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Mama always said it’s the choices made in life which show how we are as a person. Life has a way of taking unexpected turns, throwing one into situations they’d never even dreamed of. Outcomes one could never fathom.


When those times come, what would you do, amore?”


What do you mean, mama?”


Take the easy way out?”




Would you run?”





Who are these people? I've never seen their armor before.


What do they want with my family? What could they possibly want?


What do we do?


What can we do right now?


They all have weapons.











Take a stand?”




With your head held high?”





Shouts echoed through the Falcone family home.


A gauntleted hand pointed a finger at Natalia. Slowly, she released her daughter.


Given a rough shove forward, the illatian woman made her way towards the armored figure. Once in range, her arm was grabbed, and she was yanked forward.


Her eyes locked with her husband's, something mouthed as she was dragged along.


'I love you, take care of our family.'





Mama always said it's the choices that make who we are, show who we are. When she first told me, I didn’t understand it. I was just a young child after all.


Now I do understand.


My life has taken turns which I never dreamed of. Perhaps this was the biggest one of all.


Do you accept death?”


And if I don't?”


True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.”

- Sadhu Vaswani



((not a PK, I just felt like writing after some good RP the other day!


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