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  1. farewell nick u were pretty cool
  2. you're very welcome
  3. hey chloe. you’re the strongest person i know and this step forward in your life is surely a good one for you. i’ll miss getting to play games with you, but you and i both know it’s best for you to make this decision. take care going forward. text me if you need anything
  4. say goodbye ! :)

  5. so many snakes

    1. altiar1011


      Where at?

  6. IGN: Epistle_ Disc: u have it Skin: Exemplar Bid: 190
  7. IGN: Epistle_ Disc: u have it Skin: Exemplar Bid: 150
  8. dude I thought you were a moderator what happened 

    1. Luminaire


      Don't make me give out warning points

  9. Give me 7 rep for 600 rep plz

  10. i win all the skins thats the joke
  11. IGN: Epistle_ Discord: Epistle#3162 Skin: edict Bid: 100
  12. I love the movie cars

    1. Unwillingly


      >hates glass animal's newest album
      >likes cars

      **** you

    2. Epistile


      You liking dreamland is a hate crime 


    3. niya


      so true bestie


  13. Ka'aene recalled the moment Laetranis' spear was thrusted through the chest of an innocent dwarf, a victim of his past transgressions.
  14. colors r so controversial and political 

  15. Discord: You have it Skin: Paladin Man Bid: 100
  16. damn u got the whole squad laughing

  17. Username: Epistle_ Name of skin: Apollo Bid: 50 Mina
  18. i realized i didn't put a specific time so im just gonna end it now thanks to everyone who bid, i'll be dming you shortly
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