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  1. bro i was cruising through lotc after a long time and i just saw this, it didnt even ping me when you mentioned xD Also Alhamdulillah Habibi im doing well!, kifk inta, how you been <;
  2. Sounds of takbirs are heard from Addnan's house upon reading this!
  3. Tahir Prepares his donkeys for the caravan's journey, loading up his merchandise and the road supplies, ready to make some money.
  4. Shihab Al-Bahaar closed and sealed his doors and windows as he saw the sandstorm approaching the oasis. Snatching his kids from the playgrounds and picked up his wife [ @Generi ] as he ran back towards his house, entering the only door he did not seal, leaving it open for those who wish to take shelter in his house, seeing that none has entered the house he sealed it, not knowing it would be a long time for it to be opened again. He smiled to his kids assuring them that its all going to be alright. Soon after putting his kids to sleep, he called his wife to follow him as he headed down the stairs to the basement / storage-room, Upon opening the door his wife would see what Shihab has stored, a variety of food and drinks, from dates to wheat. Barrels of water, juice, even alcohol for some reason was found there. He smile to his wife as he held her hands assuring her that his habit of storing has now showed its usefulness. Shihab has started the lockout with his family, rationing their food. Praying that the calamity would stop soon.
  5. Dang. That was true in so many ways
  6. Shukran akhi for the amazing educational post!! And for all muslims who will be starting fasting in few i wish you a blessed ramadan ya habibis!!
  7. Im late, but i will still ask. Am i your favorite? @Generi
  8. Bruno awaits the classes with great interest!
  9. Shihab started tap dancing his way with his tools to the area behind the Majlis, starting to build the venue for his and his beloved Zaina's wedding night. He started humming as he walked there. Quite the happy man he is now.
  10. 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓛𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓶 Song [!] The Sun shines over the great golden dunes of the Kharasi desert and a cold breeze comforts those walking upon it. [!]A letter of invitation is given to you by a Qalasheen child “You are Hereby invited to the union of Shihab Al-Bahaar and Zaina Bint Utayr Al-Hamad “ The union will be held at Masjid Al-Bidayyah within the Great Kharasi Sultanate. Feast and service will be held within the Sultani Majlis. Special Invitations: The Sultan of The Kharasi Sultanate Qamar Al-Nabeel and the Nabeel family @NestroPapaya The Sheikh of the Hamads and the Hamad’s tribe @Chrisoulis777 The Sheikh of the Hattans and the Hattan’s tribe @AquaticWolf The Sheikh of the Zarkan and the Zarkan’s tribe @ibraheemc2000 Foreign invitations :- The Duke of Elysium, his subjects and the entire kingdom of Elysium. @Suicidium The Zhu of The Jade state of Yong Ping and the entire state of Yong Ping. @Rapture The Ferrymen company. @Masouri
  11. Shukran habibi for the wise words i really cant add anything more to what you said. I just want to shine more light on the point where it says that we do not tolerate any jokes regarding our Holy Texts. We accept any form of jokes, anything, But please when it comes to jokes regarding our Holy Book the Quran, keep it to yourself. Thanks again Habibi for sending a message on behalf of the Brothers and sisters of the Muslim community here. I hope mods can learn that being a mod isnt just about solving issues regarding rply conflicts. Know that you are seen as an example and a role model by other players, mainly new ones. If you want to act like that then just quite being a mod. (This is a general message and not directed at someone)
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