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  1. Sigmar Mondblume sat affront the timber desk with a solemn and grieving face. The thoughts of his sister, Isabel, laying at the Richtenburg manner with a pale tone and wound in her neck frightened him. An extended letter sat beneath the lord's tear stained eyes. This letter was from his other sister, Theodosya, whom had just before written to him about the dejected passing. To his side, one could see him attempting his best at a response but failing pitifully. Sigmar stabbed the ink feather into the paper whilst wailing like a new born. Falling out of his wooden office chair, Sigmar covered the back of his hair with tearing digits that scratched his nape. The thoughts of which creaked through his mind found him guilty. Had he made both of his sisters unhappy? Was he the cause of all this? Had he murdered the both of them unknowingly? Would he lose both of them because of his actions towards them? These thoughts proceeded to invade the brother's conception until the brink of dawn. Sigmar awoke to a chaotic, complex, confusing, tortuous mess of a room. Ink spat to each side of the room haphazardly and pieces of crumbled parchment scattered the floor of which was covered in glass. Whilst the tired eyes opened to this, he looked to the desk which there lay the missive of Isabel. Next to him, a knife sat. He looked to the glint of said knife with persuaded eyes for a long while. After a moment of hesitation, he reached over his bed and procured the weapon. The silver was pressed against his throat but his hands tremored. Sigmar Mondblume closed his eyes and heaved a deep sigh. A single pair of tears flowed down to the bedsheets. At that, the knife dropped from his hands. "Damnit. . ." He painfully said, and left the destroyed room.
  2. Cillian Castaway looked to his steps with eyebags that sacked down to his nose. His face was tearstained after only just reading the death of his only blood family. His only friend, his only love, his only family left from loyalty and friendship, stamped the letter on the step. Kneeling down, he looked bare at the parchment. A part of his soul tugged away from the missive as if not wanting to risk the chance. His straws became sparse and who knew which would make him tick enough to pull the last one. Though, with persistence inherited from his late father, Fionn Castaway, he slid his fingers to the envelope to open such a letter. His eyes pulled against the missive's sentences and words. Until he had stopped. "I always loved you." Cillian paused at the realization he had made. They both loved each other. The only one who would ever come close to Cillian, the only one who would smile and laugh at Cillian. Maya, had perished. His Father, and now his love. He began replaying each moment, each opportunity to tell Maya how he felt. Yet how could a commoner like him be accepted by a Bishop as of her. Even after and into his late life. Neither of those two things mattered to each other. It was him. He was the one who tugged back. He was scared of Maya. Her courage and strength pushed himself away. He was afraid of rejection. Afraid that the only person he will ever love would leave him alone. Now he was all alone. No friends, no family, nobody. Nobody at all. The Castaway took to the inside of his abode and sobbed atop the mourning of his father. I guess it's wrong what they say, you can't fight fire with fire. Because one will die out eventually.
  3. Cillian Castaway. . . stared at the missive. . . and stared. . . and stared. His family had been eradicated, leaving him alone until he himself ended the line of Castaways. All. Alone.
  4. Sigmar Mondblume, whom looked up to this knight his whole life, truly broke into a sob of tears. Tears of sadness but as well as respect. The tears reflected his honor towards the knight whom died fighting. His tears of sadness are ones of which will never forget the knight, and ones of which will miss him for eternity. Among the many who died, why him? The only thing holding the Baron together was the thought of fulfillment that Ailred would have felt. A man of great armor, steel, strength, and wisdom died a great death. A great death that will always be remembered to every young generation. As all these thoughts began sieging into the Mondblume's head, it only gained him more remorse. He couldn't even let out a word...
