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  1. Do they have reproductive organs? Dw, I have a green tag
  2. Hardcore survival golden enchanted apple on Avur'angolos'anglosaxton
  3. megavolter

    Map names

    Well after a certain unnamed incident and Mr. Brae was catapulted 500 ft in the air by an alien girl, I think correlating the pieces proved Mr. BRAE wrote a fanfic about... Regular Man. A selft insert if you would. It's the truth. Braevos
  4. Mind magma, mince meat, four o clock and still no more mincemeat. I miss trench warfare, i miss bog monster hunts, I miss the bog monster...
  5. The snake eating itself grows tired of its own flesh and would rather choke then continue living full.

  6. Tfw bend the knee to whiney greens.  24/7.  Trollos los trollos.

  7. Yall excited for Atholos?

  8. FFwwwwwwOOOOOOOPPPP tak......tak......tak.... "That clock is ticking down." Maimed with renewed bones and skeletons producing serrated arrows as he spoke, the dark-death evil squadron stalked the night...
  9. This looks like a job for a MAN, make menwitch, like the sandwhich
  10. Did you know there's a system of gems cut using pressure washers marketed by rich people as atlantis minerals to people who think they are descendants of Atlantis themselves?
  11. Did u get removed for discussing cheese?
  12. Can't wait for September 21st latest.jpg

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