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  1. [!] The news reached Yazgurtan Kretz'Ox, the one in charge of buildings in the city and nation, maybe a bit too late. He had known about the plans to burn some of the forest, but as he was infromed of the robed figure's speech, he could only feel sour. Sour from how his city was described in such demeaning words. Though as he went over the words in his mind again and again, he did find some truth from them. Not too long ago the gates were set on fire by the dragons, and not too long ago he had conversed about the problematic housing with the Rex. So, maybe out of spite, maybe out of reason the Yazgurtan got out his blueprints of the goi, ready to make them into something more stable than 'wooden huts and halls'. "We do dezerv te bezt buildinz, mi do hav to admit that. The current buildinz hav served uz well, but maibi it'z tik for an upgrade.."
  2. OX - The Goblin Clan of Creators - Unlike uruks or ologs, goblins tend to lack the pure physical strength that others of their kin have. They are simply just not made to be these giant fighting machines that crush their enemy with their bare fists. Instead their strength lies elsewhere; in their mind. Goblins are cunning and creative creatures with the ability to come up and even create the most amazing machines. So, instead of crushing their enemy with their fists, they create something to accomplish that for them. Maybe a rock falling off at the right time, or maybe a very spiky roller being spun by the movement of the wagon pushed by some animals towards the enemy line. This is what goblins are for. They think, plan and create machines of any purpose for their kin. Clan Ox intends to bring as many of these goblins together, to work together for even better inventions and creations. After all, where one may get stuck when inventing, another may find a way forward. COMMUNAL INFORMATION - = O = - Not only is the Ox clan intending to create new inventions together, it intends to teach its members new things too. These things tend to vary by who all currently have the time to share their knowledge and what knowledge they even have to share. The general idea of this is to heighten the knowledge base of all Oxies and help them invent even more. RANKS - = O = - Tekgoth - o - Tekgoth is the wargoth of Ox, either being chosen to the position by the old leader or voted in by the court. As the leader of Ox, Tekgoth is one of the most creative and knowledgeable goblins out there. Their job is to look after the Oxies, teach them and make sure they have the means to create any inventions. Elder - o - Elders of the clan are the noticeably older Oxies, once having either been Tekgoths or otherwise notable members of the clan. During their years they have collected mountains of knowledge that any Oxie should listen to. Puzzla & Krafta - o - There are two steps to creating anything: Planning and execution. Without a plan there is nothing to create, and without making anything a plan only stays as an idea. That is what these two roles are for. Puzzlaz are the goblins who tend to prefer planning how various machines would work. Their knowledge is based on books and studies. Kraftas are the ones who tend to prefer the building process more, making the machines actually work. They base their knowledge on experience and muscle memory. The best of both hold the title of Epik Puzzla and Epik Krafta. New Oxie - o - These are those who have just started their journey in the clan, yet having decided what they wanna be and yet to complete their trials. JOINING THE CLAN - = O = - Anyone with majority goblin blood can join the clan. Ox clan is most suitable for those wanting to learn and create, people who are interested in redstone, alchemy, smithing and building. The clan is located in Iron’Uzg, outside the main city of San’Velku. To join please be in contact with one of the clan members, preferably Tekgoth Kretz’Ox. Trial of Agility - 1 - One notable feature of goblins is their speed and reaction time. They use this skill to their advantage, whatever is it in combat or just to get somewhere high up. With this trial, a true Ox proves themself to be a nifty gobbo. Trial of Perception - 2 - Second notable feature of goblins is their creativity. They come up with all kinds of ideas from warmachines to food dispensers in pursuit to make their and their kins life better. This trial is to test the creativity and planning skills of the new Oxie as they design something great. Trial of Intelligence - 3 - The third notable feature of a goblin is their skills to create. Smithing, building, redstone, a goblin always has even some trades under their belt. On this last trial the new Oxie makes their plans from the last trial into reality to prove they can truly make what their mind imagines. CODEX - = O = - Tekgoth is a smart guy, don’t mess with him, or you’ll be his next project; Always have a backdoor; Being dumb is a fine, don’t let the tekgoth fine you nobba; If two Oxies have a disagreement, or a nobber does with another orc, a lawsuit must be filed. Filing a lawsuit is also a fine; Steal a Nobba’s chicken, and you’ll be fined; Pay fines to remove fines, but if you don’t pay your fines you’ll be fined for that; Tekgoth and Ox elders are the only ones capable of handing out Nobber cards; Ox’s live by their creations, but also die by their creations; Anyone with majority goblin blood is allowed into the clan; HISTORY - = O = - The story of clan Ox starts way back in the realm of Vailor. There a young and highly motivated goblin by the name of Snawt’Ox was tasked by the