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I'm Still Here (Return Post)


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Emi doesn't know how to format. Wrote this on mobile while at work. Might tweak it if I feel like it. Pm me or just ask if you have any questions about Maria's return!

A burned carriage, tears shed, pain.

What she thought would be her last words were spoken that day.

"I'm sorry" Her voice was hoarse as she reached out to her aunt and uncle. 

When she awoke, she felt pain, she was alive but she wasn't the same. Burnt from head to toe, the beautiful face of Maria de Rosius was scarred, a shell of her former self. 

Yes, Maria was a bit sorry. Sorry to be the only one who survived when she was sure Elaine was gone, she never went back to check....how could she? When by all intents and purposes the world thought she was dead. 

Maria returned to the Chateau, or whatever was left of it by now with a heavy sigh, hearing the news of her uncles passing. She walked to the basement full of caskets, to where her own rested, empty. 

A wicked grin painted her face as she laid a wilted rose on the top of her casket. 


"I'm still here." The woman croaked. 



"And I'm NOT sorry."

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Elodie de Rosius gasped, pressing a hand to her mouth.


Mon Dieu… do not tell me I am hallucinating now!” The aged woman uttered, dropping the rose she meant to lay on the casket of her newly-deceased brother.

She signed the Lorraine and closed her eyes for a minute; beginning to cry when she opened them to find her niece still there and very much alive.

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"Poor timing." The Baron muttered from the Seven Skies

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The now very much older  Aliria Elodie de Rosius had hummed an all familliar melody as she too had made her way down to pay respects yet  finding the small group in disbelief.


her hands had dropped as she just switched eye contact  between Elodie and Maria, simply stunned before she spoke.

“I suppose welcome back?” 


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