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  1. The spirit of Taliyu smiles to welcome Damon into his side, albeit different faith and all, their bond as father and son will never be broken, not even by death.
  2. "My love is lost in Norland....." "I named you Taliyu-Secret." Mother said to me the first time I met her. For me, it was a new revelation, a new beginning, and clearer future.... But I wonder who am I. I tried to find the answer by trying to find my ancestry. I failed. I tried to join many kinds of things, and tried to find love in people I met. I failed yet again..... One would say that a name is but a name. Another would say that a name is a prophecy. Heck, even others would see it as a prayer towards the bearer. I would say my name's
  3. Jago Brownfolk smiles from the Seven Skies, nodding gently towards Luciana Maria Napoliza
  4. [!] 12th of the Grand Harvest, 1778 At these dire times, a halfling priest, known by Jago Brownfolk, took arms against the inferis, along with the brave people of Al-Faiz. Alas, the fight was turned into a fatal consequence for the halfling. The moment of his death was brief. the inferis fired a devastating retaliation fire against the Al-Faiz people, raining them with hundreds of arrows. on that very moment, Jago saw his longtime friend, Ioannes Palaiologos, was about to be struck by those arrows. On his small body, tents of arrow bo
  5. Gaps his mouth open to see the post ”those men are so buffed...” he shakes his head and laughs
  6. Jago closes the thesis, and fold it on his desk neatly. “Oi think Oi have another person who has an inlcusive values towards seeing tah realiteh...perhaps when Oi meet dis man, Oi’ll ask him more aboyt his ideas and values.” he then left the desk, and went off to serve the church.
  7. Jago sat down and frown to see the letter “so long, meh friend, wha’ a journey we had...” he held his crucifix and murmured a prayer for Deek
  8. [!] a message sent to every halfling in every corner of the realm. the message says: “Lo thar! Oi know tha’ our community mostleh worship Knox or Arugula. But as a humble servant o’ tah Lord, Oi feel tha’ Oi can share with ye all aboyt tah Canonism. ye don’t ‘ave ter beh a Canonist ter hear tah message, nor ye don’t ‘ave ter believe en et. aye, Oi will hold a mass in meh burrow at Brandybrook on 12th of May, 2020 at 2pm EST. Ef ye all feel loike ter know aboyt tah Canon faith, beh sure ter attend. Dis will beh a historeh, tha’ our community celebrate togetherness en diversiteh!” yer fri
  9. My reason to agree with this application of gunpowder weapons is simple. Flintlocks, cannons, arquebus and other variants of early gunpowder weapon exist and regularly used during our context of time, which medieval time.
  10. MochiHermit


    He is a reformed wonk, after meeting with a human who got lost in his remote village down in the swamp-area of Arcas. He loves to fish in his spare times, also doing some childish game and give a little pranks on others, enjoying their annoyed expressions. But now, a little bit grown up, with his newfound believe, he wants to seek for opportunities in human’s settlement, believing it’s the right thing to live for his future. He is a hard worker, despite a little bit silly and absent-minded. but he is faithful towards his allies and people who cares about him. of course, the problem is, he does
  11. Seven Skies: A Theological Gateway for Open Canonism in the Future Written by: Jago Brownfolk (translated to common tongue) I. PREFACE As you know, my fellow clergymen, that I am a halfling. I was told that it was ages ago when a halfling did become a clergyman. And in this present time, I feel that my calling is as strong as any human clergyman has in their holy path to serve the Lord of the Canon. But the question arises in my heart: why am I the only one now? And take so long for a non-human to take a Clerical path? I’m going to discuss this matter in a theologica
  12. MochiHermit


    Jago Brownfolk is a halfling. He was born on the capital city of Caras Sylvadrim, when his parents traveled from place to place as fish merchants. Now, he seeks for a new future in Brandybrook village. His parents were passed away five years ago, when he was 21. The sense of bereavement drive him to seek friendship in his new life. He only seeks for new stability that he can rely upon for the rest of his life, like a stable community, stable job, stable relationship, etc. But sometimes, he enjoys moment of solitude, like fishing alone in the bank of the river. Just when everybody sees halfling
  13. MochiHermit


    Hesitance Ironwood is a simple man. He never asked for any recognition from anyone. But it doesn’t mean that he never wanted to pursue his dream: to build. He came from Kingdom of Curonia, and he saw by his own eyes the destruction of war. He dreamed of a better world, where everyone can live peacefully and can connect, not just by weak treaties, but by roads, bridges, public facilities, etc. That’s why he used what he knows best: build. In this new chapter of life, he will seek opportunities to find trustworthy allies who shares same dream like he is. His heart is ready, although he knows tha
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