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  1. ((Username)): _RoyalCrafter_ Name: Garedyn the Green Age: 90 something Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Yes Are you of Urguan Folk?: Yes
  2. Berry Hunt for the Moonlight Maehr ✤✥❉✥✤ ✤✥❉✥✤ Karin'ayla! The tavern is looking to expand is collection of wines and brews! I will be organising a trip to the local forest to gather berries and other natural ingredients to make healthy and delicious drinks with! All who come and participate will be given a free drink and meal as appreciation for your help. May Akathro and Betharuz be with you. ✤✥❉✥✤ Game Rules: ✤✥❉✥✤ OOC: Berry Hunt will take place Wednesday, 22nd March, at 3PM EST ✤✥❉✥✤ Signed, Galoleme Serevoras Tavernkeep, Fisherker
  3. Sterling would prepare things for the market with excitement.
  4. In Search of Forest Dwarves Hello! I'm looking for players to take on some RP jobs and join some clans so the forest dwarf of Hefrumm can truly come to life. If you are interested in dwarven rp, but with a more naturey, religious and closer familial relations then a forest dwarf might be for you! We have many types of rp on offer: Hunting, Spiritualism, Crafting, Slice of Life, Scholarly, Guilds, Clan RP and more. We are looking for people interested in hosting hunts, religious events and just general fun events to progress people's stories. Our peak times are late GMT, around 3PM est. But we have a few people active in the US timezone too. If you are interested in making a character with ties to someone, many clans would love to welcome you as a relative. You can contact me, or join our discord through the LOTC discord hub. For more information, check out our FORUMS
  5. Black Swan's Poems Volume I All poems are authored by Sterling Percy Amador Published by Blue Orchid Publishing Arrival Through rain, I came by cart to see the land, With me, a blade, the cross and book I had. A fresh new start, to serve the lord’s command, With men and knights, in arms with plate and plaid. The land was wet with sweat and full of gourd, A scent of earth and fate hangs strong above. My hand took up the sword to strike fear’s cord I stood alone with dread filling my gloves. The gates soon shook, to grant me way inside. I turn my head to see my house, a hut. My bile turned grey, but I will keep my pride I plant myself, a tree, an oak from nut. Here, bravery will be my spouse. I cannot fear, I’m not a mouse Ode to Jousting The boom of hooves rung in the air Full rows of people cheering with glee Knights mounted on their steeds with flair. One must lack fear and keep their creed. The weight of arms bears honour and word. A horse’s speed is not a joke, A flowing mane of grace that’s blurred. Your lance will miss and shall be broke. One falls to the list field in pain Men yell, bells ring, dogs bark, ladies sing. Get up and train till night again Stand tall with pride, try more with wings. Drunkard There once was a man with a frown With drink, his sorrows he drowned. He took a big swig, Killed the priest’s pig, He’s now been made a clown Axe From dusk till dawn I swing my axe till fatigue, My muscles and bones ache but it is worth it. I will rise in strength, in faith, in skill and league, With axe raised, I smite ye, till thine shield is split. After a day of training, it’s time to rest, Tomorrow I’ll wear proudly my house’s crest. The axe rests by my side at night like a guard, After I’m awake, I’ll pray in the churchyard.
