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  1. Dunno if this is still going but here goes. King Patches the Luminary: Founder of Babblebrook and Prophesised King of the Musin. Loves Legends, Heroes and Magical Swords. cares for his people and travels the world in search of Adventure.
  2. Seeing as lotc in my view should be an rp server rather than a pvp server, I’m noticing a lot of mention on cavalry. for me personally I like berry bushes in a design sense, even going as far as having the berries themselves be a part of Musin lore. sure it’s a pain when I’m exploring on a horse and hit one and all my moment just stops forcing me to damage my horse to get out, but half the time that’s either on me not paying attention or it’s in areas such as the place near Ravenmire where the forests are so full of tall grass and bushes (sometimes with no berries) making it hard to see them. I’d rather keep the berry bushes in because they’re not really an issue if you just avoid them plus they have a cultural significance to the Musin. Mouse King out.
  3. Hello all! I’m Zanael, some of you may know me as Patches the King of the Musin. For me when I first joined LotC I was so happy with the fact I’d found a place where I could do D&D styled Roleplay on Minecraft. Finding out there was a couple of races that wasn’t the standard fantasy races made me intrigued. I started on this server as a Human, tried a High Elf, then one day decided to make a Musin. At the time when I made my Musin, I noticed there was very little players playing as the micefolk, and that they didn’t have a place to call their own on Aevos. So after seeing that I made it my mission to build a Musin vassal, and so Babblebrook was made. What I love about Musin is the sense of community I’ve encountered, everyone has been so helpful and nice in helping build up our culture and town and from that I saw a rise in Musin CA’s being made. Now I only play a Musin. what I like about Musin: * The kind and helpful community: Those who will help new Musin players make a CA, get a skin etc. * The whimsical adventure RP: due to our love of adventures and legends, having Musin go out and travel to new places and see new things is really neat. There’s no politics or stress really needed since there’s enough of that with every other race. It’s a way to actually unwind. * the random ooc/ irp messages saying how cute my musin is or how much people love musin. It puts a smile on my face. Things I wish would Change: * The random irp/ooc hate towards musin: With the good times, there’s been some bad times where Musin have been the target of hate/discrimination because what? We’re small mice people? Or we’re players who like playing as such? It’s never really explained. * People saying they’ll make a musin CA and then never play as said Musin: I’ve met a lot of people as Patches: the king of the Musin and people have told me they’d like to make a Musin. this makes me happy since it helps build our community, but what I’ve noticed is that effort is made to help with CA struggles, make a skin for the new player etc then either they play the Musin for a day or never play it. I’d love it if people who wanted to play a Musin were a bit more committed to it. (Irl stuff considered if it stops them playing.) What I’d like to see in the future for Musin: * Musin themed items: every other culture have their own style of rp items so why shouldn’t we? * Musin shops/ trades: Agreeing with DrFong I think there could be more trades that Musin can go into. * Musin players who want to take part in Babblebrook roleplay and to make it feel like a proper town. I want to thank anyone who reads this and wish them a great day/night!
  4. "They were right in Babblebrook's town Square with Dolly??" Patches, the King of the Musin rubbed his head. "Hmm I must have slept through it..."
  5. Patches of Babblebrook, The King of the Musin frowned as he read bounty. "Under no circumstances shall one of my kind be treated in this way... They're lucky no harm actually came to Mona..."
  6. King Patches of Babblebrook looks in disbelief. "No more Hand puns?! But Puns are great!" He gave a sad sigh. "I feel so disarmed..."
  7. +1 Pretty cool lore for a holy sword metal with a timed buff. hopefully it’s actually accessible if it’s usable outside of paladins and Templars.
  8. -◈-◈-◈- In the quaint castle town of Babblebrook, nestled amidst rolling hills and tranquil meadows, there exists a culture steeped in mystique and reverence for the ancient legends of their forebears. Here, among the cobblestone streets and ivy-clad walls, dwell the Musin people, a diminutive race of mousefolk whose tales and traditions are seemingly as old as time itself. Central to Musin culture is the legend of the Trioath, a sacred relic said to hold unimaginable potential. According to ancient lore, the Trioath was crafted by the divine beings known as the Three Guardians, who entrusted its safekeeping to the guardianship of the Musin people. The Trioath is said to be comprised of three golden triangles, each representing a different aspect of existence: Power, Wisdom, and Courage. Together, these three virtues form the cornerstone of Musin society, guiding their actions and shaping their destinies. In Babblebrook, the legend of the Trioath is woven into the very fabric of daily life. From childhood, Musin are taught the importance of embodying each of the Trioath’s virtues in their own lives, striving to find balance and harmony in all things. The first virtue, Power, represents strength and determination. Musin who exemplify this virtue are revered for their strength in the face of adversity, their unwavering resolve to protect their loved ones, and their willingness to stand up for what is right, no matter the cost. The second virtue, Wisdom, symbolizes knowledge and insight. Musin who embody this aspect of the Trioath are respected for their intellect, their ability to think critically and solve problems creatively, and their deep understanding of the world around them. The third virtue, Courage, signifies bravery and fortitude. Musin who possess this virtue are celebrated for their fearlessness in the face of danger, their willingness to embark on bold adventures and quests, and their unwavering commitment to justice and righteousness. Throughout the year, the Musin people of Babblebrook come together to celebrate the legacy of the Trioath through a series of grand festivals and ceremonies. During these gatherings, tales of legendary heroes and epic quests are retold, inspiring the next generation of Musin to heed the call of destiny and embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. Below Babblebrook lies the Trioath Shrine, a sacred sanctuary where it's believed that the gateway to the sacred realm where the golden triangles resides. It is here that Musin pilgrims from far and wide come to pay homage to the Three Guardians and seek their blessings for the trials ahead. But the legend of the Trioath is more than just a story passed down through the ages—it is a living testament to the indomitable spirit of the Musin people, who continue to uphold the virtues of Power, Wisdom, and Courage in their daily lives, ensuring that the legacy of their ancestors will endure for generations to come. -◈-◈-◈-
