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  1. Cassio is actively weeping in a sinkhole right now, hoping to GOTTE his guild is doing okay.
  2. A Steep Fall Early in the morning, the sun has barely risen and the sky is clear of clouds. Cassio Bishop stirs in his sleep, waking and sitting up in his bed. His stomach rumbles as he gets out of bed, on his way to the kitchen he walks past painting after painting depicting his father, his mother, his kids and his husband, saying hello to each one as he passes them. As Cassio reaches the kitchen he realizes his day has a lack of interesting things to do, deciding to pack a bag and go on a hike through the forest. He begins on his trek, climbing over hills and walking between towering trees. He encounters wild animals such as deer, foxes and bears, seeing ruins and cottages in the middle of clearings. Cassio eventually reaches the top of a tall mountain, looking around he sees views that one can only dream of, beautiful landscapes and- The ground collapses beneath his feet, sending him sliding down the side of the mountain. As he steadies himself in his downward slide, he spots a large hole in the ground. A hole that he is headed directly towards. As he reaches the sinkhole, he plummets. Falling into a shallow body of water at the bottom of said sinkhole and hitting his head on a clump of rocks.
  3. The Fishermen of Almaris! This guild was created by a small group of people with a mutual love of fishing! It started off as nothing but an idea among friends, but has now grown into a guild with branches in many-a places. Our aim as a guild is to simply catch, cook and sell fish and fish products. As we expand we aim to spread our knowledge and love of fishing to all those who are willing to learn, and we are always on the lookout for more fishermen or fisherwomen to join us! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- •◘• Members•◘• Lord Cassio Bishop - Harbormaster Fedinri Krikdrul - Dockmaster + Head of Vistulia branch Grubgoth Kog'Dol Mag'Dun - Guild Cook + Head of Krugmar branch Billy 'The Bozo' - Engineer Jarrad Munnel - Fisherman Aldrych Munnel - Fisherman Veihreys - Fisherwoman Felix Cogswift - Fisherman Ja'Runk'Ungri - Fisherman Fickle - Fisherman Leon Pebblebland - Fisherman Slith - Fisherman Arg - Fisherman Han Nowak - Fisherman Alina Vilchyc - Honorary member -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- •◘• Activities •◘• As a quite activite guild, we like to host many events as we can as it helps fuel the relationships and comradery between our members and builds trust. We hold events ranging from simple fishing, to cooking lessons, to fighting aquatic monsters! All of which are quite fun! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- •◘• Locations•◘• We have a lot of locations across the continent, a few are yet to be built, however we still have quite a few! We have branches in: -Vistulia - Headed by Fedinri -Krugmar - Headed by Grubgoth Kog'Dol -Helious - Headed by Lord Cassio -Hyspia -Nor'asath -Arlestair Soon we will hold an event where we go on a tour, fishing in each of these locations and maybe even appointing some Head of branches depending on who best suits the locations. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- •◘• Endorsements •◘• "Hmmm, Cassio's fishing zhing, ja? Ich dont even like fish. But he's gutte at decorating, und zhe events are alvays zhe best." -Thomund Bishop "Fishing can be boring, but moi think this guild is pretty cool. Tak Tak" -Alina Vilchyc "I'm giving it a fins-up!" -Maja Kos "Moi love using fishes from the fish guild to punnish moi cura forr missbehaving." -Casimir Vilchyc -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Founder of the Fishermen of Almaris
  4. Lord Cass thinks Sven's Day should be on a Wednesday instead..
  5. Lord Cassio Bishop reads the paper, throwing his hands into the air and yelling "WOOOOO!"
  6. SURNAME: Bishop FIRST NAME: Cassio ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Senna Circle 4 FACTION(NOBILITY OR COMMONER): Commoner YEAR OF BIRTH: SA 42 Are you registered and eligible to vote? Yes ((MC NAME)): Josifi
  7. % The Fishermen of Almaris! For quite some time, fishing has been a large part of the livelihoods of the residents of Almaris. But there has never been a specific group to manage the catching of fish. However I, Cassio Bishop, have decided to create such a group, introducing the Fishermen of Almaris! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The purpose of this guild is to manage the catching of fish and pay fishermen for turning in their harvests. Weekly events will be held weekly, including how to make a fishing rod, how to prepare fish to be cooked, or simply just fishing trips! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Founder of the Fishermen of Almaris
  8. siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  9. Brigg crawls into a ball "NOOOOOO NOT KONK!"
  10. The Ratteweg The constant clashing of hammers on nails, and digging of dirt comes to an end as the construction of a large building finally finishes. Cassio Bishop sets down his tools, marvelling at the creation he had spent the last few months working on. Pieces of partchment are hung up across Almaris, advertising a brand new building in the United Provinces of Dunrath. "Adventurers! Come one come all, to the Ratteweg! A newly constructed hostel for all those in need of accomodation and relations! Located in northen Dunrath, atop the mountainside."
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