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  1. “imagine being a group who claim to hates and hunt elves yet you get dogged by elf raiders”
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkEiGleDSNg&list=RDvkEiGleDSNg&start_radio=1
  3. “I think we killed her.” “What a ******* *****, good riddance.” The mali stood wordlessly over the corpse of the once proud High Elven woman. Next to her were her two children. A boy and a girl, both unconscious. They dragged the body of the high elfless off the side of the road. “Find a good place for burial. We’ll let her body rest in peace. Life is to be honored… even if it was the one of an enemy.” “What about her offspring?” “They’re not our concern.” “Shouldn’t we finish them off? You know… to cover our behinds.” “They’re children, leave em be. The Mali’aheral already hunt us, two more doing so won’t change anything.” Before the group departed, they noticed the arrow protuding out of the stomach of Caelren. During the skirmish, it looks like one of the projectiles fired had gone astray. “That boy will die if we leave him here...” ——— Caelren stirred, his vision blurry as he tried to adjust his senses to his surroundings. He discovered a fire crackling over him, while his abdomen seared with pain. Next to him were cloaked figures, their faces hidden, but he could see their ears, white like snow. “What happened.” the boy croaked. “Where am I.” Three of the cloaked figures peered at the figure in the middle whomst appeared to be the leader. He remained silent for a while, before he spoke. “We found you on the side of the road.” He spoke in a brief and businesslike tone. “You’re very lucky to be alive.” “What about my mom and sister…” The cloaked leader spoke without hesitation this time. “They abandoned you, llir.” He told him. “What?” Caelren was stunned. “You’re lying… you can’t be!” “Why don’t you go see for yourself then.” _________ It was raining heavily when Caelren rushed back to the spot on the road. His mother and sister were nowhere in sight. He hopelessly cried out for them, but his yells were drowned out by the thundering storm. He got down on his knees, the rain drenching his hair and clothing. He was still trying to process the shock, the stark reality having hit him harder than the rain battering on his shoulders. In Haelunor, he had always stuck up for Caestella. When others mocked her for her short stature, he would always defend her, even if it meant the mockery would be transitioned to him. When his mother changed her name in shame after the “death” of his father, he fought to defend the honor of his name and his father’s image, even if he was mercilessly shunned for being the son of a practitioner of the dark arts. He always knew Caestella was the favored one. He would never quietly study in the library or be a good model boy scout like other children. Doing the same thing over and over bored him to death. He enjoyed “spicing up life”, a notable incident when he placed a homemade whoopee cushion under the seat of some Silver Council member in a high profile meeting. His sister was to grow up in her mother’s image and become a powerful mage or perhaps council member. He was just a memory of what had been lost to his mother. Caestella was to grow up in his mother’s image. He was just an image of her shameful past, a reminder of her former husband. The sky was still gray around him when he stood up and looked around. He was truly alone now. He pondered about the future. Would he remember his last name? Was he dead to the world? Was his old world dead to him? _______ Back in the camp, as the now unhooded mali prepared to depart, a young elf looked up to her leader. “Was that the right thing to do?” The leader did not respond to her. “We’ve made him believe he’s been abandoned. We’ve stripped away everything he knew. He’s pretty much dead to the world, a wandering soul. Perhaps a more merciful alternative was to grant him death…” “Hmph.” That was only thing she got in response. “We’re all wandering souls in this world. We join communities, look to be given stages to do our bidding, but we often forget after a long time that the stage doesn’t belong to us. Don’t you ever forget that the stage you stand on can always be taken away from you."
  4. *Connor Mudd claps along with approvement
  5. Dqnn

    Chimera spores!

    *remembers how their founder Kuvira Percy was chopped up for being a fraud
  6. ((I got sick of being a leader after a month, I have no idea how you did it for FIVE years.)) From his retirement home in Rosenyr, Connor Mudd hears of the snow prince’s passing. “Rest well friend, for you have deserved it.”
  7. Dqnn

    [Your View] Costs and Raids

    New Suggestion: 5 mina cost for every /looc message 5000 mina cost for every /modreq 500000 mina cost for every Soulstone Usae 500000000000000000000000000000 mina cost for walking one block to fund Tythus’s diet pepsi stash
  8. don’t make the mistake of coming back
  9. MC Name: Dqnn RP Name: Rorik Ireheart Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal'Varoth Candidate: AT&T
  10. Rorik Ireheart salutes the Under King and wonders who will take his place
  11. NOTE - This is inspired by @ibraheemc2000 Ramadan Post. "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. and I won't forget the men who died, to give that right to me." Today is Memorial Day. The jumpstart to a long summer break, where much fun on LOTC can be had. However, as summer approaches, let us not forget what this day means. If you are unaware of what Memorial Day is, it's a celebration on the last Monday of May of the armed forces of the United States who gave their life in service of the country. However, unlike Veteran’s Day, this day is not about thanking military members for their service (although that is still important!). Today is a day specifically for honoring those who had fallen in combat. As General George S Patton said, "it is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived." Throughout America's history, countless have given their lives for a sense of values they strongly believed in. From the hills of the Revolutionary War, the trenches of WWI, the bloody beaches of Normandy, the jungles of Vietnam and all the way to the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, men and women in uniform have fought and continue to fight for our values. Now, even if you aren't an American, this day still has purpose. Every country has it's own armed forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the ideals of their respective nations. Now, war is hell, and sometimes fought over things we may not agree with. However, the fact that a mere man or woman is willing to put his or her life on the line for something greater than himself is something that should be commended. It should not matter what uniform he/her wears or what creed he/her belongs to. So today, take a moment to honor the fallen. If you haven't been to a local memorial yet, I highly suggest you go. Seeing rows upon rows of white graves really hits home the hard truth. Freedom is not free. No matter what country you are from (unless you are Swiss), at some point in time, an individual has put on a uniform and bled to defend your flag and what it stands for. This day is dedicated to the valiant men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Thanks to you, we are able to live in a world of relative peace and stability. Thanks to you, I have the privilege to live in a country where I am free to believe what I want, say what I want, and pursue what I want (within the law of course). May your sacrifices never be forgotten. All gave some, but you lot gave your all. To the brave soldiers who sleep in graves far from home, may your souls rest in peace forever. To all those who have made it to the end, may you continue on with your day by reflecting on those who have made it possible. Land of the free, because of the brave.
  12. Just because I killed your husband doesn’t mean our side hacks.
  13. Dqnn

    The Huntsmen

    Hello, you both have been accepted. I’ve sent out a discord friend request.
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