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  1. A letter has been left on the Hyspian throne. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my confession. I, Alejandro de Arena, am a murderer. Out of spite, anger and an act of selfish revenge I attacked and killed my father and former Viceroy of Hyspia, Cesar de Pelear. @Javert I admit full responsibility for this action and will accept any form of punishment the Haense justice system or Hyspia wish to bestow upon me. I want it to be known that I am not apologising for this, I accomplished what I wanted to do hence why I am admitting my crime and will be turning myself in. I have committed many more crimes then this which I shall admit to and list in a court of law should I be asked to. Signed,
  2. Hearing this news, Alejandro lets out a sigh "Hm.." Is all he lets out as he looks over to the person laying in the clinic bed next to his chair.
  3. With a brief read over both the arrest warrent and the summons missive, Alejandro pulls a quill, a bottle of ink and a sheet of paper from a drawer and begins to write a letter to a one captain of the BSK. @SethWolf
  4. Alejandro Sands reads yet another missive, this time however, agreeing with its contents "Huh, hey Flor, come look at this." He'd walk off insearch of his friend. @SlothGod
  5. A Step down Due to recent news surrounding my disownment, I believe it is beneficial to the fishing guild that I step down and allow Hreidunn to take over as Harbourmaster of the Fishermen of Almaris. Signed, Alejandro Sands
  6. My Side of the Story [!] A letter has been left neatly folded up on the Viceroy of Hyspia’s throne. The news of my disownment is not a shock to many. I am aware of what I have done and the crimes I have commited. However, I would like my side of the story to be known. Yes, It is true, I did lay with another a week from my wedding date, and that ‘another’ was indeed a man. I am not ashamed of this, as I am who I am, my preferences are my own and the Canonist church are fools to prosecute those who think the same. This next part you may not believe me and I will not try to convince you otherwise, however I have no reason to lie. I had no part in ordering the injury inflicted upon Callista Santos. The man who threw the spear did that of his own volition, I would never try to have anyone killed. Now, due to my alleged actions, ranging from cheating, to an attempted murder I had nothing to do with, I am disowned and wanted in both Haense and Hyspia. Lucky for you all I will never be showing my face in either again. I would like to wish my former friends and family a long and happy life. Despite all the insults, threats and attempts on my life, I hold no grudges. Signed, Alejandro Sands
  7. Alejandro hums as he reads through the missive. He’d be happy for his brother and sister in law, however still rather pissed at the two of them.
  8. No longer de Pelear, Alejandro Sands reads through the missive. He'd remain oddly calm as he'd do so, however once he sets it down he'd kick the chair he had been sat on across the room. There'd be no yelling, no screaming, nothing - He wouldn't plan to kill anyone, nor enact revenge, all he would do is walk over to his bed and take a nap.
  9. Alejandro lets out a sad sigh as he reads over the missive a few times "Shit.." He folds it up and leaves it on the desk of his current accomodation.
  10. A Change of Leadership Due to a recent meeting between the leadership roles, the decision was made for the current Harbourmaster to step down and the second in line take over. This being so, Lorec Bani Stormheart has officially stepped down and has been replaced by Prince Alejandro II Arman de Pelear. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Lorec Bani Stormheart has been given the role of 'Boatmaster', this means he is now in charge of any and all ships and boats the Fishing Guild takes ownership of. Prince Alejandro II Arman Jose Lorenzo Eduardo Jesus Manuel Monet-de Pelear Loren Bani Stormheart
  11. i knew a man bojangles and hed dance for you in worn out shoes
  12. What is your name? Alejandro Arman de Pelear Where are you from? Hyspia How old are you? 13 What is your favorite thing? Animals
  13. IGN: Josif_Dog Persona name: Alejandro Arman de Pelear
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