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  1. As Sionnch sat going through the daily mail the strange letter stood out, taking note of the name on the front she opened it and began to read, soon tears taking over her from the short passage. followed quickly by her famous rage, "another lost to soon, far to soon" snarling in the stuffy room, setting the letter in a drawer. and from the stuffy room a flurry of letters were sent, though she may not take up her glaive in this hour, but hell hath no fury like an angered woman, gods bless the person who hurt her wards. Among the rage and cursing coming from the villa, a small fox darts out with a letter, headed north towards the home of Sylvari.
  2. In true Sionnach fashion, instead of preparing a dress or fixing decorations, has busied herself with the preparations of food and drink. “What kind of party doesn’t have cake? I know it’s not a bloody birthday party but cake is cake!” Up atop the mount looking over the Redfist settlement, one Mica Goldhand flicks through the mound of mail before her doorstep “oh a party? Sadleh ah canny attend, ta much week round here” turning to the herd of birds, beetles, bokolo and children that have taken to following her about.
  3. Any other day, any other time, the comfort of earth beneath foot would be her blessing of the traveler. But this time she can’t focus on the soft thump of footfall upon the road, her vision black in the dark of the helm, her mind flooded with memories. Her childhood, with its endless pain. The fall of Rhein, a history lost The long long trek to Rozania The civil wars she fought and failed in Self exile from her second home A lover forever lost to the winds A brother killed far too soon Trapped in her walking prison she returns to the one thing she could ever think to do when her mind and body have failed her, she sings the old songs of Rhein, and prays to The Fates that where she ends up isn’t to far from home. Meanwhile back at Rozania: Kit the fox, an ever present entity at the woman’s side, paces the streets looking for its owner. Or rather, anyone it’s recognises
  4. After following her father to the old city, Sionnach found herself falling into old ways. Pacing along the winding streets and lanes of the walled town she let her eyes wander, taking in the changes and the similarities of when she last patrolled. Something felt wrong to the young sellsword, but she kept her gaze forwards and hoped for the best.
  5. Trailing after her father in the woods, expecting a hunt or simple traveling they have been doing. Notices Kane up ahead inspecting the tree. “Oi da the hell is that?” Haunting Hans, her trusty war horse. As she awaited a reply. To which she simply got her father tearing off towards the sea. “fates be… SLOW DOON” turning her mount and tearing off after him.
  6. The red paint cracked a bit as she smiled to another traveller on the road, “watch yer step, the hills be muddy with the rain these days” bowing her head a bit she moved off, old boots meeting old roads, off to greet another wayward traveler.
  7. The familiar head of blonde hair greets the moving clan on the road with a warm smile and a wave, “aye the weather be terrible o late but nothing a good drink canny fix!” With a cascading laugh and a hug, she rode off on to gods know where.
  8. Sionnach grabs the official document and runs around all over east Almaris holding up the paper to any person silly enough to stop near here "look! LOOK! he's actually adopted me! IM KANE'S KID!" she would then run off trailed by several animals, a tiered looking fiancée and whatever poor sibling she grabbed for the day.
  9. To my dear beloved citizens, Thank you, Thank you all for the home you opened to me, for the good times and the bad. For the smiles and tears. We stood shoulder to shoulder in the face of adversity, we cried as we mourned our losses and smiled when it was all over and we had fun for the first time in years. And with all this I must say goodbye as master of laws. For the sake of ourselves and for the sake of the city as a whole. My only parting request in all this is to remember to treat each other justly, to love your fellow citizens as if they were your own kin, to smile when dark skies close in. Your are the people of Rozania, stronger than most, remember that Long live the people. Until next time, Sionnach. To the government of Rozania, It’s been an honour, Protect my people, Good luck. Long live the people, Sionnach.
  10. From the desk of the newly Appointed Chancellor My dear people, In lieu of the recent events of interpersonal disagreements throughout the city, I wish to publish an open letter to the citizens of Rozania. To my fellow citizens, to family, to allies and to friends, we must remember our ties to our fellow descendants. We stood in the face of hardship and tyranny together as one under the name of Rozania. We shan't let petty disagreements and silliness pull the fabric of this great city apart. I wish to remind all that my office door is open to everyone and anyone who has concerns or questions on anything. With that. I do try to make time for everyone within the city and no issue is too small. To Round off, thank you all for having great patience and understanding towards your fellows. Long live Rozaina May the lord be with you all. Lady Sionnach Chancellor of Rozania
  11. Sionnach readies the stack of papers needed for the case "my first trial of our brand new nation..."
  12. IGN: sciencepants2 RP NAME: Mica Goldhand AGE: ~110 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: citizen (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Alaric Grimgold
  13. sion shouts over her shoulder "OI they found you again!" yelling at one of her many moth like siblings and friends
  14. Sion reads and rereads the publishing handed to her by Willam "truly a good man, i will look out for his writing in the future" giving a sure nod and passing it along herself
  15. Sionnach reads the missive and casts it aside "nothing but a nest o loyal follows we be, nay clue why we keep getting call all these sorts o names" turning back to her friends to make yet another flower crown "oi hand me those purple flowers i got enough blue and pink ones"
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