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9th of the Second Age - 16th of the Second Age




The Hyspian Schism, also known as the Hyspian Civil War, was a major historical event in Hyspian history that was sparked with the conversion of King Antonio de Rivera (R. 1795 - 14 S.A.) from the Church of the Canon to the Red Faith of Norland. Led by Venerated Cardinal Francisco Altamirano, the Pro-Canonist forces of Hyspia (White Hyspians) split from Antonio’s rule (Red Hyspians) and fled south to the city of Osanora. King Antonio’s anger and subsequent mobilization against Ven. Francisco led to a 7 year conflict that not only politically divided Hyspia, but also caused a long term divide between Red Faith Hyspians and Canonist Hyspians. Though for the most part the wounds of the Schism have been healed, the effects of the conflict still remain to this day. I write this both out of love for our history and to educate the future generations on our people’s history






After the death of King Cesar I, founder and first Monarch of Hyspia, the 5 year old Antonio inherited the throne under a regency council primarily led by Ser Carlos Mendez, Ser Jerrito Mendez (formerly Juarez), Francisco Altamirano, and Lord-Regent Hernan Vlastos. As the destruction of Arcas became imminent, Lord-Regent Hernan ordered the Hyspians to construct a fleet and proceeded to sail away to the safety of Almaris alongside the rest of the descendants. During this time, the young King Antonio was taken into the Kingdom of Norland under the protection of King Halvar of Norland, abiding by a treaty that King Cesar and King Halvar had signed years earlier. Antonio remained in the new Norlandic capital of Varhelm for roughly 5 years as Osanora, a Hyspian settlement under Baron Antonio de Medina and a vassal of Sutica, was being constructed. After alleged mistreatment by the Hyspian workers living in Osanora, Francisco Altamirano petitioned for the young King Antonio to be brought to Osanora so that the Hyspian people had a figurehead to rally around. Baron Antonio and King Antonio’s regency council came to an agreement which allowed King Antonio to maintain his royal titles and privileges while residing in Osanora. 



The Hyspians residing within Osanora, 6 S.A.


After the Baron of Osanora and King of Hyspia’s regency council continued to butt heads, the Church of the Canon intervened on behalf of the Hyspians at the behest of Francisco Altamirano. This only caused tensions to worsen and, at the behest of the anti-canonist Sutican government, the Hyspians were expelled from Osanora. Not wishing for a violent confrontation, the Regency council moved to Norland and once again utilized the treaty between Norland and Hyspia to allow the Hyspians refuge within the capital. 


As the Hyspians spent more time in Norland, Antonio found himself being continually drawn to the Red Faith of Norland. The Lord Chancellor of Norland - Caedric Edvardsson - made a proposition to the now-teenage King of Hyspia; convert to the Red Faith and Hyspia will be given lands north of Varhelm. Without the knowledge of then-Bishop Francisco Altamirano (who was also serving as Lord Regent after the disappearance of Hernan Vlastos) and with the support of Ser Carlos Mendez, King Antonio underwent a conversion ceremony and was brought into the Red Faith. Bishop Francisco learned of the conversion too late and entered the Red Faith temple only to find the ceremony completed. In front of Francisco and his Altamirano House Guards, King Antonio denounced Canonism and appointed Ser Carlos Mendez as his Lord Regent instead of Bishop Francisco. 


Unwilling to accept the insults against his Faith, Station, and Family, Francisco took his family and supporters and fled Norland to Osanora. Since the House of Altamirano was regarded as a noble house, Antonio saw their flight as treason and denounced them as rebels and traitors.




The Schism


King Antonio mobilized his supporters - mostly consisting of the House of Mendez and the majority of the Hyspian military - and marched south to Osanora to confront the Altamiranos. Now-Cardinal Francisco had the support of the House of Altamirano and a number of Hyspians who had been loyal Canonists after the Church of the Canon had supported Hyspia. 



The confrontation at Osanora (10 S.A.), widely regarded as the start of the war.


As the teenage King of Hyspia rode to the outskirts of Osanora, he was met by Cardinal Francisco and Baron Antonio de Medina. Baron Antonio did not directly support either side and instead proposed to mediate the conflict. Both sides seemed unwilling to compromise with Cardinal Francisco demanding King Antonio’s re-conversion to Hyspia and King Antonio demanding the fealty of Cardinal Francisco. When it seemed as if blades would be drawn, the Baron of Osanora negotiated for King Antonio and his followers to withdraw for now. While the confrontation at Osanora was bloodless, it is still seen as the start of the armed conflict. King Antonio withdrew to his new capital of Nueva Tierra while Cardinal Francisco held out in Osanora for the time being.


