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  2. Man, I love this persona, she's so nice. Though her profile is a lie - she is the decaffeinated crow.

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  3. A thud, the sound of mud squelching beneath her knees upon her descent - breath tearing at her lungs. The thill’s gaze lifted upwards towards the canopy of tree, towards the figure. A terror instilled within her then, fabric scraping against stone as she stumbled back. A dreadful form craned above her, red locks like smoldering embers draping about its shoulders. Little else could be seen of who stood there. Watching, a raspy voice would escape this creature, the barest of whispers, yet audible over the storm. “Do you remember me, mali?” It questions, a sickening hateful tone to that voice, form lurching forward as lightning struck nearby, and in that split second, their figure, once obscured, was revealed, as a rotting - putrid frail beast. Hollow crevices in place of eyes not even the cartilage remained of the woman’s nose. Bony digits reached forth, wrapping about her chin and digging into the flesh of her cheeks, perhaps to assure that her gaze would not drift. “Look upon me, Aiyeis; tell me who I am.” Spoke that creature in its vile tone. Breath so foul that the ‘thill could taste it on her tongue, mouth watering as bile rose, but through the tears and disgust she croaked, “Meredith, my sister,” And only moments after her chin was released. That hunched body of the once lively woman straightened. A smirk spread across the remnants of their decaying face, as though content on the anguish caused. Insects scuttling free of her mouth as her dry and cracking lips parted, at first only her yellowed teeth would be revealed – as her wretched voice spilled forth, “You are nothing, a thief who survived in place of her lliran,” And with that, the ‘thill sat up. The sound of rain was absent, it had only been a dream. Her back slick with sweat, short breaths leaving her in quick pants. All was quiet for that brief moment after she had awoken, then the ghastly whispers flooded in. Filling her ears with unintelligible noises. And alone she would be, if not for the figure that sat at the foot of her bed. A void in place of its face. Stringy crimson hair draped down its head. A discomforting sight to be sure. Reminding her of the voice that haunted her nights, that twisted her waking day, a hollow forsaken tone all that remained of the lari’onn she knew.
  4. Though she knew little of the fate of the aformentioned Balian Prince, a certain princess in the Barrowlands would be pleased by this missive.
  5. I need coffee

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  6. A certain 'thill who had taken up residence within the silver cihi rose a silver brow at this missive. Though little did she say of such matters, having chosen the easy route by returning to Haelun'or - silent praises would be offered to the Ranaleth and their kin, though for the rest; she had decided to pay no heed.
  7. AIGHT I HAVE A LOT FOR THEME SONGS Aiyeis, Liadain, Josef, Morrigan, Suika, Letha, Lorelai, Ayal, Adiria, and Jeanne
  8. The Princess thinks back to when she had requested he lose six of his fingers, unfortunately such was denied.
  9. The aforementioned Crown Princess of the Barrowlands looks over the missive, some manner of extreme disgust forming upon her features as she was reminded of those words in specific. The Adunic woman is truly glad for the punishment the adulterous lech was sure to face if he were foolish enough to take a step into the Kingdom of Barrowton. Even more so for the dishonor placed against her virtue, and for his willingness to betray the woman he was bound to marry.
  10. A random ginger Pendraic would give a thumbs up at this missive.
  11. This man is awesome! He deserves pats.

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  13. Is that....an awesome person???

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