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  1. Boris var Ruthern frowned, hearing the thuds and faint grunting noises coming from the WOODEN attic. "Ea sure hope mea favorite borsa isn't planning to do anything uncharacteristically wacky."
  2. The young Boris var Ruthern, having developed quite the taste for the games after a patrol to Erwinsburg, is pumped to squander his papej's mina tonight.
  3. "Oh, why niet. The last patrol to the Barony went quite dobry." Boris var Ruthern began rummaging around for lighter wear, hearing mumblings of the invitation extended to the Count Barclay and the Brotherhood of Saint Karl.
  4. "Ten-thousand mina, eh?" he goggled at the price quoted "Wonder how much of that a dobry veteran'll get to see..." Tonight, once news of the war's end reached Jan Velen, he would hang up his sword for the last time in his quiet farmstead on the outskirts of Karosgrad.
  5. What is your Baptismal name? Jan Velen Your age? 36 You're right in front of me.. but for record's sake, what is your race? Human (Haeseni Low Marian) Do you have any family? By blood, no. How do you wish to serve God? I will serve however the Church needs me, clerical work or otherwise. Where would you prefer to be assigned if accepted? Preferably Haense.
  6. Boris var Ruthern entered the doors of the Basilica, only to be greeted by rows of empty pews. "Skuke, that was yesterday, was it niet?." he said to himself, shrugging "Oh well."
  7. "What've vy got there?" Mamej's favorite jerked away involuntarily at the sight of his beloved brother approaching with arms.
  8. IGN: fhon RP Name: Boris var Ruthern Boris var Ruthern stooped over to swipe a raffle ticket off the ground in front of the Sea Maiden's Karosgrad branch. "Huh, dobry. . ." he'd say, stuffing the flyer down his coat pocket.
  9. Racer Name: Boris var Ruthern Sled Name: Dobry Dobry Dogs' Names: Auwn, Zwien, Dres, Vaur
  10. Discord: revan#3908 IGN: fhon Style: Bust
  11. Jan Velen is back at the Rhein, bent over the plates of armor he's getting the sand out of. He listens to a comrade read the missive aloud for the rest of the garrison. "Krusae zwy Kongzem, probably nie try that again, eh?" he muttered in between scrubs, gazing across the lake at the Barony of Trabzon.
  12. Application: IGN: Jan Velen Character's Name: fhon Bow or/and arrows needed? Yes
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