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  1. Arandir Jindle snatches the missive from Endyn, and reads it over. A soft smile forms upon his lips. "I am still far too sick, and weak, to deal with these...pigs. Start without me, do what you must for the House of Jindle."
  2. Arandir Jindle reads over the missive, signing it off. "Wow this is very splendid. Good job lads! Riches on the way!"
  3. As a banned player who has been involved in so many of these situations, I've come to learn LoTC as much as RP affects people OOCly, is just a game. Both the combat goons, who only care about their ego/gaining pixels (loot), and the roleplay enthusiast who falls in love with their characters story both fall into the "we are forgetting this is a game" category. I've done it before numerous times, and its something that should be spoken about more often I think. Great post +1
  4. Arandir Jindle sat up in his bed rest. His sickness was beginnig to fade, though his strength became sapped. Reading over the missive, he takes note that his family, House Jindle, the Nation of Krugmar, and his home Nation of Elveness were not specifically invited to such a prestigious Event. "Balian...much like their Ancestors of Orennian descent, seem to have lacking manners. Perhaps my Brothers and our new found friends would have respect for the remnants of Oren if they took a leaf out of the old book and made friends with their foes."
  5. Make cool-downs on soul stones 20 minutes or maybe even more. There should be a half and half approach to this, as we should encourage both settlement roleplay and road roleplay. Having low cool-down, fast travel to everywhere, it discourages villainy roleplay and also exploration roleplay hugely. If you aren't going to increase soul stone cool-down times, then you could try making beacons to teleport to. These would not be located in specific Nations, but more like smaller versions of the hub system (N, S, E, W hubs). When players teleport to the smaller region hubs, it will encourage them to use roads but not have to travel for a long period of time taking away from their experiences. My last suggestion is bring back speed roads. On Arcas, every road outside of a Nation/Settlement gave you speed. As well as fixing the issue, the time it takes to travel, speed roads are insanely fun in PvP battles too and would bring a new skill dynamic to the PvP side of things. This seems to be the strongest of my three suggestions personally, as it benefits both the villainy roleplayer, the common roleplayer, and the Nations.
  6. Arandir, from his bed he lay, was passed down a missive of great promise. A few sniffles, flushed cheeks in his sickness followed. After giving a brief scan of said missive, he takes a quill and pen to write down his signature. "May the Jindle Company and the Rex bring power back to the Orcs after such a long period of weakness."
  7. This post could not have come up at a better time for me to comment on. As a permanently admin banned player myself, on and off since 2019, I believe there are two main things when it comes to long ban durations. 1) On the most part, the bans that occur are actually very justified. Some of the people catching long bans don't deserve such, but they are a minority compared to those who have actually done bad things. The only offences that should ever be pushed for a permanent admin ban is; Paedophilia Sexual harassment Doxxing Endangering players OOC I believe if combat rules, or in fact any in-game roleplay rule (excluding the stuff above) is broken the maximum punishment time should be 6 months depending on the severity and history of the player. 2) Transparency. When my first long duration ban hit, there was no transparency between myself and Markosi (mod manager at the time). The report against me was done in private, and no counter-evidence or explanation could be put in from my side of the story as when I tried to log in one day the message flashed up "indefinitely banned for harassment and toxicity". When I reached out to said Staff member, I was met with no chance of appeal and no chance of giving my own input into the situation. His mind was already set in stone. Lastly, I would like to say I've seen great improvements in Staff communication and efficiency since returning OOCly (as I'm still banned) to the community. They have responded to me via Discord on regular intervals, not leaving me hanging for weeks like the older admins had done back in the 2020/19 Arcas era. As much as SOME indefinite bans may be seen as unfair, or too long for the infraction committed, we should give at least some credit to those who are working with the admin banned players to get them back. I can attest they are doing so, but you all have to understand there is a process and it has to be taken slow, and serious. This is because if they unban an admin banned, or indefinitely banned player, and that player goes and does something horrific once more it looks bad on the Staff who said yes allowing that danger back into the game.
  8. The Battle of the Three Kingdoms A tale of Arcas, narrated by Swifty_Sam War, a common occurance on Arcas, had broken out once more. Three mighty armies rallied, baring their banners for battle. Commander Doctor Daniel began to give the men of the AIS the plan, the Orenian army exits their walls to face what they thought was just their sole enemy, the bandits of the Ruswick tower hid within the trees on the great Rubern Road- eyeing both armies like hawks ready to pounce. There was an eerie calm to the air, a silence before the chaos. Soft chirps of birds in the local forests- high up in the trees where the bandits lay waiting. The swoshing of water, the fluttering of the warm Southern wind. This peace was soon to be disturbed, as footsteps began to ring out throughout Arcas. The two largest armies known to man headed towards one another, one from the County of Rubern, and the other from the City of Oren. As both armies progressed down the road to meet at the centre point, the Ruswickian's began to circle around to gain an advantage behind the Orenian troops. Stragglers from both sides began to face off with the bandits who lay waiting for the weak, skirmishes on the outskirts of what began to be the largest scale skirmish in recent history. The AIS collided into the Orenian forces with determination, gritted teeth, and a masterful level of experience. Soon after the skirmish had begun, a clear winner was already being formulated- Orenian blood pouring onto the dirt. Ruswick, having flanked the Orenian forces, assisted in the victory just to meet their own fate when the AIS men ploughed through both Orenian and Ruswickian alike. The army of the Skull rampaged, frenzied, tore it's enemies apart until none remained. Chants, warcries from the mighty Kingdoms of the AIS rang out through the air. The Orcs of Krugmar, the humans of Morsgrad which came to be known as Norland, men of Rubern fighting for independence, and many more to note. Victory was assured, and this skirmish turned into a bloody, but successful War for this alliance.
