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July, August, & September - Moderation Team Update


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July, August & September 2021

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G’evening to you all! The moderation management team wanted to reach out with a fill in on everything the moderation team has been up to at the moment. We understand there are alot of questions and suggestions present around for the team moving forward in the future, and want to do what is most beneficial for the server overall. That being said, never hesitate to reach out with questions or apply for moderation if you're interested! 

Over the past few months the team itself has seemed to have undergone quite a bit of change as members of the team have come and gone, projects have been set in motion, and as always the pool of workings is filled to the brim. Our current goal for this month will be to work through anything we may have currently ongoing or anything we may be behind on.
With time comes change, that being said as I'm sure you all have noticed, but our moderation admin has recently stepped away from the role of moderation. We extend the biggest thanks possible to everything he took on and helped us accomplish during his time on our team. 




Moderation Team Guides [COMPLETE]

We have been working hard on a compilation of separate modules and guides to better define our current rules, in regards to different procedures which can require moderation aid, at times. Our guides will focus on instructions for viable actions in-game, which are useful in the cases of companions, bird-messages, petty-theft, heists, wars and procedures outside of the server, such as reports and appeals. This will assist both internal and external team matters, and help to disperse potential arguments.

Project Lead: MayRndz

Moderation Training Updates [COMPLETE]

Project Lead(s): EnderShadow, & MayRndz

Over time and consideration of previous training sets we developed a new set of internal team workings to help organize and train new moderators so they are familiar with our systems, and procedures. 


Combat Rules Review [Admin-Review]

Combat Rules are being reviewed and altered whenever required, for the betterment of conflict on the server. We want to provide different avenues for members to pursue adequate conflict that can aid the natural progression of the server. At that, we’re also looking to all those unwritten rules and adding them to our rule-sets for better clarification.

Project Lead(s): MayRndz

Community Outreach [In Progress]

Community outreach encompasses a community and moderation oriented project that will be worked on to better the communication of the moderation team among peers as partners, and members of the community/other staff teams. Its primary focus is to find ways to bring player bases together.

Project Lead: Managament

Skirmish Updates [In-Progress]

A project with the aim to decrease randomized raids and attacks and put more goal orientation and “gamemodes” towards generalized conflict.

Project Lead: TigerGiri

Almaris War Workings [In Progress]

Though it's been a long time waiting and has gone through a multitude of variations, we are continuing forward with the war amendments and writings where they had been left off. It will definitely take time and effort to complete however we want to get this done as best as possible while creating fair guidelines and going through collaboration with anyone interested. Project Lead: itdontmatta




The Moderation Team received 1,692 tickets during the month of July, 1,520 during the month of August, and 1,479 during the month of September. All quota is based on 3% of total tickets, but does not include additional activity requirements involving reports, appeals, projects and interviews.







ImCookie has stepped away from administration
Itdontmatta has rejoined management
MayRndz has stepped down from Mod Management
Tigergiri has been Promoted to Mod-Trainer
Disheartened has been Promoted to Mod-Trainer
HogoBojo has been Promoted to Mod-Trainer
ZachoSnacko has Joined Modetration
Tigergiri has Joined Moderation
DixieDemolisher has joined Moderation
Arashiha has joined Moderation
Fionn__TWG has joined Moderation
_Pan has joined Moderation
Mirvam has joined Moderation
Grnappa has joined Moderation
Wolfdwg has joined Moderation

Devvy has resigned from Moderation
Total has resigned from Moderation
MCVDK has resigned from Moderation



Thank you for being patient with us as we´ve worked along these past few months and don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for help.



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@HogoBojo******* scares me

the man is a modreq magnet

I feel like GMs are the most stable now that they've ever been, at least from my experience

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