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Lovely citizens of Haelun’or,


These past few Elven days have been a bit hectic, and Galanthil Elibar'acal or Maehr'indor and I have been thoroughly unable to relax with our supply of mint tea and biscuits. It is truly unfortunate. Mr. Maehr'indor is quite old, and unsuited to this sort of very spirited back-and-forth. I am, of course, not old -- more middle aged -- and markedly more suited to these situations. As is our ancient custom, when things get particularly confusing we must summon the COUNCIL OF MALAURIRAN to set things straight.


To the Malauriran of days gone by, as the previous Maheral please heed my call. We shall meet on the morrow, whenever is convenient for a good amount of us -- most likely in San'evarir, as it is a lovely venue.


For all else reading this, please listen to your lovely Silver Council in the meantime. They are democratically elected and here to serve you. Just as you allow the Malauriran to execute our traditional purpose, allow those in office to execute their constitutional imperative.


As a further clarification, Mr. Galanthil was not, in fact, ousted, but rather decided he is much too old to be bothered with a fraught political environment. In his many historic roles -- as both Evarir, Okarir'mali, son, husband, father and grandfather -- he has served admirably, and has most decidedly earned his rest.




Mlr. Ikur Sullas, Mayor of Fih'linan'sae





((as for the moderation reading this, please do not take this down. This sort of writing style is, in fact, very in-character and not a shtpost. I will refrain from any spicy follow up comments this time, though.))


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Avern'dionne Fi'talareh would receive the summons and send a response to Ikur -




I will surely be at this council to affirm a Malaurir for our people, given your chosen successor chose not to stay the role.


- Avern"

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