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  1. IGN: bloomtiara RP Name: Jacquelyn Cenobia Events: Hunt and Fist fighting (If for team PVP) Team member:
  2. IGN: bloomtiara RP name: Lizaveta Orlov Age: 14 Position: Butler at the Novellen
  3. Looked to her fellow soldiers, twirling a bloodied arrow around in her hand, standing on the arm of an enemy corpse. “ ‘Least we were t’e ones who won. T’was a good battle, t’e arrow shots made ‘et exciting.” Jack spoke plainly as she followed her comrades away.
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    Born as a peasant, she had no siblings, & spending most of her time with a young boy who was killed by what she thinks was two rouges when they were 10. Very cold & quiet as she got older, she worked nonstop and earned money, training in any of her spare time. Left home at 16, having bought armor, a sturdy bow, & a dagger. Wanders from city to city, taking on odd jobs as she is now 20 years old.
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