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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC name: RetiredModerator)) Name: Kaelan Aldin Vote for Okarir'tir: (XX) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn
  2. To El Sohaer, I am unfamiliar with the talonnii name Iyathir, neither am I particularly familiar with yourself. I have proven my worth to el'cihi'thilln on multiple occasions and although many believe I may have much more to prove, I would beg to differ. However, saddens me to hear that the city hinges on stagnation and has been neglected, furthermore, who am I? A servant of silver to refuse the calling of el'Sohaer. I will put my affairs in order before joining the Silver State once more. Maehr'sae Hilyun'ehya. - Kaelan Aldin
  3. give me creative wizard because although i'm not a wizard i am creative.

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    2. Johann


      what the **** knox

    3. Knox


      you all act surprised like I won't do it. 

    4. snoopie12


      Tssssk Creative Wizzard is not requested, it is granted to someone. 

  4. whose your daddy? who was your favourite king of oren? why am i such a great guy? why were we destined to be bum buddies? how did it feel when you beat the USA in the vietcong war?
  5. Knox

    Farewell LoTC

    you did this @Telanir! ! ! Reminds me actually, Telanir when are we having a sit down early morning session again? I got some stuff I need to talk to you about and i don't wanna start the conversation by calling you the n word again
  6. why is it the people that bring up genuine concerns get censored? 

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    2. Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Mr Knox, you are not one to talk of substance abuse. Your liver is close to failure.

    3. Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      4 hours ago, Knox said:

      no my concern was that somebody took 8 adderall to write an essay on why something is bad and i am genuinely concerned they may have a pill addiction and nobody wants to address the issue

      A lot of people, especially pill addicts, don't want other people's concern. Not much anyone can really do to "address" it either beside the person taking the pills or people in their life. And yea... a lot of drugs aren't even as bad as alcohol is.

    4. Knox


      @Will (TauFirewarrior) you're on to me Will, ah ****. I use my alcoholism for pure and utter chaos as you very well know mr..

  7. Heinrik? guy was a g.
  8. I’ll throw my two pence into the mix. Just remove her from administration, if anything she is more likely to be able to abuse her position and powers now that she is a ‘general’ admin. When you rock the boat enough it’ll eventually tip, when it tips it’ll eventually sink. Don’t let it sink on the basis of one deranged, mentally unstable individual. (I say that politely) I’m surprised you haven’t taken the hint from the community already @LotsOfMuffins, they don’t need you, neither do they want you. Save yourself the embarrassment and resign.
  9. Part 6, 7? I’m not 100% how many threads we’ve dropped but we’ve got another one coming real soon.

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    2. Noobli


      Alea iacta est

    3. JasperJohn


      but what is justice worth if not upvotes?

    4. Luminaire


      Hey don't **** this one up & put results over a public shitshow, if you really want to help the server that is

  10. A certain hangmen member cuts out their sigil, sticking it directly below the Uruguan sigil. “thats better” he exclaims, walking off with his sniffing glue.
  11. if you’re toxic then lock me up. Its all good Dev
  12. IGN : Knox213 RP NAME : Augustus Skills you can bring to the table : I make a mean cup of tea.
  13. The Ballot (( MC name: Retiredmoderator )) Name: Kaelan Aldin Vote for Sohaer: ( xx ) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral ( ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Abstain
  14. [!] A letter is sent in return to Haskir. ”Karin’ayla, Haskir. After reviewing your case whilst resulted in your banishment, we would like to present you a retrial. Please ensure relating to your original trial. Okarir’tir Kaelan Aldin.” @Ryloth
  15. The Ballot (( MC name: RetiredModerator )) Name: Kaelan Aldin Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( x ) Silvos Sythaerin ( ) Elahern Aeth'sulier ( x ) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: ( xx ) Elathion Dagre'sae ( ) Aiera Sullas
  16. Kaelan Aldin walked into the citadel, having heard Anethra speak. “Ahernan for your words, Anethra, yet I cannot support your nomination under the basis of accusations held against you for being a shade. Granted, the test was inconclusive, yet to my knowledge and understanding a shade may disconnect themselves from the void, allowing them their status to remain incognito to the world. Please do not take this as an accusation, but rather a paranoia playing on my mind. If you do not mind me asking, what would you do as Sohaer?”
  17. Kaelan Aldin votes once for Dele and once for Farandil!
  18. Kaelan nodded in appreciation, dropping his quill upon the table ”I have no further questions at this moment in time.”
  19. Looked over to Alluin, having noticed his opponents had been well rested! “Karin’ayla, Alluin. It is good to see you once again after a long day yesterday. I trust you slept well? My comment was not only directed towards yourself, but rather the other candidate who has thus far remained relatively silent.” Coughed to clear his throat, it was evident he was extremely tired. “My opponent Alluin speaks truth, we have spoken extensively about the subject. I hope you are all satisfied about what has been said so far? Once more, I would like to state t
  20. Kaelan Aldin swats the paper butterflies, their irritants bugging him within the Republics citadel. ”Do we recognise self-imposed exiles opinions, Maheral? How did she even hear of this debate from her tent in the middle of nowhere!?”
  21. Kaelan Aldin, now with weary and tiresome eyes from the debates across the board merely clenched his fist, banging it on the table in support of Olrin Maehr’tehral
  22. Kaelan Aldin nods at the comments made from Dele Seregon. “Foolishness will be found at every corner and turn that you take, miss Seregon. This is something that must be taken into account before running for any Okariran position. There are people which will act foolish in an attempt to bring you down, which is why I would like to follow up with how do you intend to deal with these individuals or bring your emotions under control? To follow up from your question regarding events, you speak of scheduled events, but then mention two? Does this mean to say you have an ide
  23. Kaelan Aldin offered Elathion a thumbs up, having been satisfied with the answer. It was evident to those around that Kaelan had supported this nominee.
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