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  1. The pallid elf within the cell twisted their fingers around that odd puzzle, ferrum rings woven into each other. Clicking echoed from the stone cell most hours of the day and night. Taking it apart, putting it together, all while those terrors loomed over their back from within those depths of the freak's mind. Mere hallucinations, but the only thing commonly within the cell. Awaiting someone they knew to come, yet, they were sure it was a trap. It must be. But they had no choice, but to sit there bound, and wait. Or so they think.
  2. Auden O'Rourke nodded to the missive, and went about his day, rather unbothered by the settlers to come. It may be nice to have neighbors, as well, he assumed. Fellow citizens past the forest to speak with; and it may be nice to set up shops in the settlement again. One settler heard the rustling from within Esbec, watching from corners, rooftops and stairwells, eying the men who scouted the place. How curious.
  3. ayo, excited for this. Hope it passes! Was a fun readthrough and enjoyed the general brainstorming. You got the big brain power m'dude
  4. "..What.. have you gotten yourself.. into?" A man pondered this aloud from a cot, unable to budge, nor even walk very fast, ridden with pain. He knew what this is about, who it were for, and unable to stop whatever outcome may show. What an idiot his brother is.
  5. Auden firstly faced off the men who had invaded with a fearless blade held in front of him, yelling for the invaders to leave, only in defense of the maid that had been at his side at the time. In favor of the sword, once his nephew entered the scene, he took to bashing a man's helmet in with a brick tied on a rope. Atherian's head was slammed into again, and again, and again. Eventually the ISA did come, though already with several O'Rourkes tying up people at the scene. What chaos there was, with all the screaming, but eventually the captives were killed or taken away... Something like that. Hard to tell, amongst the dozens of soldiers. Oh well. He could laugh at the ridiculousness later.
  6. One odd figure, scaling around the outsides of city by city- listening to those passerbys. A familiar name came to ear, the death of that one. Another one has fallen. Oh, how long until she'd be the last to remain? How long? But, who even knew? For that unearthly one gave a sharp whistle, sitting down at a street corner. Tapping away, as if at an invisible piano, a long gone song, one played for those many soldiers in the halls, at one drunken party. "Good night, Ledicort. I hope you see the rest of them up there." And so, the countdown continues, years pass by. No one sat at that fire pit, no longer, in a continent long passed; burnt to ash.
  7. What is the favorite quote you've ever gotten from lotc? The weirdest character? Wackiest event you've been in? Can player run or staff run
  8. Good luck out there Neo! I'll probably see you around. better come to play jackbox sometime or so help me.
  9. The man danced along by the seaside, Bugle in hand- blasting out the ears of anyone near enough to hear. Only once he took the long journey home along his horse's back did he notice something seemed off, everything within the county quiet. Eerily so. And yet, he went about his daily work, organizing the library as a book keeper, his most common hobby. Then, the cries began. Oh, how did the girl cry out for her mame, and he raced up the stairs, nearly flying off the wooden steps as he turned to see his niece, collapsed in tears at the entrance. She offered a letter, to which he read. He read it over, and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Tears began to fill his eyes. Fury, towards himself, came first. Second, came sorrow, for a soul he realized he'd never see again. One he'd planned to ask, to finally have that competition of archery- which of the last two siblings remaining were the better? He'd always been curious. Finally, that thought. That inkling of a thought, one he'd shoved so far down, he'd nearly forgotten. He was, dreadfully, the last one left. Maam, Father, Maeve, Gareth, now once and finally: Iduna. He were the last of the four siblings remaining, his mother and father long gone from his life, as his siblings had gone missing young. How pitiful were he, as he cried out within that maelstrom of thoughts- unable to contain himself, that hateful wail; before his niece, at that, locked within her own tears, now worried. His hands pressed against his ears, he wanted his own screams to stop, yet in disarray, the man laid there for a long time. Screeching, sobbing, crying out for the last of his family from his youth to come back to him. His second twin. His poor brother in law, to find him later that evening. But he'd exist, for now- doomed to silence, consistently on the brink of tears, unable to speak, for if he may start the shrieking once again.
  10. ((This is not a PK post, I swear))
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