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  1. Eliot hides under his covers, spooked by the fact that he is the only O’Cathain child remaining that hasn’t abruptly disappeared one day.
  2. This is just dumb. We’ve had Snow Elves for I don’t even now how long now, and then with no warning, yall are suddenly like “Nope. They don’t exist. Never have existed.” This is not it. Also, I keep on seeing people saying stuff like “it doesn’t matter; you can still RP the culture”. If that’s the case, then what’s the point of getting rid of the subrace in general then?
  3. Talo and Tide continue on their days as usual, not ever realizing that this one kha that they met one or two times that they remember very vaguely died.
  4. An old snow elf would find this notice stamped onto a board in town. intrigue invades her mind as she looks at a familiar hourglass-like symbol on the parchment. ”How curious...” she would mutter to herself quietly as she inspects the notice. She would reach into her cloak, pulling out a small pen and begin writing on the paper. She would write her name, “Everl’n”, as well as a message indicating that she may be found near Sutica. As she finishes writing, she would return her pen to her cloak and go off, unsure of what may happen.
  5. [!] Pamplets would be seen scattered around numerous places in Arcas Talon’s Tales And Tomes Grand Writing Competition Greetings Writers Of Arcas! The crew members of the Talon’s Grotto Library, “Talon’s Tales and Tomes” are hosting an amazing opportunity for all people with a passion for writing: A WRITING COMPETITION! We are looking for ANY original works: Poetry, Plays, Non-Fiction, etc from any authors throughout Arcas. These works will be judged by the librarian faculty of the Talon’s Grotto library and three winners will be chosen out of the applicants. These three winners will receive many fantastic prizes! First place winners will be given 1500 mina and 5 diamonds. Second place winners will be given 1000 mina. Third place winners will be given 500 mina If you are a writer and wish to obtain these prizes, then join the competition! When the competition comes to a close, we will publicly announce your success and you will be contacted as soon as possible with your prizes. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO APPLY: To apply for this competition, simply go to the Talon’s Grotto Library and put your submission into the chest labeled “Book Donations”, which is located beside the receptionist’s desk. All original works will be automatically entered into the contest! [[OOC: ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE TURNED IN BY SEPTEMBER, 16TH 2020 AT 11:59PM EST ]] [[ OOC: All submissions MUST be an Original or Copy of Original. Copies of copies will NOT be submitted into the contest. ]] Anyways, we wish you all luck in the contest and hope to see your entries soon! Signed, [[ OOC: To get to Talon’s Grotto, from CT head towards Sutica. When you reach Sutica, keep following the road until you find a path to a ferry that will take you to Queen’s Isle in between Sutica and Siramenor. Take the ferry to Queen’s Isle and follow the road from the ferry to get to Talon’s Grotto, which should be on your left. For more info, take a look at the map below. ]]
  6. Username - TrueBananaz Character Name – Everl’n Proficiencies/specialities - Stealth, Combat with Swords/Daggers, Philosophy
  7. It might be considered offensive so I won’t tell you. But what I will tell you is that it involves puppets.
  8. Walks by the poster in Talon’s Grotto “Cute.” He utters, looking at it before wandering away joyfully.
  9. On his journey to Ker’Okarn, Ral’lera would be quite puzzled about the increased beaver activity and the path blockage. Despite this, he would pay no mind and simply traverse around the tree as he continues on his adventure.
  10. NAME: Talo Song AGE: 30 GENDER: Male POSITION/S SOUGHT: Dean of the Imperial Faculty Dean of the Imperial Museum Librarian EXPERIENCE For a large portion of my life, I have been dedicated to journalism. Most of my studies have been focused on studying cultures, modern events, and the overall anthropology in Arcas. These books have been donated and presented in many libraries throughout Arcas. I consider knowledge to be of vital importance to every citizen’s understanding of the world. Additionally, I have worked as a librarian at the Talon’s Grotto library, “Talon’s Tales and Tomes” since near it’s opening. I have been working hard here for quite some time, donating a large amount of the library’s texts. Additionally, I am currently working as a part of the faculty of the school, The Coalition of Arcane Knowledge, specifically working as a librarian at the upcoming library, most of the work for that job currently consisting of the organization the school’s books. I consider myself to be both an organized yet adaptable worker. I am able to juggle multiple positions at once while still having time for my personal life. Additionally, any of my formal employers can attest to my ability to consistently maintain a positive attitude within the workplace at all times, not allowing my emotions impede on my ability to work. Overall, I would love to have the opportunity to work with you however I can. (( DISCORD: TrueBananaz#8621 ))
  11. Everl’n would hear about this occurrence from a fellow student, Aaliyah. While she would feel deep sympathy for the death of a fellow student, she would pay no attention. After all, why would a murder occur lacking motive? She believed it was an isolated occurance that would be over and done with. Yet, the thoughts of these occurrences would eventually be lost in the labyrinth of her mind.
  12. “Crossdressing? Weird. I wonder where they came up with that idea.” Talo says as he reads the flier while wearing his beautiful blue dress.
  13. Talo would read the letter. He smiles “Perhaps I should come support Gail when I have time. I must get my dress cleaned for the event.”
  14. TrueBananaz

    Come the Beast

    MC Name: TrueBananaz Character Name: Everl’n Think it will be quite an interesting opportunity to do this. When is this planned though?
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