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  1. Somehow from where ever the hell Mica is, a flyer appears all over Urguan and some other places... GNN goes airborne Lo all mica here! So GNN has been on a slight hold for a few reasons, which I won't get into here, but for a triumphant return everyone's favourite golden paper is hitting the road! I will be out and about all over Almaris interviewing the wonderful people of the land, from dwarves to birds and all creatures big and small. Hoping to share stories from around the globe. If you would like a spotlight moment, something to
  2. mica picks up the newspaper from her place of hiding. And sets about writing a short letter. “tis a shame, not only from a fellow head medic who has stepped down as well as a fellow student of darinn in the past I hope you are well, keep strong my friend, a medic never truly retires. Keep your kit light and your heart lighter, your, an ally.”
  3. IGN: sciencepants 2 RP NAME: Mica Goldhand AGE: 104 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: all CANDIDATE: Dorimnur Goldhand
  4. Mica would sit alone in her office holding the letter addressed to her and the rest of her family, they had all had a look and passed it off back to her. Pouring over the words and handwriting she clutched the paper shaking slightly. Finally setting down the letter she put pen to paper. “Davli, I suspect you are either scared or homesick. I always send my wishes and love to you. You will be back home with us before you even realize my dear. Stay strong, be the Davli I know, the head strong, insult slinging, wolf baiting, monkey. Keep at i
  5. The Deep Roads Cat Spider Appearance Slightly larger that a normal cat and mostly hairless the deep roads cat spider is very similar to its four legged kin but has a few large difference. The deep road cat spider instead of having the typical four legs is instead a host to eight legs. Each equal in size to the next, and each having similar anatomy to that of a normal cat. This over abundance of extra limbs allows the creature to climb vertical walls and sometimes upside down given adequate space for footing. As well as their increased number of legs the beast also has a multit
  6. A similarly gilded letter would be sent back, the envelope would be held shut with a thick wax seal with the Goldhand shield stamped into it. Dear Davli, There would be a drop of ink on the paper as if the writer paused for a moment, then a line of frantic writing. What in the sweet Braths name did you do to your face! Do I need to send some of the family over to look after you?! Goodness, be careful! The rest of the letter would be in the typical neat writing of Mica. Apart from that, we have been well, your father is in the proces
  7. The GNN jingle is heard throughout the city "GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING URGUAN, and welcome to another weekly Friday update! I'm your host as always Mica and lets dive right into this hell of a week!" some papers shuffle "To start us off, Local legend Bakir as been doing his part to help with the war effort! In an interview with me, Bakir has said that he patrols the Orenian roads for potential orenian victims, Antonyus falls into his trap. Captured and shackled by Bakir alongside the Ferrymen, Antonyus Horen was captured and taken to Norland. I was ab
  8. Mica already starts to drown in paperwork, and bokolo eggs. in the background a large green bokolo sits fat and happy in its new outdoor home
  9. An equally gilded letter returned with several silk packages full of herbs stuffed into the envelope. Dear davli, I’m proud to hear you are fighting well and keeping the family name strong, i will be sure to send some dried herbs in the letter when i send it, it may not be much but i'm making sure to keep the packages light for you. Damona is doing well and missing you deeply, she's starting to learn to read and write herself so be sure to send her a letter when you can. Hana has been well herself, I'm keeping an eye out for her like you asked, I believe she
  10. *the GNN jingle plays throughout the city “Goooooood Friday morning I’m your host Mica Goldhand with your weekly report! To start us off we had a raid earlier this week which ended well with our legion boys keeping us safe from slave traders, remember to thank your local legionnaire when you have a chance. As well as this week we had Oren attack Norland and it’s port town of Elys, both sides have released a statement and we await further information from the situation.” *a sound of papers being sorted during a sort break in the talking “In happier news, w
  11. mica feels the semi-familiar chill down her spine and down in to the stone under her. “seems that we’ve got another visitor” placing the golden circlet on her head and heading to her desk once again.
  12. mica looks up from cleaning her son's golden fake foot “feck dem fishy bastards! And the water dey deh en!”
  13. Mica hates the sea and is fully ready to throw down. But first she needs to get over the whole boat thing.
  14. Anbella's Grace - Healuroz Barimmar From the desk of the Head Medic Letter of resignation My fellow medics, my dear clinic and residents of the Kingdom and its holdings, I write this letter with a heavy heart. But, the changing of power allows growth. With a great deal of pride for my second medics, medics and trainees, it is time for a change in the clinic, i would like to inform you all of such: I, Mica Grandaxe, currently Head Medic of the Grand Clinic of Urguan, Anbella’s Hand, am formally stepping down from my position. Like that of m
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