  6. The Rat of King of the Deep [source: KarolinaSt] Introduction The following is the true story of how the dwarven people gathered to defeat the Rat King of the Deep, who was assaulting Urguan with his rodent minions. Part 1 - The First Bite For a few months, the hospital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan had been infested with by grotesque plague-bearing rats of an unknown origin. Garedyn The Green, who wanted to renovate the hospital, assembled small company of dwarves and a halfling to eliminate this plague, but as they started their work, they quickly realised things would not be so simple. Firstly, although not debilitating, the rats’ blighted fangs spread disease with irritating symptoms such as rashes and vomiting. The initial wave of rats was composed of many small beasts hidden in every nook and cranny of the hospital. Their fangs did little against our dwarven steel, but the rats were oddly coordinated, as if working together or following commands. This would not prevent them from being stomped by our boots, however. Once the filth was cleared out, our dwarves took to scouring the halls of the hospital to find from where these wretched creatures came. From the quarantine room, a chilled and foul breeze filled the hospital. When it was inspected, they discovered large crack in one of the rooms. As our torches lit up the darkness of the cave, a monstrous rat the size of a goat bared its gnarled and diseased fangs, followed by more hoards of its smaller minions. The beast was simple in its attacks, so the dwarves hid behind the walls to the side of the entrance to the cave to ambush the rat, and as it walked past them, the combined assault of the dwarves sentenced it to death immediately. The clean-up was not over, however, as further inspection of the cave in which the enormous rat dwelled revealed a tunnel leading into the depths below. Part 2 - The Giant On the second expedition, the dwarves reassembled once with Tuzic Mossborn bringing his golem Vengrynn and another golem Ak'Rullaz also accompanying them. Ulfric Frostbeard and Thelgrud Mossborn served as the vanguard of this mission. The tunnel downward was extremely steep, and packed with loose gravel, ensuring there was no safe way down. Still, the party took the risk, and using their metal armour to their advantage, they slid into the darkness. On their way down, Ulfric slid down the gravel with his face, but the rest remained largely unscathed. Once they reached the bottom, they arrived in a foul cavern, smeared from top to bottom in rat blood and faeces, though luckily no rats were immediately present. With no way to climb pack up the gravel slide, the only other way forward was a seemingly bottomless pit. The golem Ak'Rullaz bellowed with its stony voice into it, causing reverberations throughout the cavern. Soon after, almost like the sound of thunder, the horde of rats could be heard echoing from below. In the blink of an eye, the dwarves and the golems were surrounded by the beasts once more, but just as quickly, they put them down. Not wanting to delay any longer, Garedyn The Green leaped forth into the bottomless pit in front of him, placing all his trust in Grimduguan. The others naturally followed after him. Garedyn landed badly, causing him to be unable to move for the rest of the events that were to transpire, but by the grace of the Brathmordakin he survived. As the rest of the dwarves fell into the bottom of the pit, they were not greeted by more hordes of rats, but instead with a singular one of titanic proportions. This beastly plague-bearer stood at the size of a morko bear, with diseased and patchy fur, showing flesh and bone underneath. While the attacks of the dwarves upon it did sufficient damage, it was pummelled into a sickly and fleshy pulp by the combined might of the golems before it could even lift its claw to swipe properly. Though the giant rat did unleash a foul spray of plagued vomit at the group, causing one dwarf to slip. After the battle, the area was secured, and a rotten wooden door was found leading further in. Part 3 - The Rat King In the third and final assault upon the rat horde, a large force of dwarves was assembled. From Irehearts to Mossborn to Starbreakers and even an elf joined in, all came to defeat the plague. The door barricading the cave was broken down and the vilest scene was revealed. The cave was a spawning ground for those rats, with giant rats giving birth and nurturing tiny diseased ratlings. And at the back of the cave stood a lone decrepit dwarf, covered in rotten rags and smeared with blood with a crooked and crimson-stained staff. Upon seeing the intruders, he began growling and squeaking in a rat-like manner, and the monsters around him rose up to face the party. With barks like a commander, the Rat King ordered the rats into formation and the battle began. One by one the dwarves engaged with the monsters. The tough and armoured dwarves stood on the front lines to absorb the shock from the large beasts, while the others handled the little ratlings. The dwarves at the very back launched projectiles to take out the crazed dwarf who was commanding the rats, but the cave environment made it difficult for Hakka Ireheart’s javelins to reach him. Hana Starbreaker tried to purify the rats with hier magic, though their illness was of a biological nature and not magical. As the rats were slowly felled one by one, the Rat King grew desperate. In a bid to escape, the began commanding all the ratlings to gather in front of him. The diseased rodents listened to him without question, and they all coalesced together to form a thick wall of rats! The Mossborn mage, Tuzic, shot forth a ball of fire, to burn the wall away, but as the rats burnt to death, the Rat King was already gone, escaped through a tiny hole in the wall, one that no dwarf should be able to fit through. For now, the menace of the Rat King has been dealt with, but who knows where this mysterious and crazed breeder of beasts now lays hidden.
