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  1. Sat with a glass of rum back having finally come across the document on his own, having been the first to look upon it he was hear it spoken of so quickly "Sure do know how to make some noise Mal'maronn." Vival stood up his incredibly direct mannerism unchanging "Well breaks over ,bout time to get too back work." The one taking on the title of Warden stood up, prepared to work tooth and nail for whatever the future may hold.
  2. With very little hesitation, Vival signed his name upon the document. Upon writing down his surname, he halted for but a moment; realizing how close he had come to writing down his old alias of Danoran. With a sly grin; the Ker pens his true name, Vival Velulaei'onn
  3. Having emerged somewhat late from some corner of the archipelago; Vival held out a bottle of rum, wielding a cutlass over his shoulder as he eyed the crew "Well guess you were serious, lets make sure we dont sink shall we?" The Dark Elf looked eager to return to the seas once again.
  4. “The Hells a Splishy?” The Abrasive young Mali’ker looked to the notice, shrugging for a moment before deciding to write a reply. [!] A somewhat crumpled letter written well below high quality parchment was pinned to the door, of 2 Silver Jubilee, The letter more or less out in the open for all to see.
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    Felix grew up your typical Oren Empire citizen, the sort one would likely not notice or pay and mind to. Felix grew up in a more or less middle class self-made merchant family selling the pelts to those in need of them. Living easy Felix loved and desired simplicity to its core down to his detriment hardly paying attention to the world around him. At the age of eighteen, Felix found himself dumbfounded into something of a rushed through at the moment a loving not so approved marriage by those around him including his family Felix taking a large number of funds sought to prove them wrong. Felix
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