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  1. The evening was riddled with storms, and, from her lair, the infamous Madame de Potins cackled. "Now..." She began sipping a glass of wine, "Why's Haense got to stick their unwashed phallus in everything?" She questioned, to none but herself. "Seems to me that poor Kingdom hasn't had any drama- yet, all they're doing is causing drama.. Creating an elaborate story, really." She took another sip of her Falstaff wine, cackling once more. "These damned Haensers are obsessed with imperial politics." She finished.
  2. I S S U E T W O Hello, my dear reader. The year of 1809 has been quite very boring. However, I have exciting news for you all. THE DEATH OF THE BASTARD PONTIFF High Pontiff Owyn III- also known by his legal name, Laurence August Jrent, died this saints year. We do not know how the pillow-biter died, but we do know that he had multiple mistresses, and perhaps a mister here and there… One mistress was gossiped to be an Orcess. Perhaps he likes to be dominated in the bedroom! He escalated tensions between Haense and the Empire, had multiple whorehous
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  4. The author raised a single brow at the young princess' debut. They chuckled- making sure to attend.
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  6. I S S U E O N E This author would like to introduce you to the Madame de Potins Magazine for High Society; a gossip column is written by me, Madame de Potins. Rest assured, reader, you shall not know me, but I shall know you. The Duke and Duchess Helena are one of the most beloved people in all of Oren, the next emperor and empress have not sired any kids, not a daughter nor a son. This leaves the author wondering- perhaps the Duke and Duchess are not up-to-date on how to produce an heir… Or, is it that our dearest Duke Helena participates in homosexual activit
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