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The Mali'Solarii


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Mali ’ Solarii



“The world becomes brighter, for every new star is a new story..”

-Ember An’na 




When the Children of the Four Brothers arose, their cultures and faith quickly blossomed alongside them, however they each differed vastly from one another. While the Humans praised the origin of a Creator, the Dwarves the Brathmordakin, and the Orcs their Spirits, the Elves fractured even further among themselves with various cultures of their own.


These Elven Descendants found comfort in differing environments, soon leading to their complexion itself altering to reflect their surroundings. The ‘Ame of the Forests founded their Dominion, whilst the ‘Aherals of the Pools pillared towards the skies with ivory towers, and the ‘Ker burrowed within the earth and its caverns. Beyond these well-documented origins, another group of Mali developed an even more distinct identity.


A portion of these Mali sought out landscapes beneath the stars and sun; manifesting as the Mali’Solarii, a new culture of Malin’s Kin. However, the search for an even grander view of the brilliant night sky and the shimmering stars beyond caused the ‘Solarii numbers to dwindle as they became too widespread. The original teachings were almost entirely lost as the fractured ‘Solarii evolved and turned to new beliefs and interests, however a new group would soon arise in the Second Age. With them, they brought ancient scriptures from the original ‘Solarii, seeking out their distant kin to reunite into a single faction once more.


The Mali’Solarii culture rests within their belief of life among the stars, as they were the primary founders of the belief of ‘Orialis’, a Lunderian term for the afterlife. This would be the basis of their faith, and would lead them to cross deserts, mountains, and distant lands in their desire to live closer to the stars that guided them.



The end of the Mali’Solarii era was caused by their widespread travels, resulting in them settling amongst the other Mali settlements. Here, they found like-minded Mali who shared their interest in the Skies and its many wonders, however the original teachings and culture of the ‘Solarii had already been lost as a result of their diminished numbers.


It would take centuries before a miracle brought the arrival of a young Mali; a descendant of an Ancient ‘Solarii bloodline who had managed to not only survive the trials of time, but also preserve a portion of the original scriptures. Word began to spread as these descendants sought to revive their lost culture, calling upon the winds for the return of their distant brethren from all corners of the realm. With this, the hope of following the sun and stars returned as the path of the Mali’Solarii shined once more.


C u l t u r e

Faith Of Sun and Star- OARIA


The ‘Solarii were originally founded on the idea of the sky being more than what it seems, after the founding of the telescope- many ‘solarii' adapted to this new mechanism which allowed them to witness the stars. Upon such, they strongly believed that the realms which many aenguls and spirits/Aspects inhibit, are the stars which guided them. Thus the belief of the Sun and Star was born. Oria is a term translated to ‘Living Star’. Within most ‘Solarii families lies a belief of a star in which the family itself believes in the miracle which the star has done for them. Prayers would be made to these different stars, and rituals which could be dependent on the family's culture or other Mali like beliefs (Druidism, spiritualism, pryxism). To state, the Mali ’Solarii believe in no human God. They believe that amongst the many stars of which the  creator created, lies the realms of Purgatory and Paradise and other realms. They believe that the afterlife (or Oralis in Lunderian term) are the stars which are interpreted as the place where angelic realms reside in, and within them their Aenguls which inhabit them.to reach Oralis, one can accomplish this by spreading the ashes of fallen Solarii in open fields under the star-filled sky, this would essentially allow them to travel to the grand heavens which all elves are destined for. However if one were not a follower of the Stars nor abided the rules of the world or simply was a dishonorable mali, it was destined that your soul would burn upon death, and you would not travel to neither purgatory or paradise. This religion of the stars would be known as Oriaism (Act of believing in the Star, verb form for ‘Oaria’).

The followers of Oriasm, are of many different cultures and beliefs, some suspect that being an Star child, is blasphemous towards many of the other beliefs, this mentality is wrong. The faith states that all beings of Aengulic origin, is a star above the skies, and the stars are a representation of their being watching over them. Some stars are known to have lead families to their prey which fed their own children and wives. Some have even lead the 'Solarii to their homes in their times of Confusion. It is widely known that the faith of other religions- does not intend to merge with their provided doctrine, but does not stop the influences of other faiths to adopt the belief that their own religious saints, spirits or even aspects are a star or constellation. 

