adjusts her new glasses as she reads the invite. "...They were not already married? Hm."
  5. @FakeNotic you are Enigma's Draw! While you may be tiny, you still pack a considerable punch, and are nice to have in a pinch. @TameFX you are The Recluse! No, really, where's Theo...I miss him a little ngl. @Hearth you are Warden's Law! You're seen as odd by others, but at the end of the day, you're still able to shoot just fine. @Clockyyyyyyyyy you are Just In Case! I know if I ever need to know anything about the current happenings of Bramblebury, I can ask you. 'Cause you're always online when I check tab. No, really, when do you sleep??? @CalZium yo
  6. **** it time to throw my hat into the ring. ask.
  7. you ***** why did you TEAR ME APART and STRETCH OUT MY ENTRAILS you SICK ****
  8. Alright josie im ready to be cyberbullied Bless me with the knowledge of my breadness
  9. Some halflings have some reactions. Anne reads the doctrine, frowning all the while, crushing her copy afterwards. "Bullshi'. Arugula knows ye ain' real, ye..." She trails off, seething, as she goes to find her wife and rant to her about stupid daemonic fake gods. Kerra, meanwhile, frowns as she reads the doctrine. "Sounds tae me loike 'tis es fearmongerin'. T'a's a t'ing 'uman religions do, isn' i'? Koindah mean. Oi'm sure 'e means well, 't leas'." Elsie can't ******* read, so she just ignores the note and stuffs some bugs into her mouth, moving along.
  10. THE BALLOT ((MC name: FestiveBee_ )) Name: Camilla Elibar'acal Vote for Okarir'hiylun (can't believe you schmucks made me change this you got the point): (XX) Maeve Elibar'acal ( ) Aestenia Aevaris
  11. ((This post brought to you in part by Sunny the Grammar Lady)) Jo quickly leaves the city after having seen the corpse of her old friend and worst enemy. What was the word for someone whom you loved like a sister and hated like a monster? Still unsure of what she thinks of the now-dead Illatian, the epiphyte wanders Almaris for a day or two, gathering her thoughts and trying to make heads or tails of everything going on right now.
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