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  1. Brandt couldn’t remember when he had begun, nor did he know how far he had progressed. His arm reeled back, then swung forward, digging the axe into the mountain-side, then the other one; a pattern which had long become rote, though one that did nothing to ease the aching in his limbs. The boy’s boots found purchase, and he hauled himself upward, continuing the sequence of gestures. The Reinmaren had set out in the din of a storm, unattended by any of his hirdmen, for what significance would there be in doing this with assurances? Impatience began to plague him, and so he climbed, rapidly and without due care, tearing the fabrics of his gloves, and chafing the skin beneath into the hard press of the axes’ handles. Though his view should have been obscured by the overhanging crags of the unclimbable peak, the boy could see his goal no matter where he was, formed in his mind’s eye. The wind and ice of the North battered at him, and there were many moments he found his grip wavering and strength failing. So too did colored dots form in his vision, for the higher he climbed, the more difficult it was to breath. In those moments there was only his breathing, the pressure that built in his ears and muffled the ambience, and the beating of his heart, as much a measure of time as it was exertion. Nearing what he thought was the top, he let go of one axe, replacing his grip with the pristine snows, untouched by human tread, then let go of the other. He reached upward, throwing his weight after his hand by pushing with his feet. But he had been climbing too fast and too recklessly, all so he may fulfill his task. This time, his fingers found nothing to grab onto, and he overbalanced. With a shout, the boy fell backwards, his death all but assured. But he did not fall. His body sprung upwards with a jolt, as his satchel caught onto a jagged and protruding chunk of stone, arresting his momentum. With a care and patience he suddenly rediscovered, his hands slowly reoriented themselves, and he steadied himself yet again. A final stretch, the terrain began to curve in flat, and he was able to trudge the rest of the way to the top. The Reinmaren paused, looking at the view that his efforts had afforded him, and the sight stalled his breath. With a great effort, he tore his eyes away, reached into his satchel, and pulled out a simple strip of cloth, laying it on the mountain's peak as though it were a carpet. He lowered his figure, and sat down, listening to the world around him. He let his body relax, paying no heed to the lactic burn of his muscles and the sweat baking his forehead, in spite of the cold. He closed his eyes. He cleared his thoughts. He meditated. @Gustando
  2. Full Name of Man - Adelmar von Kanunsberg Date of Birth of Man - 1944 Name of Woman - Isolde Sturmweber Date of Birth of Woman - 1937 Location of Ceremony - Temple of Waldenic Martyrs - Kretzen | Reinmar Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1973 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Gregor
  3. Yvon Galken wept for the loss of his uncle, resigning himself to his room as he mourned alone. Father Gregor, once Robert Stroheim, read the letter sent to him, tracing the lorraine as he appraised the Galken, who, in his own way, was something of a son to him, "You were a good man. Impetuous and flawed, as all men are, but honourable and courageous, as all Reinmaren are. May your soul find peace, child of Yvian."
  4. Father Gregor throat sang Reinmaren tunes of old as he applied green war paint over his face with care, staring at an artistic rendition of Leon Barclay the First, that looked back in what would have doubtlessly been pride.
  5. The Stroheim Patriarch dawned his panoply of war as he made for the training pits, in preparation of the conflict to come. "Age deprives me of much and leaves melancholy in its stead, but I know I shall never tire of delivering judgement onto bastard heathens." Father Gregor said, to no one in particular.
  6. ERGEBNISSE DER LANDTAGSWAHLEN Results of the Landtag Elections Issued by the Lawspeaker of Reinmar in the year of our Lord 1970 SÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, THE LANDTAG ELECTIONS have concluded, and with it, we welcome many proud Reinmaren into positions of government. Running over the course of three saint days, the people of Reinmar have made their will known, and have elected among its flock those who will tend to the Kanun as Lawmen. Let it be so that I, Gregor von Langenkirch, Lawspeaker of Reinmar, welcome Baldric von Kretzen and Anselm Barclay into the ranks of the Landtag, to act as the first Lawmen in Reinmar’s history. They shall serve diligently and better the lives of their kin with their actions, destined to serve a tenure of four years at minimum. However, it is in addition to this that I, through my power, appoint Burlous Wick to act as the Lawspeaker’s Lieutenant, to work alongside myself and the Lawmen in the pursuit of our duties and the bettering of the rules that govern Kretzen. May he serve as the Lawmen will serve, with distinction and honour in their chosen duties. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET, HIS LORDSHIP, Gregor von Langenkirch, Lawspeaker of Reinmar, Chefarzt of Reinmar, Ritter of the Order of Saint Tylos, Patriarch of House Stroheim, Baron of Langenkirch,
  7. Father Gregor turned his head away from the missive and closed his eyes- feeling a sudden burst of melancholy after he read over the positions he lived his entire life around in Minitz.
  8. THE REINMAREN LANDTAG ELECTIONS DIE LANDTAGSWAHLEN | THE LANDTAG ELECTIONS Issued by the Lawspeaker of Reinmar In the year of our Lord 1969 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, LONG HAS IT BEEN, since the position of Lawmen has been utilized. However, with the unity of Reinmar and Minitz, and with the restructuring of many government proceedings and documents, never before has it felt more of potential and more of need. Thus, I, Gregor von Langenkirch, as the Lawspeaker of Reinmar, have taken it upon myself to resurrect the position to serve a greater purpose in the interests of the Reinmaren people. Those who serve the Kanun as Lawmen will be its tender. They will represent the people in matters of trial. They will correct laws as required, and create ones when needed. And some may go beyond that in aspirations. A good lawman after all is more often than not an indicator of a future Lawspeaker, to hold supreme power over the Kanun and organize the sacred Moots that Reinmar is known for. The candidates for the position of Lawmen go as follows: - Anselm Barclay - Adalfriede von Hexenwald - Anton Barclay - Baldric von Kretzen So it shall be that THREE Saint Days will the Reinmarens have to cast their vote to vote on the new members of the Landtag, of which only TWO may be elected into office. OOC I. You will have until the end of the 27th of March to vote. After that point, the votes will be locked in. You may vote for a maximum of TWO candidates. OOC II. To vote, take one(or two) paper (The Moothall will have a chest filled with it), and write the following with /notes write: i. “I [Full Name] do so elect [Nominee Name] as the new Lawman of Reinmar, which I serve.” ii. Then, type /notes sign iii. Repeat for your second vote if applicable, then deposit the papers into the hopper next to the chest filled with paper. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HIS LORDSHIP, Gregor von Langenkirch, Lawspeaker of Reinmar, Chefarzt of Reinmar, Ritter of the Order of Saint Tylos, Patriarch of House Stroheim, Baron of Langenkirch,
  9. "A rare day when I approve of Caelia. Perhaps Balian does not take too well to the darkspawn tests because it takes away from their natural citizen population - Ha!" Father Gregor laughed before putting away the missive.
  10. Behind his helmet, Robert Stroheim made a serene face, as he thudded a fist against his chest in salute to the United Kingdom of Aaun, which he had spent the better part of a century fighting for.
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