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  1. On the shoulder of the BLUE CARP ( @MaltaMoss ) there was a small rat that was attempting to drink, some watta... Today was the watta, tommorrow was... More watta, and some bread, because big things no happen overnight.
  2. ( :blank: ) My entire persona description is blank, so is everything else, gl (I am a spook player for a hint)
  3. Ahm bein' reborn me luv...  ifrit a mudbanger 'll do someshing shtewpid

  4. Thereafter did the King Superior Ultimate Knight Lucifer Sugon get that surgery to right his facial features. Woe was the great man, grinning far too often at pieces of paper or indulging in increasing volumes of alcohol. As his Haenseti wife cried in the next room, hugging their child. This paragon of 'something' had neglected his treatment for the past year. The doctor, already warning 'gainst the consequences, shoved another note through the door, after walking by 7 rows of aurum plates on the floor. King Superior Ultimate Knight Lucifer Sugon began screaming in a room devoid of life, his stitches coming loose as he began once again to grin. Tears streamed down his face as his mouth began contorting to that same grin, as he began speaking to the empty room... "Augh.... Ish new era... Serve... Oren right. AUGH hate.... dah wigs" As Lucifer tried to hold it back, the suns smile wretched the last of his stitches from his face, that same compulsory smile as he began crying again. "Momma! Augh dun wanna be smaug anymuah.. Prease... HAULPPPP!" The man, now suffering constant bladder issues after licking blood off random dirty blades, continued to cry as schizophrenic ramblings continues.
  5. oioooh my altar ego, megavolter, he taker over


    1. ImStuckInHell


      please please please where i megavoltar megvoltAr i bless your day megavolter go away

  6. I didnt do nuthin

    1. Sorcerio


      its gonna be ok gurl 💅

  7. The Junkers, they bit a service dog in elysium
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