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  1. Siegmund Wick says “This is truly amazing, good on you friend!” He’d then pog with excitement.
  2. Siegmund Wick smiles as he reads the words of this brief history of his family. He’d nod with a short laugh “I never thought my blind cousin of all people would be this grand of a writer!”
  3. IGN: SomebodyHelpMe Character Name: Siegmund Wick Age: 20 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: That one farm house with a number on it. Position: Maer
  4. A smile would be seen creeping across Siegmund Wick’s face as he reads “It was a hell of a fight, but they could not defeat us. AVE HAENSE!” He’d take a swig of Carrion Black and lean back in his chair, relaxing. He knew the Barayan Company that he is a proud member of came out victorious today.
  5. RP Name::The Lost Haenseman MC Username: SomebodyHelpMe Discord: Gavyn#4574 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haense Why Do You Wish To Come?: To explore the land that my predecessors walked before me. Also to bring back knowledge of this threat back to Haense. What Skills Can You Bring?: medical skills, cooking, resourcefulness, knowledge of most plants and their effect, honed survival skills, ability to listen to authority figures, and good luck.
  6. Ignore this comment, I don’t know how to delete it.
  7. “To those who have not yet heard my name! I, Siegmund Wick, son of Wilhelm Wick, will introduce myself to you, great people of Haense. You and all other Haensemen are aware of the razing disasters that continuously haunt our magnificent lands. You and I both must have heard the slanders of our enemies. Envious lies to discourage our trade and population. They think they are high above us but their own arrogance will get to us. They think their words can keep a Haenseman’s craving for justice quiet. They might think we will give up but let me remind you. Even in the War of the 2 Emperors, we stood worthy by our cause. While other allies switched and will have to tell their generations of their disgraceful betrayal to their cause, we can hold true to our promise of loyalty. We are loyal to our cause and our homeland. Therefore, I would like to stay loyal to ourselves and our cause. I will stay loyal to my cause and for Haense. We will show them the strength of Haense and I will turn our hardy home to a city that will leave every man, woman, and child in awe of our great deeds. People will honor us for our economy, land, and the way we live. They will set us as an example while we thrive. They have been fighting us for decades in order to hold us back from growth. Growth is the most important thing for our everlasting legacy and upcoming generations. It is time we focus on that once again. Even with a war, we can reach that true potential that everyone will remember us for. Just like our undying loyalty. Let me tell you, brothers and sisters, how we will turn ourselves to a thriving city no one has seen before. I, Siegmund Wick, will stand worthy by our cause and serve every Haensemen as an equal to stand together in our future. I. My first point on the agenda is showing what I mean is true. I have nothing to hide from the people. Someone who has to hide their interactions and actions from the people is deemed to be hiding from them. I have nothing to hide from you. I will give an honest reply to any question that someone asks me. I would like to be nothing else to be viewed as a friend to all of Haense. I want to stand united with my people so that they can do the same. My goal is to be transparent with the citizenry. After all, I’ve got nothing to hide from the people I will serve. I will make any plan and project within my power public for the people. II. The citizens are the backbone of any great functioning city. I will, therefore, listen to any advice or feedback from any visitor or citizen. This is to better my performance as Mear. I think the input of any citizen, noble or visitor is of importance to future development. A great leader improves by correcting his mistakes and that same rule applies to me. I will always be open to any men, women or even children of any status to give me constructive criticism on my work. III. One of the duties that also lies in the hands of a Maer is planning festivals and events! It is, after all, an important task. It might be rather stressful, especially while the festival or event is happening. These festivals are however the key to a successful social status. The festivals I’ll organize will be grand that it will attract numerous of outside visitors. These festivals will stimulate smaller businesses in the Empire by providing stalls at very high crowded spaces. The events will focus on making the people of Haense interact more with each other. When we say we are united we mean it. It is time that even at festivals we show that to outsiders. The events will endorse social interactions between our people to strengthen our bonds as one. IV. I’d like to end with my last 2 projects I would like to begin with as Maer. First, the tavern is of concern. The warm hearth will be crackling and ale will stand on the counter ready to be served. A huge space reserved for dancing and festivities. The rooms are ready to give any exhausted visitor a cozy bed and a great rest. However, the famed tavern sits idle most of the time. The management is good but it just needs to be taken under supervised vision. I would make sure that the performance of the tavern will better in a short amount of time. A crowded tavern, filled with ale and meat, is the dream here. The second point, I would like to introduce a village for Halflings just outside of Reza. Many of you might question ‘What good will men half our size do? They will be a great stimulation to our economy and trade. They will be able to house any extra visitors that are unable to stay within the tavern as well. This will enable profit in the long term as well. This will allow the halflings to maybe even help and defend Haense. Conclusion I will sum it all up for you. I will ensure a profitable future for Haense, and I will provide a bright future for Haense. I will bring the inhabitants of our city grand feasts and festivals. I will be able to stimulate our economy in any way possible. And lastly, I will be the community’s best friend. Huge thanks to @chaosgamer for helping write my speech!
  8. IGN: SomebodyHelpMe Character Name: Siegmund Wick Age: 15 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Farm House VI Position: (Alderman or Maer) Maer
  9. Wilhelm Wick would gasp “How inappropriate for a man running for Senator to say these things! Yuri Kovachev would never say something so immature. VOTE KOVACHEV! DO WHATS RIGHT! ”

  11. Wilhelm Wick trembles in fear as he reads this madness before him. He’d whisper to himself “This can’t be, they are letting a Ruthern run?” He’d raise up and look around shouting to the people of Haense. “Please for the safety of your family as well as Haense and her people, vote Kovachev! If you know what is right, you will do what is right. So for the love of GOD and all who stand here today. VOTE KOVACHEV! Please I beg you all to do this to ensure a bright future for Haense and her people.” He’d take a seat and still be visibly shaking with fear, thinking of what terrible things will happen if Yuri Kovachev doesnt win this election. @NJBB ❤️
  12. Wilhelm wonders why his wife still goes by Tamarid and not Wick after all this time.
  13. IGN: SomebodyHelpMe Character Name: Wilhelm Wick Age: Around mid 40’s? Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Bihar Place IV Position: Maer
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