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  1. [!] A Lector Of Owyn manned the gates of Nu Loc, a worn and ragged expression on his face as he heard the cries of Noobs sound nearby as they couldn't bypass the Great Filter.. "Another Filtered."
  2. Dharas sent in a bid on the ultra-rare NFT, seeming to hold some desire to obtain it. "500 minas!" He barked
  3. It was real, Brother man. Thank you for giving me and the homies something fun! Take some time off, go back to your roots, and detox, bro bro. Hope to see you around some day.
  4. Dharas golf clapped as he read over Mathurin's literature, offering a thumbs-up towards his fellow Lector, "Nicely done, Lector Pretty Princess!"
  5. Dharas stood atop the corpse, distraught at losing a promising Acolyte to the boons of Alchemy. Alas, all would swiftly go down-hill as a Darkstalker nearby hungered, disrupting any peaceful pyre burning that would've ensued..
  6. Hardheaded__, son 1, no skin rn
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