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  1. Noticing the missives and feathers float down from the sky a Mali'aheral would begin to gather up both feather and fliers. "Quite rude of this Castington family to waste paper and make such a large mess." he'd sigh as he searched for a firepit.
  2. Have you heard of the thanium bomb my good friend?
  3. Damn I won't be able to trade Magic in Sutica now.
  4. So now I gotta see my snelf friends as arrogant helves irp
  5. Working professions seem like a faraway dream like Nexus was. I believe adding simple parts of that plugin would be beneficial like food decay for example.
  6. You don’t have to re-apply or create a new persona unless you want to or they die between now and transition. If you are in the Lotc discord you can find a channel for skins, just follow the instructions and if anyone is available/interested they’ll ping or dm you.
  7. If it was like you suggest we would instead have empty castles and villages. The cities act as hubs so that people can actively roleplay and not have to run around looking for people. Charters were a way to make a small settlement near or away from cities and in the past groups bought regions (with mina) that were purchasable. However most of these groups got bored and went inactive or couldn’t keep up with activity checks and died that way. After awhile staff said no more and removed the charter system I believe. Lastly Helena does not host half the server, and if you have not been around the
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