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Gold News Now hits the road!

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Somehow from where ever the hell Mica is, a flyer appears all over Urguan and some other places...



GNN goes airborne 


Lo all mica here!

So GNN has been on a slight hold for a few reasons, which I won't get into here, but for a triumphant return everyone's favourite golden paper is hitting the road!


I will be out and about all over Almaris interviewing the wonderful people of the land, from dwarves to birds and all creatures big and small. Hoping to share stories from around the globe.


If you would like a spotlight moment, something to share to the greater world, a fun story from years past, simply bird me, or just grab me (with consent not literally) and talk away! No story is too small! 


Can't wait to meet you all!

Mica <3


(fun ooc stuff)


So this is a fun passion project to get some of the more colourful characters on the server some spotlight, guild heads, mercenaries, every day citizens, that homeless dude in Oren….

EVERYONE, tell me your stories! I can do either in rp or over discord if time zones are funky.

I just want to give small plot lines some light and show off what great storytellers we are as a community. 


So please! Message me at  Moody_mullen#2460 or in game at sciencepants2, with your IGN, rp name, nation of residence, timezone, and a quick blurb on your character you want to show off.


Post up hopefully weekly if not whenever I get an interview done. 


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