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  1. [!] As Kretz'Ox would read over a copy of the message, still quite tired, the only reaction he could really give was a laugh at how the elfs were addressed, and a shrug at the biger statement. "Tei agreed to pai te skahin tribute agh now tei are juzt backin down on teir promizez. Eesi problem, eesi solution. Hopefulli tei will juzt realize that agh te worzt kan be avoided", Kretz would mutter to anyone who would just listen.
  2. Kretz'Ox wouldn't seem to be the happiest about these news of a move, but he could only let out a small sigh as a reaction. It was sad to see orcs move so soon again, but anything recarding the move or such was none of his business anymore. And it wasn't like this came out of no where, this had been known for a while now. So, Kretz just started packing up his belongings and bringing them over to the new city.
  3. Uuu, it's art store time! Now if I just had the money for it..
  4. [!] Kretz'Ox would just read the message unimpressed. "Why nub tell us teir naimz? Mi for azh want to know who theaz tree skahers are. From what mi knou, tei kould be som of te skahin whaitwashes. A bit bad to tell a whaitwash what to do, konsiderin tei are nub part of our nation animoor. Exiles, mi guess is te kommon word for it."
  5. [!] As Kretz'Ox woke up to the Krugmas morning he was hoping to spend the day relaxing, eating well, maybe finding some gifts that Santa Drëkur's elfs could bring to his kin, but this dream wa crushed quite fast after noticing these letters around his home city. After reading the message and realising what it ment, he crushed it into a ball, trying to throw it away as far as he could. "Akila! What te skah did mi sai!? Raight when lat bekaim te rex! Mi said, do nub skah up te nation, agh look at us now! Rexie, lat better have a wai to solve this skahin mess before it's too late!", would be yell
  6. Now just I have to get multiple stacks of spruce leafs to build a Krugmass tree in Krugmar.. hopefully some shop actually sells them, because tehy seem almost impossible to collect in big amounts
  7. Thank you, thank you! Link of this could probably be put in the wiki's vortex guide to make it easier for new players to know where to get everything
  8. ShyDisaster

    ONE DOWN...

    [!] While reading what the Irehearts had written this time, Kretz'Ox coulnd't feel anything else than pure disgust. From the other threats thrown at his nation he could find even something amusing, but not from this one. This one was not fun. Though, the disgust Kretz felt was not against his own kind or his Rex, but against the Irehearts. Those unhonorable creatures claiming to do what's right, just bringging bad news with themselves where ever they went. Kretz was not sure if they did this out of their own stupidity or was the choice intentional. "This beter bring an end to thiz skah! Yw, ju
  9. [!] When Kretz'Ox finally had the time to read the message better, he would just stare at it unimpressed. "How stupid kan latz be..", could be heard him muttering before he walked back to his home, continuing his work with different blueprints and machines. Maybe with them he could try to stop this yet another idiotic war with ease.
  10. Tadaa, my submission for the visual arts! Edit: IGN: sinjanko Category: Visual arts Artwork: Open tha spoiler below and you'll see it! Have to look if I later do something for the skinning and building part too
  11. “Lat will do hozh rex, brudda Murdok!”, Kretz would say with a proud nod. “Even if thiz waz sudden, mi believe everythin will trun out fine enough in te end.”
  12. I think both B and C would be good options, though C sounds a bit hard to do in this map anymore. That should be left to the next map. For now, fix what you can in the B option. The option A sound absolutely horrible, please don’t do it.
  13. ShyDisaster


    Ti’lec is the second oldest child from a wood elf family living somwhere remote. The first third of her life was spend just wandering around after her family left Atlas with others. Yet, they ended up pretty far away from Arcas, as they never followed others when the elves split up. Ti’lec herself doesn’t really have any memories about them leaving, but she does remember parts of the journey. After a while of traveling, they found a suitable place to setle down among the elderwood trees and blazing ferns. There she spend the later two thirds of her life helping her parents and learning va
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