For the next few years multiple small skirmishes take place between the White Hyspians and Red Hyspians, with the Red Hyspians being under the nominal command of Ser Jerrito Mendez (Adopted Brother of Lord-Regent Carlos Mendez) and the White Hyspians under the nominal command of Alfonso Altamirano (Brother of Cardinal Francisco). The war shifted when a highlander by the name of Gustaven von Halsfield, the leader of an Anti-Orenian militia, swore fealty to King Antonio in exchange for allowing Nueva Tierra to be used as a staging point for insurrections into Oren. 


After the Barony of Cartagena was formed by the Altamiranos and the House of Komnenos in Sutica, it was used as a planning spot for the White Hyspians. Once learning of this, King Antonio felt compelled to siege down the fortress but was convinced otherwise by Lord-Regent Carlos. At this point in the war, King Antonio had begun a gradual descent into madness due to an increase of paranoia caused by the ongoing schism and repeated assassination attempts. Despite King Antonio marrying the cousin of Lord-Regent Carlos - Sofia Mendez - the King’s outbursts of madness became too much for the Lord-Regent, now Hand of the Crown due to Antonio’s coming of age, to bear. He fled south and joined the forces of White Hyspia to the dismay of King Antonio, which gave Cardinal Francisco the confidence he needed to proclaim himself as the rightful King of Hyspia due to King Antonio’s status as an apostate. He was crowned by a fellow Cardinal of the Church of the Canon and hailed as the King of Canonist Hyspia.


These events were too much to bear for the young adult king and he ordered Gustaven von Halsfield to locate and capture Cardinal-King Francisco at all costs. Gustaven - knighted by the King - set out with a warband of 500 Cavalry to scout out for the Cardinal-King. Ser Gustaven received word that Francisco was in the Holy Orenian Empire to meet with other clergy and he raced to ambush him. His riders encountered 400 of Cardinal-King Francisco’s guardsmen as well as fellow clergy, sparking the Battle of Ostradt between Ser Gustaven and Cardinal-King Francisco.



The Battle of Ostradt, 12 S.A.


Gustaven’s cavalry cut their way through Francisco’s infantry, managing to capture the Cardinal-King and retreating before 1,000 reinforcements from the Holy Orenian Empire could arrive to support the White Hyspians. The Battle of Ostradt is the only significant battle that was fought during the Hyspian Schism. Nonetheless, Cardinal-King Francisco was brought to Nueva Tierra where he was given the chance to relinquish the title of King and proclaim King Antonio as the rightful ruler of Hyspia. Francisco refused and was personally beheaded by King Antonio himself.


The execution was witnessed by Lord Carlos Mendez, who had snuck into Nueva Tierra to attempt to rescue the Cardinal-King. After seeing the execution, Lord Carlos fled to Haense to proclaim that King Antonio had murdered a Cardinal of the Canonist Faith. The Crown of Haense was outraged and demanded that the Kingdom of Norland capture and execute the King of Hyspia, due to Nueva Tierra being within Norland. A Norlandic warband was gathered and marched towards Nueva Tierra to capture King Antonio and place him on trial. King Antonio, aware that his forces were too small to fend off the entirety of Norland, allowed himself to be killed in a duel by Caedric Edvardsson before the Norlandic army could arrive. King Antonio’s body was hung from the Norlandic Ashwood tree, and Cardinal-King Francisco’s body was returned to his family in Cartagena.


Eventually King Antonio’s Widow who had been carrying his child - Queen Sofia Mendez - negotiated with her Cousin Lord Carlos Mendez to seek a peaceful end to the Schism. The White Hyspians agreed to submit so long as King Antonio’s unborn Son (Later known as King Cesar II) was raised as a Canonist. Queen Sofia agreed, and peace was restored among the Hyspian people. Even with the peace, many of the Red Faith Hyspians who had followed Antonio loyally decided to reside in his old Capital and in many ways the Hyspian people remained divided until efforts years later led to the reunification of all Hyspian peoples. 


I pray that with this history being written on paper that the Hyspian people may once and for all be capable of maintaining internal peace. The Hyspian people must never again suffer such a dividing event as the Hyspian Schism.





His Highness, Cesar de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep and Gereon’s Hold, founder of Ciudad de Plata


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Princesa Sofia de Pelear had spent the morning listening to her father recite the history of the schism, a palm shielding a yawn as she nodded along, intent to show she was listening! She was trying to learn but she couldn't help but think of the plans needing made for the libraries grand opening instead!

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Laurelie de Pelare would read the history and keep going back to read it, trying to remember it all

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Florian Theodoric's eyes widen as he reads this. He had to make a drama out of it!

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