However true Followers of Oriasm are called Orokin, a flexio term for Golden kin, tend to praise the sun above. Some would confuse the ideology with Xannism, however it is but false. Solaris, Father of stars is the main Idol of the 'Solarii and Orokin, if one were to delve into the Religion of Oriasm, one would proceeded to find themselves in the idea and teachings of the Orokin, and their doctrine. [All will be stated in a later post]


Festivals & Rituals

The Solarii have a grand of many rituals and festivities.  Mali’Solarii also understood the belief in the aspects of druidic kind & the Sense of Purity with the High elven kin, in which they also believe that the aspects are just stars & that with purity under the sun one can achieve entry within the paradise, and that constellations are their aenguls and spirits/aspects appearing before the world to witness nature do its work, or to assure that the Mali’Solarii kind has not fallen to ruin.

Many of the rituals are different to the specific family. However the main ritual for the star that sits above or better named Ria (‘Ri^ ah’) is to give a small offering token, whether it be a basket of fruits and harvest, or an animal hunt of which you have caught over the years. These offerings are given every two Sun’s smiles, and it's preferred if one were to offer harvest, that harvesting should be done on the Sun’s harvest, or the last month of the year (IRP). this Ritual is known as “Ria’s prayer”

Many who are within the Arcane world as sun elves may be found distasteful to their own kin, however some believe the void is a star above who willingly does a trade with the mortals of the realm, creating mages. For this those who follow the path of  a Arcanist, can therefore find themselves believing in a star, unbeknown to people, the 'Solarii believe the moon is also a star of sorts, and in such case they strongly state that ‘Luaria’ the night star is the one who oversees the void and the arcanic world within the mortal realm. By simply doing the similar ritual instead in the Sun’s smile but in Malin’s welcome, One can offer themselves to Luaria, in a ritual called “Luaria’s dance”. Upon offering and giving prayer, it is customary for the individual to perform a dance of sorts under the night sky in front of Luaria to please the Night star.


The grand star Festival or named The Orialis festival is one of which happens on a seasonal basis of winter, where many of the Mali’Solarii celebrate the founding of their kin, thanking the stars which guided them to their new home. As well as safe guarding them in their path in life. The mali’Solarii conjoin themselves with allies and friends to give thanks by making a festivity with dances and feast of all like for a day. During this day a dance performance by the Unbeknownst Sun Elven families is performed and fireworks are shot into the sky to present a beautiful star-like show in the night sky. Sometime it is also ritualistic to go star watching attempting to witness the Aenguls/spirits/aspects watch over the festival.


The Belief of oralist stems from the ideal of a long lost ritual done by the Sun elves. This ritual is for the passed, and those who have gone into the after life or have been reborn into a star. To commit this ritual one must first cremate the carcass of the deceased individual, and take his ashes to an open field in any part of the world. Upon such field spread his ashes and commend a prayer to Solaris. Once that happens it is well known by Solarii History, that the Person who passed is now amongst the stars and in the hands of fate itself.



The Mali’solarii come in different sizes and hair colors, their only distinction is their light eye colors, which could range from grassy green to, golden, or even sky blue. Mali’Solarii come from a line of Mali’thill (‘aherral) kin, therefore they look very similar to High elven kin, some however could also derange from pure Mali’Ame descent and could also contain three different types of hair colors. Due to the long exposure to the sun the Mali’Solarii tend to have their bright milky skin turn into more of a creamy tan, consuming and taking in a darker shade of their pale skins. However most ‘Solarii have very healthy bodies, and sometimes unique looks. 




Sun elven hairstyles are random, however it is known that those within the kin of the Solarii,  that one may find Ginger colored hair, or purely blond hair hair colors, silver hair is a rarity within most of their kin. Clothing style can differ with most Mali’, the Solarii wish to sometimes be exposed to the sun, showing skin is uncommon within the Solarii kind, however it is known that during  Ritualistic events they are to be fully covered and to not expose any skin for it would be seen as an attempt to corrupt the guiding stars. Dress style can differ between bloodlines and clans.



It is also widely considered amongst the Mali ’Solarii that tattoos and makeup must represent your guiding star or family. As it is respectful to have such.


Ritualistic clothing must be the colors of their own kin, to present their kind and the guiding star of which the clan/family/bloodline pray to. The members during a festival or ritual- must dress in this manner, to show presentation and pride amongst their brethren.


