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[Amendment] -> [Life Evocation] bird nerf

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Terrestrial Conjuration - Non-Combat Variant - Non-Combat / Enchantable* / Dependant Summon*


Old Lore

- While normally a creature must remain in direct line of sight in order to be maintained, a Conjurationist may command a single creature of no greater than small size to travel to a location the Conjurationist has previously been to, and is aware of how to reach from their current location. The Conjurationist must maintain focus on the creature for the entirety of this time. Functionally, this allows the Conjurationist to create minute messengers, so long as the creature summoned is summoned specifically for this task. If they choose to send a letter with the creature, the writing of the letter must be done separately from the emotes to summon it, resulting in a minimum of four emotes before sending it off.

New Lore

[Removed that section.]  



This part of life evocation existed when many other spells has ways and means to flavourfully do different kinds of bird aesthethics before the Aviary System. Current Aviary rules allows life evocation to by-pass the plug in as 'In-game private messages (/msg) are considered out-of-character (except where explicitly permitted for magic/lore).' https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/213173-aviary-plugin/ 

In addition it also breaks the consistency of voidal magic always requiring line of sight, life evo breaking it 'just because' is silly.

Lastly, it has been too long since the last nerf of voidal magic so I made my own.


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