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The Ferrynates

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Quinten comes up with Ferrynates



“Orenians grouped up north, go left at the third tree, walk forward approximately 79 feet, then turn right behind the compost bin. After 6 clicks, they’ll be 4 stone throws to the northeast.”

“Come again?”

“Ugh… Just go that way.”

- Quinten, to a fellow Ferryman.


A lot of experience in the field had taught the ferrymen that proper information was key to their impressive victories. That said, passing on accurate information on locations remained a difficult feat at times, given how most of Almaris’ terrain is exceptionally expansive and certain regions look exactly the same all across the land they occupy. As such, Quiten went to work, taking the various maps of Almaris, and beginning to measure them and divide them… After many failed and impractical concepts, he came up with the ideal system. He had divided a map of Almaris up into a grid, divided by horizontal and vertical lines. These lines he’d call the Quintitudes and Diomitudes (Q and D for short), after the main thinkers behind this system. Quintitudes would be a measure of a location on west-east axis, whereas Diomitudes would be a measure of a location on the north-south axis.


With his system thought up, he had to apply it to Almaris for practical use. He started with determining a point that would be Q 0 D 0, through a skillful throw of a dart towards a map pinned against the wall… Anything east of that point would be positive on the Q scale, and anything south of that point would be positive on the D scale. In the other directions, one would find negative values in either Q or D! 


Quinten’s 0, 0 point, marked on a map.


From there, Quinten decided that one meter would mark one unit in his new measuring system. This would mean that 100 meters south and 100 meters east of his 0, 0 point would thus be Q 100 D 100. He’d painstakingly pour over a collection of maps, records and went out to make personal measurements to ensure his system was accurate and that plenty of reference points that could be studied by his fellow Ferrymen were established, wherever landmarks could be found. Below was an example of a small list which included the approximate ferrynates of every capital city in Almaris:





With the Ferrynates properly measured out and reliable referencepoints set across all of Almaris, Quinten knew there was only one thing left to do; Teach his fellow Ferrymen and get them to study this in depth, so it may soon be used in their various endeavours!


Quinten teaching his fellow Ferrymen.

((OOC: This information can only be used by those taught ICly. Any attempt to use Ferrynates in roleplay without being taught is metagaming.))

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Greggley would nod. "How ingenious! I can't wait to be taught these." he'd grin, before setting down a satchel full of gear. "I wish I was as smart as my fellow ferrymen!"

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"Why are their heads backwards in the painting?" muttered some God-fearing husk of armor. "Also, I see a woman in that picture. They can't be more than 1 Q away from the female! Outrageous!"

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