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  1. Please Maria if you’re reading this come back we can start a family together. This husk of a man cannot bear the consequences of his actions.
  2. Aratakrast is STUNNED.
  3. Trey

    My Resignation

    Lisan al Gaib
  4. Finally, revenge for me and Gashadokuro's excessive griefing.. The thread of fate is restored.
  5. "What a shame... Will I begin to outlive those whom I once befriended? How interesting it is.." Aratakrast contemplated upon a dark throne whilst he'd been told this information from an informant. He lingered as he looked at the jewels and rings embedded into his bones and upon his skeletal claws. "Perhaps I will bring you back into this world for your assistance when I was still just a human.. But, perhaps I shall convene with thee first, I wouldn't want one whom dare disobey.." He seemed complacent for now, tending back to his duties that had since forth been set for him, unknown to others.
  6. A Dark Elf had pondered the tree before eventually mustering the courage. So forth did he walk, placing a wooden, ashen doll crudely shaped to the form of a woman. It rested upon a root of the tree, slouching slightly once placed. He did not make an attempt to fix it. "Will this truly be the answer?" He said, clearly thinking out loud. He lingered a moment at the base of that tree, pondering if this was the clear path he should take.
  7. I don’t quite see how having no romance would otherwise constitute that your character is suddenly bland, if romance is what makes your character interesting you might wanna try one of the many dating simulators on steam. Roleplay is what you make it and the progression and appeal of your character can be met by a great many facets. We are not discouraging people to be creative with their character, however for quality purposes and to uphold what we believe is an important disposition with the magic, we posted this. *fist bumps
  8. it is time to move forward and improve, this is a step in the right direction. I cannot completely control who all becomes a dark spawn, but we can help keep those who are in check. :) smiles bigly
  9. The Archlich Aratakrast peered upon the missive and gripped it with boney claws, crushing it upon reading it. "These petty kingdoms will bring destruction upon themselves, without me even needing to lift a finger.. Pathetic." Aratakrast peered upward to a bubbling brew of green liquid, sizzling within a giant pot. He moved to turn a paddle within it.
  10. Amidst a make-shift play upon a small stage within a cave, skeletons dressed in clownish outfits and performer attire, moving mechanically and with the chitter of bones with each step. One is dressed as a bard, holding up a skull similar to his own in Shakespearean fashion. Funnybone sits upon a wooden seat next to a table, seemingly watching this orchestration as though he were to expect anything different to happen despite being the controller of these undead. He slouches in his chair, resting his head on a closed fist which rose from the table, a rested elbow to support it. Reading the missive, the jester frowns beneath his mask. "I wonder what would've happened if I stayed with you.. Lanre." The Jester remarked to himself. His gaze turned up to a Flesh Golem entering the stage with powdered make-up plastered upon its decrepit face. It began to twirl like a ballerina.
  11. "Shishishishi!" Echoed from a distant evil lair from the Jester, burn scars still hurting upon his back.
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