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  1. The Rabbit of Darrowmere chuckles at the missive, "This seems hardly necessary...perhaps this could be intervened with."
  2. "As the current Holy Rabbit of the Knights Order of Lorraine, I place this information as false. I also place the man behind this missive as a fraud. For he does not speak on behalf of our peoples, he shall be ignored on behalf of our people. Good day to you all." Says the Rabbit of Darrowmere, before returning to his bedchamber and ushering for his Squire to send out the missive.
  3. Hadvar in his old age scratches his chin in thought, "This reminds me of bloodshed, blade on blade...Krugmar used to have a close bond to Rubern and I'm glad this has been restored. Hopefully we can stop the Imperial invasion of this wonderful City." Is uttered to his Squire. "For the AIS..." The old General said quietly so no one else could hear. He understood that they would not assist the Ruberni in War, but it was an excellent step to keeping the City that used to call him their Scoutmaster safe.
  4. The Rabbit of Darrowmere raises an eyebrow reading the missive. "It seems like we shall become a Protectorate then...under these Laws we can't run how we wish currently." Before placing a small needle thread through the top of the paper and pinning it to his wooden notice board before falling back asleep.
  5. Hadvar smiles to himself in his old age. "I used to fight for the Ruberni...quite the force they used to be. It is a pleasure to be at peace with them once again." The former AIS General and Scoutmaster of Rubern stated before laying his head down to rest.
  6. The Rabbit reads, a smile on his face which seemed to be widening by the second. Once he had finished, he looks up to his Squire, "The Haensemen realise that people care not, correct?" After receiving a nod from his Squire, he proceeds to chuckle, tossing the missive into the fireplace. He keeps the mockery to himself, continuing with his day.
  7. Hadvar signs the Lorraine, bowing his head in despair. The Ruberni, once his brethren in battle, now under the iron fist of the Empire. Darrowmere will not be able to assist them this time...perhaps they would be welcome in our borders if worse comes to worse.
  8. The Rabbit of Darrowmere nods approvingly at this missive. He was proud of his people's for bouncing back in uncertain times, even without his assistance.
  9. Hadvar signs the Lorraine, praying for the safety of the Ruberni, however this time Darrowmere will not come to their aid...
  10. The Rabbit of Darrowmere signs the Lorraine, praying for the safety of the Ruberni peoples. As a former AIS General, he has a strong bond with Rubern and hopes to see them defend their borders with an iron fist. “Maybe Rubern will fall...We cannot help them this time.” Was all he stated, moving on with his day with a tear rolling down his cheek.
  11. @Braxis So in terms of ban length and appeal, may you give a brief tl:dr about how this will be implemented? Just so I can quote it for future reference please.
  12. Hadvar av Mitteland shrugs as he reads the missive approvingly. “The peoples of the Ashen Sigil, Nottingham, and other associated bandit groups, have conducted multiple raids on Norland alongside it’s Vassals and Protectorates. We do NOT associate with them, and in fact despise of banditry, may it be murder of theft. Darrowmere stand by this declaration.”
  13. Hadvar awakes from his dreams, realising a few mistakes on his document. He edits them, scratching into the paper before sending his squire to apologise to the High Keeper for his actions.
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