Bloodlines & Guiding Stars


Through time, Families have consistently died out and risen, from such idea, came the Solarii bloodlines, in which all Solarii kind are born like a new star, for every new star is a new Mali’Solarii family born and made. Such is the family under that are the current living Solarii kin


((OOC SPOILERS: This sections can be regularly updated, Please send teawithFrisket#0435 a DM for installation of a Guiding star & (or) bloodline))

Munnel: Bred from the Silver state. And recognized in the Empire of Man. Lived a dormant Mali’ Solarii by the name of Jarad Munnel. Through time and long exploration, and a sudden Diplomacy trip to the silver state, as an escort, there he met a Mali ’thill by the name of Sorise. Together they created the well known Bloodline of Munnel (‘Mo-nell’ or ‘Muh-nell’). This bloodline is made of primarily Hunters and Scholars, and their ways never changed. They follow the Star of Kiar (‘Kai-Ar’) or star fox in translation. They believe Kiar, Guided them in their lost time, using the Star as a method of hunting, they had faith that in using this star, they can find their prey, and a miracle happened when they seemingly hungered for a home. Jarad Munnel In all his prayers and knowledge, used the Star of Kiar to find a path…one which led him to the Lands of the Mali’ame, Amaethea…he understood that his home was within the realm of which the mali’ame inhabited, there he was blessed, and built a home, one which is called Helious. The Munnel are also the last and current breed of Mali'Solarii, and the people who rediscovered the way of  the 'Solarii. Bringing the future of their  past into the light.




((OOC This sections can be regularly updated, Please send teawithFrisket#0435 a DM for installation of a Guiding star ))


  • Kiar: The star of the fox, it is said that Kiar is one of thousand stars but specifically shines bright on the month of Snows maiden. Upon such a star  it is believed that it guides the Hungered and the lost to a prey in which the star gives the hungered and weak. It is told that Kiar is a selfish and conniving star however, that while its blessings are plentiful, it too can lead you to dangerous hunts, and it also is told that even the star leads predators to its prey.

    Purple, orange, white


  • Mari’har: the Star of fire, bred for warmth and born to be beautiful. This star shines only twice every five years (IRP). Upon such a new miracle happening in those years, whether it is a good harvest or is a grand miracle, the prayers sent to this star are rarely anwsered. However when they are it would be more of a beautiful miracle at work. It is told however that Mair’har is but a silent Star, and that even with offerings and prayers, only the faithful ones will truly receive what they longed for. It is known many Solarii turn away from this star, and pray to others, in which case it causes harm to the harvest of other families and bloodlines, maybe even bring a death to the family if ignored for too long.


           Colors: red,gray,black




This is a long project done, Project: Solarii was one that I and many of my friends in Helious, came up with to create a new and possibly unique culture, that HAS been attempted a while ago by another player. We believe that culture required more depth and more attention, hence why this is made. We give credit to the player who created the Mali'Asul for inspiring me as a person to make a new write for the Sun elves, and I hope that you (the reader) may enjoy this bit of culture we have made for the people that reside within Helious. This is only the beginning and this culture is adaptable by anyone that wishes it, however we are mainly having it form in the Duchy of Helious for the sole purpose of giving our community some color and identity that has been long yearning for. 

So to the people that have motivated me, helped and gave me Ideas heres a shout out

 @Amayonnaise- writer editor/ big brain big helping hand in this culture
 @JoshBright- support/ideas
   @Sorise- support/languag editor/writer

thank you, for all you have done for me, for pinging me and for telliung me to keep going hen the world seemed quite still and lonely. You and the rest of the Helious community are a grand treasure I appriciate. From staying up till dusk till dawn, to hearing me vent and helping me write this stuff I thank you. 

And for you bree, a special shout out because THIS IS ALSO YOUR WORK. I thank you for helpoing me and taking so much intreast in this. I admire your enthusiam!


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Much love to frisket and the others, they been working on this for ages on this one, has turned out amazingly 


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On 2/5/2023 at 4:23 AM, TeawithFrisket said:

And for you bree, a special shout out because THIS IS ALSO YOUR WORK. I thank you for helpoing me and taking so much intreast in this. I admire your enthusiam!


I only helped with the Genesis and Doxa! All original ideas are yours - I simply helped make the words look pretty. I look forward to seeing the implementation of this culture and hope it gains much interest and love <3

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