  7. ❃ The Bears of Anbella ❃ The sworn duty of the Bears of Anbella is to enforce safety, peace and rule of law within Hefrumm, in the name of the Anbella, Brathmordakin of Nature and Oaths. They serve as a police force, not a militia. The Bears of Anbella have many different specialities within them, all aiming to serve in the harsh conditions of the woods, for the sake of peace and order. ❀ General Organisation ❀ Folk’s Council The protectin of Hefrumm being an internal matter, the management of the Bear’s of Anbella is taken care of by the Folk’s Council. Rik Hefjhor - Lord Bear The leader of the Bears of Anbella, they are in charge of training the Bears and Cubs of this guard, as well as being responsible for the policing of Hefrumm. The Hairn Maghon works closely with the Keeper of Hefrumm to be updated on new laws. They are chosen through the folk’s council of Hefrumm. Hefjhor - Bear The standard rank within the Bears of Anbella, they serve as the main guard and protectors of Hefrumm and its laws. Quallan - Cub Trainees and new folks who aim to complete their trials and become a real Bear. ❀ Special Positions ❀ Obee - Doctor An Obee is someone skilled in the arts of medicine, they are just as much a warrior as a Maghon, but they also have the skills to perform emergency treatments. Keyder - Stalker A master huntsman, adept at hunting monsters and traversing the land undetected for scouting. ❀ Oath of the Hefjhor ❀ To become a Hefjor, one will have to swear an oath in front of the Paragon Bjorn, pledging to defend Hefrumm and uphold the spirit and its rule of law. This Decree was approved by the Folk's Council of Hefrumm on the 7th of Sun's Smile, S.A 119
  9. "There better not beh any mechanical menaces gigglin" Garedyn grumbled.
  10. "Ets good teh see 'em back on their feet so quick, I'll have teh meet this new Viscount soon" The Grand Steward commented. "I wish this new lad and Pavia prosperiteh, I ought to pay a visit meself." Garedyn lit up another cigar imported from Bywater.
  11. "Oi hope teh taxes will be delivered on toime after this" The Grand Steward commented. "Though it seems like justice was done." He took a smoke of his freshly purchased halfing cigars. "Good shoite"
  12. 3rd Grand Harvest S.A 119 11/03/2023 ᛁᚠ ᛁᛟᚢ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚱᛖᛞᛁᛜ ᚦᛁᛊ, ᛊᚨᛁ ᚺᛁ ᛏᛟ ᛁᛟᚢᚱ ᛗᛟᛗ ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛗᛖ Open Treasury ᛁᚠ ᛁᛟᚢ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚱᛖᛞᛁᛜ ᚦᛁᛊ, ᛊᚨᛁ ᚺᛁ ᛏᛟ ᛁᛟᚢᚱ ᛗᛟᛗ ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛗᛖ By decree of the Grand Steward, To promote the economies, and self sustainability of the vassals of Urguan and the forest dwarves of Hefrumm, they will be allowed to store their own money within treasuries. Although private treasuries are at the moment unfeasible, a different system will be used going forth to achieve the results above: Vassals and Hefrumm will be able to deposit money directly into the treasury of Urguan by means of the kingdom’s stewardy, it will then be recorded and accounted for within the kingdom’s ledgers so that exact amounts of money possessed is known and not mixed up. Then should one wish, they may withdraw this money they deposited from the Kingdom’s treasury. This would allow for people to store their money within the nation’s treasury safely, and protected from taxes levied by the local bankers. Signed, Agnar Grandaxe, Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of Grandaxe, Defender of Kal’Ordholm, Master of Punji-Sticks, Protector of the Dwarves Garedyn The Green, Grand Steward of Urguan, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn High Prophet of da Kirkja Dverga.
