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  1. A lone Wick let’s out a sigh as he reads the missive, a slight smirk being seen as he crumpled it up and throws it to the side. “Bring him down” Continuing his trek through a mountain passage he’d let out a few quiet laughs.
  2. Name: Corbin Wick Age: ?? Race: Highlander Prior Relevant Experience: Moving rocks
  3. Corbin furrows his brow, visibly confused. “This is so terribly confusing” The Wick says, scratching at his cheek with that same puzzled look remaining.
  4. IGN (MC Username): _Gavyn Discord: gavyn#4574Likes: I like uhhhhh magic things that do even more magic things, cool relics, interesting lore items, a transfiguration teacher, indentured halfling servants, tile flooring (but like not as a gift or in a weird way. I just enjoy how it feels to walk on it, nice and smoooooooth), all your irl money (really, all of it I want to drain your bank account and wallet), and character artDislikes: I can not stress this enough, @HurferDurfer1
  6. Corbin sheds a tear as he reads over the response, a quiet applause coming from the Wick. “Beautiful..” He’d finish packing his belongings from Vasiland and make his way to the capital of man.
  7. Corbin spits to the ground, his head giving a few shakes as he hears of this. “Damn beasts leading a corrupt system, putting a man to death for his own innocent opinion.” The Wicks nose scrunches as he kicks a few rats that got loose from the herd.
  8. Corbin spits to the ground when hearing about the summoning of his cousin. “They continue to say they don’t suppress opinion and idea..” The Wick would snicker, shaking his head with a grin, knowing that Oskar is innocent.
  9. Corbin scrunches his nose as he placed the letter to a table he sat before, letting out an annoyed sigh while leaning back in his seat. “Hypocrisy.. Nonetheless it is good to see initiative towards change.” He’d scoff to anybody listening. His hand went up to pinch the bridge of his nose, his other retrieving his journal and quill. His posture straightening as both hands fell to the parchment and quill, setting off to begin writing.
  10. Corbin nods along as he reads along with the words written by the Friar. “Good on you Mister Boniface, they will listen soon enough.” He’d say with an appreciative nod. After folding the letter away Corbin would finish his refreshing glass of Wick Chamberpot Wine.
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