  5. Haldir te Daente smiles at this, he was now given more of a reason to kill the lying orenians!
  6. THE MONDBLUME MASQUERADE To those cordially invited, This is a night to forget about worries and trifles that may haunt you. Gather a mask and an outfit and hide your identity amongst the crowd. Everyone upon entry can be given an alias of some kind, or you can make one for yourself. Come join us and get lost within the stars. A section from the Baron of House Mondblume, Lord Sigmar Mondblume, It is time I do apologize; As you might know, after my father - Yvo Mondblume, the previous Baron of House Mondblume - dimly passed into a heartbreaking coma, his spot of Baron was left empty. I, Sigmar Mondblume, rushed to fill his place in a hope to maintain the house as I am the eldest son of the newest generation of Mondblumes. Unfortunately, after my father passed into a coma the pillars on my noble house began to crumble onto me as I had no idea what was expected as a Baron, nor as a brother. The responsibilities seemed to cast the weight of boulders onto my shoulders. I, being the foolish man I am, simply thought that avoiding this situation was the best option. And so, the pillars set by my father have crumpled leaving the house to fall into a pile of rubble of which led me to believe there was no saving the house. I trapped myself under the pile of rubble, digging myself further down as I dragged my family members with me and refused to do something about it. The activity of Mondblume events came into a drought, and so did my willingness to help my family. For this, I do greatly regret. I know now that the hole I dug was deep, but there lies rocks within the walls of the hole, and I intend to climb my way out. I promise you that my name will be carved into the walls of History, not in shame, but in glory. Krusae Zwy Koengdom. I. The Mondblume Feast Following Mondblume tradition, this masquerade will begin with a noble feast inside of the Ritchtenburg dining hall. A toast will be given to start the dining by Lord Sigmar Mondblume with a special speech, and of course thanking all whom gathered for the joyful event. II. A Rosy Dance After the benevolent feast, a dance will be held inviting all lovers, friends, and family to join together in a night under the stars. III. Unmasking When the dance comes to a close, everyone will be allowed to slide of their mask and reveal their identity. This is optional, of course. IV. 'Boat'le of the Bows Lastly, a rather unique event will be held outside of the keep. Players will be allowed a team of two, a driver and a shooter, that will attempt to shoot opponent boats. The last team still remaining on their boat team remaining will receive a sum of 400 mina. (( OOC: Shoot a another team's boat with a bow and arrow. One arrow shot at a boat will automatically break a boat.)) FORMAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his noble pedigree His Princely Grace, Johann Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Grace, Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree His Grace, Rhys var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Vladrick Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Aleksandr Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree THE INVITATION EXTENDS TO: The allies of Hanseti-Ruska Erwin Bishop, Patriarch of House Bishop, and the Bishop Family
  7. Baron Sigmar Mondblume read the missive to his brothers of the BSK, a smile arising from his crystaline face whilst a crunched fist arose to his heart. "Victory today, victory tommorow, victory forever. Krusae Zwy Kongzem!" Sigmar lowered his fist once the chant bellowed against the festive roads of Karosgrad. "Today, we share the same victory in honor and glory." He stated at last.
  8. IGN: AzuraTheTranquil Discord: Azura #8116 Name: Sigmar Mondblume Where are you from?: Karosgrad, Haense Optional Fighter name: Sigmar 'The Rose' Mondblume
  9. i won't get any kills but i'll get a shit ton of assists ty the60th, v epic
  10. Lord Sigmar Mondblume rested his right arm at ease whilst reading the missive, his face lightened at the new styles and formations of the Brotherhood. "Once ea put on zhat sexy uniform, ea vill be a lady magnet! Ea love Haense." His smile remained painted across his pale skin, and his barbonov eyes swayed across to the door of the room as he called, "Mamej! Ea vill look even MORE dobry now. And uh, zhe brotherhood is gonna be cooler ea guess. ((Very exited about these changes!))
  11. {!}One of many letters arrive to the desk, it's stamp outlined the crest of Mondblume. "I, Bossir Sigmar Mondblume, nominate Dracomir Rorikov for the grand position of Lord Handler. Signed, Lord Sigmar Mondblume."
  12. Lord Sigmar Mondblume procured the missive between his hands, his eyes casting upon his gathered family. "Feast after feast. . ." He exhaled a scoff of his chest, this ought to enlighten their hunger. "Ve can come. . ." He took his gaze to the rest of the family. "Right?" He said this in almost a threatening tone.
  13. Updated the date of which time the event will take place, due to @Althea_Begging me to change it for a different event on the 30th <3
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