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  2. Hadvar av Mitteland shakes his head, disappointed. He hoped the man would be able to handle at least two Orenians. He also was disappointed in the fact Oren did this barbaric act, and continue to plead that they are not a bandit Nation.
  3. Hadvar taps his foot on the floor of his room, chuckling to himself as his Squire tells him a story.
  4. Hadvar smiles as he reads the missive. Adrian having been his old rival in War, the two Generals now seemed at peace with one another. Walking over to his desk, he began to plan the systematic destruction of Imperialism on Arcas.
  5. Hadvar av Mitteland chuckles to himself, remembering the days of the AIS, "So the Haensetti wish to die as well? That can be arranged." He says to his Squire with a broad smile. "Rally the troops of Norland, it's about time we got involved in this sh** show."
  6. Hadvar smiles to himself, "It seems as if the Emperor has lost his mind." He chimes out, thoroughly enjoying the stories of Christ Punchsteel on his history with Peter III.
  7. Lucius Gravelmore applauds the amazing song, dancing around his bandit outpost and singing it at the top of his lungs. "Soon we will be reunited my friend, then Oren will be scared."
  8. Hadvar av Mitteland cracks his knuckles after reading the missive. “May this new reign show competence, not foolery, otherwise intervention may have to happen.” The Rabbit of Darrowmere suggests quietly to his Squire, out of the earshot of anyone else. “As you were Squire, Ave Darrowmere.” The ex-AIS War General then went back to his bed to rest, his illness coming to it’s conclusion, it was time for him to lay waste to his enemies once again.
  9. Great changes and assigning of roles. Congratulations @Crevel you deserve Moderation more than anyone. On Frill, he’s a good guy and speaking your mind can sometimes lead to complications (even if it is facts you spit), however I wish the best to all of Moderation as they find a conclusion to that. #FreeFrill Thanks for keeping up the hard work and striving to make LoTC a safer, more fair environment to play in. +1
  10. If Petty wishes to speak to Muffins do what I did with a valid, lengthy comment and reach out to her in dms. I was treated with respect and compassion from both @frill and @LotsOfMuffins for the duration of the day, please stop harassing them for doing voluntary work where I personally think they are two of the best at their respected jobs. Period.
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