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Private Letter to the Clergy

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“I ordered the estates of the earth, and I have set a path before you.” Virtue 6:4


Dear Holy Father, Jude II


I would like to apologize for the heretical and apostolical acts I have done against the Holy Church and GOD. I was led down a dark path in my life, I had abandoned GOD and the holy virtue, replacing it with beliefs that most should never hold. I have been lead to the light by his eminence Cardinal Francisco and the Holy Scripture he has provided for me. I have read such documents every night since he had provided me with them. They have reinvigorated my belief in GOD. I wish for forgiveness from you, holy father, and the rest of the church. I wish for the ability to reenter communion. I wish for forgiveness for allowing my family to also be led on such a dark path. I'd also like to give a personal thanks to Javier Francisco-Altamirano for his role in my conversion.



Carlos Mendez

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Francisco would pear out the window of his Cartagenan room, sipping Hyspian tequila as he read his copy of the letter, smiling and crying tears of joy as he looked up to the sky out his window.

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Hernando Altamirano would stop everything he is doing, looking down at the letter stating, "GOD is good GOD is great. GOD the most high. GOD bless you Carlos Mendez. And may the rest of Hyspia follow in this path and find redemption in the everlasting love of GOD. Welcome back Carlos!" Hernando would then spend the next 5 hours in quiet contemplation and prayer, prayer for the rest of Red Hyspia so that they too follow in Carlos's footsteps into the light of GOD.

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Brother Carlos,


It is a joyous day when We may be witness to the repentance of those who, once rejecting God’s light, have now been enveloped by it whole. Your words truly bring Us immense joy as We see the Love and Mercy of the Lord in action, gracing even those who have once abandoned Him, now saved by His great will and truth. It too gives Us great hope for a future where all of the apostates of Hyspia and too, of the greater Kingdom of Norland, may be converted and offered salvation, having entreated God for forgiveness and in His Mercy, He so answering in return that even they may share in the blessings of the virtuous who tread this God ordained path (Virtue 1:9). 


It is this which is Our goal and through God’s grace, you have been made it’s beginning. May your surrender to the Love of the Lord inspire the apostates to take up, once again, the faith and too, inspire you to be a man who guides them to their savior, God. 


We, as High Pontiff and Vicar of God, with the confirmation of the truth of your words by Our brothers of the cloth, so do forgive you and beseech you to receive the Sacrament of Ablution at your earliest convenience if not done already. May God grace your path ahead with His light and remember to always keep at the core of your heart, Love for Him, for it is the virtuous who Love Him (Auspice 3:17).


Dei Gratia,
Sanctitas, Jude II




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