  9. The Lothranian Knight A tale of Arcas, narrated by Swifty Sam Laying in the meadows, where Rubern once stood. A brave Knight, wearing chainmail and a hood. He had slain those wreathed in red, black, and yellow. Most knew this man as a controversal fellow. Hadvar Av Mitteland, first of his name. His actions dispelled, cursed, brought him to shame. For once he was a hero, a decorated leader. What once was a marriage, he no longer completes her. A downfall of heroism, his behaviour cut-throat. Where his humbleness let him down, in victory he would gloat. In the County of Lorraine, a cross over his chest. His leaders a Rabbit, he's feeling refreshed. Days of old have come and gone, now he's the one on the throne. Though dangerous information, he hadn't known. He was taken, butchered, laid to waste. A family that proved to be two-faced. Through it all, he showed great might. All hail the Lothranian Knight. War approached, Orenians in great number. His history began to seriously encumber. The hammer struck, disease and thrife. But now it's time for him to arrive. The Lothranian Knight, may return again. Will he fix what he left, the stain.
  11. Great changes and assigning of roles. Congratulations @Crevel you deserve Moderation more than anyone. On Frill, he’s a good guy and speaking your mind can sometimes lead to complications (even if it is facts you spit), however I wish the best to all of Moderation as they find a conclusion to that. #FreeFrill Thanks for keeping up the hard work and striving to make LoTC a safer, more fair environment to play in. +1
  12. If Petty wishes to speak to Muffins do what I did with a valid, lengthy comment and reach out to her in dms. I was treated with respect and compassion from both @frill and @LotsOfMuffins for the duration of the day, please stop harassing them for doing voluntary work where I personally think they are two of the best at their respected jobs. Period.
  13. Hi there, I'm Swifty_Sam and I feel @KeatonUnbeaten makes an excellent point. Admins and moderation should show more compassion when dishing out bans. Personally, during my ban process the only moderator who has shown me compassion is @frill who is currently suspended for speaking his mind which is completely disgusting in my opinion. If you push for a kind community, you must first treat them with the kindness that you preach. I agree entirely with all your points, however people make mistakes and part of being kind is to show compassion. When people break rules, they do deserve to be talked to and/or punished. However, when people do actions for the right reasons I believe punishment is not valid. For example, my initial ban I was treated incredibly poorly by @TheIchorDruid where I was accused of meta gaming because I walked 20 blocks to help my friend who was wrongfully trapped inside of the Haense civilian doors after they had modreqed. He was new to raiding, and as the raid leader I took the responsibility to try and explain to the moderator what had happened. When I was accused of meta gaming I was taken back slightly, because I was only wishing to help with the explanation without spamming the moderators dms in-game when I could literally see them down the road. Additionally I was then accused of mod shopping, for asking the moderator if I could talk to their manager @Braxis. However, straight away I said "no, that is mod shopping don't do that" which I feel is perfectly acceptable. This whole situation was moderated in a toxic way, where I messaged these two and asked to have conversations with them, provided information, however I was either blanked or told a repetitive message without any feedback on my side of the story, such as "you meta gamed" which proved to me they either 1) didn't read my proof or reasons, and 2) didn't show compassion to the player. Granted, my final ban extension was from alting while banned, however I was banned wrongfully. Educating the player would be much more efficient, perhaps take them into a call and explain the situation. I would have been more than willing to have a mature conversation with kindness and compassion. I love the server, even if I was banned since February, and I lead a group on it who all want me back on the grounds of wrongful conduct. I alted because I felt disgusted with how I was treated. I didn't do it to goon, I didn't do it to troll, if you check the logs of "dropthebassnow" (formally known as "grasssass") you will see I role played with quality, impressing the ISA even if they are known to be my enemy. I want to expand the narrative of the server and provide KINDNESS through roleplay. Anyone who has associated with my groups in Norland will 2nd this statement. @LotsOfMuffins I will be dropping this into your dms as well, if you all truly wish to push for compassion you will listen to not just my story of unjust behaviour, but the behaviour of others.
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