  13. Answers to these questions are a matter of perspective, there is no true solution as people will always dislike something. However I'd like to share my rationale. Whether mina is intangible or tangible is honestly a coin flip for me, but I believe it will be extremely awkward to carry money around. I already have an inventory filled with items and building blocks all the time and i dump stuff randomly. Its a matter of player convenience to keep it intangible, since although it is an RP server its also a videogame so its important to have more QOL features even that allows players to focus on the RP they like than worry about inventory management or sorting stacks upon stacks of mina so they can buy a fancy perfume from a shop. It is impossible to seperate the economy from RP, since everyone does transactions or uses mina, the nations run on it for their pastes and for their taxes. However I do acknowledge that to the average roleplayer, who only buys food and trinket rp items they like, the economy doesn't factor in much to them since they can get a 100 mina if they just vote everyday. Economy is a much bigger part of nation leadership RP, i believe without it there wouldn't be much stakes in failing to manage the economy of your nation. Even if it was a good idea to seperate RP and the economy i cannot fathom how it would happen. Autoshops are beneficial, i'm not online 24/7 to shill my products. Many people enjoy standing at their counter selling stuff, others find it mind numbing. With AH gone, dont take away more things that allow players to make a living. Regional currencies would be a big pain in the ass. It makes sense in roleplay, but as I mentioned in my first paragraph, I believe QOL and player convenience are very important as well to server enjoyability, just as much as quality RP. If every system that leads up to RP is tedious, then the server is not fun. In sort of opposition to my earlier point, I dislike voting for mina. All though it is convenient to players, I think it to be more detrimental to player fun. For an anecdotal evidence, I started playing as a homeless dark elf. I wanted to to a rags to riches story by fishing and selling fish, however by the end of week one, i already had a lot of mina just from voting and could afford a large home if I wanted to. The RP justification for this was "asking the monks for alms." which doesn't make sense for my character. One may respond to this "why did you vote if its against your character's story to do so?" But voting is part of my server routine, and it doesn't help that useful things like edit tokens are locked away behind it. And it is free money, it makes more sense to just get free money than bother to grind through it all. Because in fact there are no other options to grind for mina. Hence i'd like to see all those mina making options implemented, with equal amount of beneficial money sinks of course. I voted for the economy to be scrapped in the final question, generally because I believe the solutions that players come up with to be far more creative than the ones our beloved overseers can do. To conclude, I hope it is evident in my rambling that the issue of player convenience and RP is not black and white, and sometimes one or the other is more beneficial for the server depending on the topic. I do believe reworking voting, adding more IRP ways to grind some money, and adding money sinks would be a good option. However I also share the concern that the server may become too MMO-y for a lack of a better term, should those things be the case.
  14. POETRY COMPOSITION CLASS Issued by the KOENA’S ADVISOR On this 10th day of Harren’s Welcome of 118 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Following the success of last year’s poetry night, it is clear there is a hunger for the art form in the hearts of the Haenseti. To help the people unleash their inner creativity and self expression, a public class shall be held teaching the basics of poetry craft and wordsmithing! POEMS The lesson shall cover the following poetry types: Limerick Villanelle Petrarchan Sonnet Haiku LOCATION & DATE Morrivi Library in the Palace at Karosograd S.E 119, The Amber Cold ((March 6th, Monday, 3PM EST) IV JOVEO MAAN Her Royal Majesty, Esfir of Jerovitz, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska Her Excellency, Viorica Irena Kortrevich, Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska Countess-Consort of Jerovttz, Viscountess-Consort of Krusev, Baroness-Consort of Koravia Advisor to the Koenas, Sterling Percy Amador
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