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  1. Merchants with massive sacks filled with odd goods....  Food cubes...

  2. "Hhelo, i I have comr into knoleggde regerding where DRAGON BONES are. I'll give yurp a bird (it will smell bad but ignore that)). We well go to the dragun bones" - A picture of a dragon was drawn
  3. The day of reckoning will come where the bathhouse and bedroom go extinct. Baby steps to the end of the singularity, the all consuming... shame it had to be clarified +1
  4. I, hemlock, run for mayor. I thoroughly know the of Elysium. I run for mayor because i know lysium inside and inside, especially the lower section near the front. Competnt and loyal, ill get rid of problems one at a time, theyll practically disappear, or they will disappear. -hemlock P.S. - I LOVE ELYSIUM
  5. I am not good at making skins, neither is the majority ~300 people that log in a months time, new or not. Majority of new players, they get their skins from either groups they join, characters that people ask them to play, or from the new player commissions. After that, they are on their own if they want a new thing of clothes, either farming mina or getting rid of 20 or 30 buckeroos for a suit of armor or a pretty dress. https://aymen-furter.medium.com/teaching-creativity-building-an-ai-that-can-new-draw-minecraft-skins-f738e2aee0a2 Some articles I looked at had the same idea in mind, but not very many. I had the cool idea, that one day, we could have an A.I that is capable of getting a batch of specific minecraft skins like 'Orc head' or 'Plate armor', even more complicated things like 'Kimono with xyz pattern' or 'Frilly white and blue dress'. The problem I see with most of these articles is that the range is too wide, so narrowing down the approach that the A.I. takes, since Minecraft pixels are harder to discern then a blank canvas. Over all, it sounds like a good idea, could make skins a whole lot more accessible and easy to use.

  7. cd scale with strength, or should, longer cd makes bad faith at times tho (trying not 2 git killed, falls to scum sde) Trntoa said it bettter
  8. "Un-ave Oren! Hail the Infernal Overlord!" A clattering dead in thickened armor mashes about
  9. "If 'et was hypo-thoughtically me, ah woulda killed 'em alll, since I am a mastur o' that art, they should heeyah me"
  10. Wh0 are u, why do you make poetry in the little boxes
  11. Dw, I make a block of text before I murder people, its all chill
  12. 1M, 5M, 9M.  This label means how many money ur worth.

  13. A particular skeleton, armed with a crossbow and looking around for targets in the dead of winter had sputtered back to life as they looked around, reflexively feeling for their chin as they stopped, looked around, and then suddenly proclaimed- "M'ah lower jaw! Some'un gone and stole my dang-gone lower jaw!" The skeleton bickered and shouted in the snow, smashed the crossbow as they angerly stomped away.
  14. IRPly go vlat in'ag vyre, but OOCly great job with the Iblees posting. Look forward to good RP against you in the future

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