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A Rallying Call


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The second born of KRUG, Gorkil, perfectly embodied the idea of a season orcish warrior. Through superior tactics, physical ability, and honor, Gorkil was able to steer his armies to victories against insurmountable odds. He was an ideal Son of Krug,

one of the greatest orcs to ever live.


Gorkil’s first and most favored son, Angbad, wanted to carry on his father’s legacy after his passing. In doing so, he founded Clan Gorkil, one of the eldest and most notable Orcish clans that the realms of Aos and Eos had seen. But through time, this once grand and honorable clan has waned. Wargoths had come and go, and its members had scattered throughout the land.


To preserve the values of our ancestors, I, Kho’Gorkil, claim the mantle of Wargoth of Clan Gorkil. Any challengers may meet me in the pit.


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Grothzark would simply remark "Pinkee brainrot muzt hav seized thiz azh. Krug iz da hozhezt ork to ever live..."

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A Traveling Fe-Orc let out a hearty laugh "Deluzionul!"

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