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    Hugo had been used to having little conversation with his father, coming from a long line of bankers within the city of Reza. From this, he grew to become something independent, more adept at manual labour than the coin-counting of his forebears. Although his family was known widely for being knights of the realm, it was in recent and more peaceful history that they had changed to become merchants and bankers of a more mercantile class. He had little time for the wars of the world, with the AIS uprising and the empire’s liberation of Sutica leaving him with more time to himself as the city swelled with the trade of war and his parents’ business keeping them farther from their farm home. Growing up he had read lots of stories about knights of history especially due to his proud Waldenian ancestors, but quickly grew out of them as farm-work became more important. Hugo became very lonely and withdrew to farming, working day and night in the fields outside the Haense city of Reza to support his family. With this loneliness developing thick and fast, he had little spare time to head into the city and work in the wider world. From this, he became a man of the field, working them during the small hours before dusk as this was where the sun was at its coolest. Hugo worked in the fields by himself until the sun’s smile of his eighteenth year. When a courier from the city of Helena, capital of Oren, came to his family farm, he knew he had no choice but to listen. He was being conscripted to join the Orenian Army in the city of Helena and help fight and defend his empire.Hugo hoped that for now being a soldier would be a quiet career especially due to this time of political peace. powergaming; Powergaming is actions that are unrealistic or forcing actions onto another player. unrealistic powergaming is feats that your character would not be capable of, like a child lifting a full-grown Orc. A forced powergaming action is forcing one onto another character, like instantly stabbing them through the heart before allowing them to block. metagaming: metagaming is using information that your character would not be otherwise knowing of (as it was acquired out-of-character) for in-character effect. This can be from reading forum posts and wikia pages to learn knowledge in-character, or hearing alerts from friends to log in for fights and then logging in.
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