new Rex, Kharak’Raguk, to create a brand new warmachine like no other. And so, that’s what Snawt did. Even after the war machine had been finished he continued his creations, and even achieved the title of Snagagoth. Though eventually Rex Kharak’Raguk’s reign ended with his death, followed by some drastic changes that prompted Snawt’Ox to leave the orc nation behind with his children. They were not homeless for too long though, finding a new home on the islands of Asul, now known in history as Golin’Dar. There the group of goblins soon formed into a clan of creators, engineers and inventors, the Ox clan. Unfortunately political issues eventually struck them, ending up in destruction of Golin’Dar by the nation of Krugmar. Those who survived rejoined the war nation, though it took a bit longer for Snawt’Ox to return. Eventually in the realm of Arcas, Snawt’Ox returned, not as the young and motivated engineer, but as an experienced shaman determined to teach the new generation of Oxies. Through hoops and loops, this job of leading the Ox clan eventually moved from Snawt’Ox to Blazt’Ox to Gadget’Ox, who even was the Rex for a small while back in Arcas after speaking out against the previous one that many found to be unfit to rule. Alas, soon after winning the honor klomp and whitewashing the previous Rex, Gadget herself was defeated and whitewashed. This left the clan for a small while without a leader, until Kretz’Ox became the Tekgoth. Currently in the realm of Almaris, Kretz is attempting to revive and reinvent the clan to be something great. TONGUE OF OX - = O = - Wagwan - Formal greeting Wuddup (Nobba) - Informal greeting Walkie-walkie - Farewell Shekelz - minas Oxie - Young goblin Nobber/Nobba - Git, informal insult. Small mind. Puzzla - An engineer, architector Krafta - An inventor, craftsman Grabba - Crane, mechanical machinery designed to move objects. Rolla - Carts/Wagons. Wheeled objects. Wheels. (Good one) Tekgoth - Head engineer Shoota - A bow/crossbow Boomstick - Boomsteal weapon Boom-booms - Explosives Choppa - Axe, blade Poka - Polearms, spears, spikes. Craka - Hammers, blunt weapons. Splita - Saws, axes. Bit - Bright, lights. Day Dak - Dark, lack of light. Night Burz - Fire, embers, sparks. Burns, scorched earth. Burzin - On fire. Burz’kor - Burnt to death Wavka - Water. Wevk - Wet, damp, moist. Wavka’kor - drowned to death. Sakka - Sand, dry. Betra - Rock, mineral rocks. Kultra - Metallic ore, metal. Strom - Storms. Dok - Witch Doctors Luka - Lutamancer Scer - Farseer Eleka - Elementalist
  3. [!] Kretz'Ox would give his nod of approval. "I'll always go back to Fishbref for my rodent removal needs."
  4. [!] As Kretz'Ox would read over a copy of the message, still quite tired, the only reaction he could really give was a laugh at how the elfs were addressed, and a shrug at the biger statement. "Tei agreed to pai te skahin tribute agh now tei are juzt backin down on teir promizez. Eesi problem, eesi solution. Hopefulli tei will juzt realize that agh te worzt kan be avoided", Kretz would mutter to anyone who would just listen.
  5. Kretz'Ox wouldn't seem to be the happiest about these news of a move, but he could only let out a small sigh as a reaction. It was sad to see orcs move so soon again, but anything recarding the move or such was none of his business anymore. And it wasn't like this came out of no where, this had been known for a while now. So, Kretz just started packing up his belongings and bringing them over to the new city.
  6. Uuu, it's art store time! Now if I just had the money for it..
  7. [!] Kretz'Ox would just read the message unimpressed. "Why nub tell us teir naimz? Mi for azh want to know who theaz tree skahers are. From what mi knou, tei kould be som of te skahin whaitwashes. A bit bad to tell a whaitwash what to do, konsiderin tei are nub part of our nation animoor. Exiles, mi guess is te kommon word for it."
  8. [!] As Kretz'Ox woke up to the Krugmas morning he was hoping to spend the day relaxing, eating well, maybe finding some gifts that Santa Drëkur's elfs could bring to his kin, but this dream wa crushed quite fast after noticing these letters around his home city. After reading the message and realising what it ment, he crushed it into a ball, trying to throw it away as far as he could. "Akila! What te skah did mi sai!? Raight when lat bekaim te rex! Mi said, do nub skah up te nation, agh look at us now! Rexie, lat better have a wai to solve this skahin mess before it's too late!", would be yelled by Kretz, as he stormed around the city trying to find the newly made leader.
  9. Now just I have to get multiple stacks of spruce leafs to build a Krugmass tree in Krugmar.. hopefully some shop actually sells them, because tehy seem almost impossible to collect in big amounts
  10. Thank you, thank you! Link of this could probably be put in the wiki's vortex guide to make it easier for new players to know where to get everything
  11. Tadaa, my submission for the visual arts! Edit: IGN: sinjanko Category: Visual arts Artwork: Open tha spoiler below and you'll see it! Have to look if I later do something for the skinning and building part too
  12. “Lat will do hozh rex, brudda Murdok!”, Kretz would say with a proud nod. “Even if thiz waz sudden, mi believe everythin will trun out fine enough in te end.”
  13. I think both B and C would be good options, though C sounds a bit hard to do in this map anymore. That should be left to the next map. For now, fix what you can in the B option. The option A sound absolutely horrible, please don’t do it.
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