  9. -◈-◈-◈- In the quaint Castle town of Babblebrook, nestled next to the Halfling capital of Dúnfarthing, a festival unlike any other is held: The Facade Festival. This enchanting celebration is a testament to the bravery and ingenuity of the Musin heroes of yore, who once safeguarded their kind from perilous threats and ensured the prosperity of the Musin for generations to come. [!] Masked festival-goers dancing and being merry! As the crisp autumn air carries the scent of fallen leaves and the gentle rustle of woodland creatures, the Musin people gather in the town square, adorned in elaborate masks of their own creation. Each mask is a reflection of its maker's spirit, depicting animals, objects, or even abstract concepts like the sun or the moon. These masks serve not only as a symbol of individuality but also as a connection to the natural world and the mystical realm of the legends they are oh so fond of. The festival kicks off with a vibrant procession, led by the Royal family bearing relics of ancient Musin heroes. Drums throb rhythmically, and colorful banners flutter in the breeze as the procession winds its way through the village streets. Along the route, performers entertain the crowd with lively music and dance, invoking the spirits of nature and the Musin. At the heart of the festival grounds, food stalls offer an array of delectable treats, from savory pies made with foraged mushrooms to sweet honey cakes infused with the essence of wildflowers. Musin families gather around communal tables, sharing stories and laughter as they feast on the bounty of the land. As twilight falls, The Royal Family guide the festival-goers up to the roof of the castle to watch as the sky erupts in a dazzling display of fireworks, illuminating the night with bursts of color and light. The air is filled with laughter and awe as spectators gaze up in wonder at the spectacle unfolding above them. Throughout the festival, games and contests are set up for all to partake in, from friendly competitions of skill and agility to whimsical challenges inspired by Fae folklore and other legends. Children chase after fluttering fairy lights, while adults test their abilities in traditional Musin games of strength and cunning. But amidst the revelry and merriment, the true heart of the festival lies in the stories and legends passed down through generations. Tales of heroism and bravery inspire the young Musin to embark on their own adventures, forging bonds with nature and the Fae as they seek to protect their homeland and ensure a prosperous future for all. One of such legends tell of three spirits that embody the ideals of the musin and tell of how the world came to be. One is the spirit of Courage who is said to harbour inside great Musin Heroes who are Adventurous and Brave. One is the Spirit of Wisdom, who is said to harbour inside a Musin who is Kind and Intelligent. The last is the Spirit of Power Who is said to have once been trapped inside one who is Ruthless and Commanding. Some Musin believe that the dreaded Ratiki Stanqolk embodied the Spirit of Power in times past… And so, as the last embers of the bonfire fade into the night, the Musin gather once more to offer prayers for a bountiful harvest in the year to come, united in their reverence for the past and their hopes for the future. In this magical moment of harmony between Musin, nature, and Fae creatures, the spirit of the festival lives on, a beacon of light and hope in the darkness plaguing Aevos. -◈-◈-◈-
  10. -◈-◈-◈- In the charming castle town of Babblebrook, nestled snugly within the rolling hills and verdant meadows of Dúnfarthing, the Musin people hold dear their rich tapestry of traditions and holidays. Among these cherished celebrations, none is more eagerly anticipated than the Sweetberry Festival, a joyous homage to the delectable fruit that has woven itself into the very fabric of Musin culture. [!] A Group of Musin celebrating a harvest of Sweetberries during the festival Originating in the earliest annals of Musin history, the Sweetberry Festival traces its roots back to a time of liberation and newfound freedom. Legend has it that the Musin, weary of their oppression under the tyrannical rule of the ratiki overlords, embarked on a daring escape from a mysterious island, its name now lost to the winds of time. It was when they arrived on Almaris, amidst the lush foliage and towering trees, that they encountered the enigmatic Giant, a benevolent figure who bestowed upon them the gift of the sweet, succulent berry that would come to be known as the Sweetberry. Captivated by the tantalizing taste and boundless gene square is transformed into a bustling marketplace, alive with the vibrant colors and enticing aromas of freshly picked Sweetberries. From dawn until dusk, Musin of all ages come together to revel in the delights of this cherished fruit, engaging in a plethora of activities and competitions that pay homage to its sweetness and versatility. In one corner of the square, skilled jam makers labor over bubbling cauldrons, concocting an array of tantalizing preserves and spreads to be sampled and savored by eager festival-goers. Nearby, bakers ply their trade, crafting an assortment of mouth watering pastries and desserts infused with the irresistible flavor of Sweetberries. Artists and poets alike find inspiration in the luscious hues and delicate fragrance of the Sweetberry, their creations adorning the walls of makeshift galleries and echoing through the air in melodic verse. Children frolic amidst fields of wildflowers, their laughter mingling with the joyful strains of music that drift through the warm summer breeze. As the sun dips below the horizon and the stars twinkle overhead, the Sweetberry Festival reaches its climax with a grand feast fit for royalty. Tables groan under the weight of sumptuous dishes, each one lovingly prepared and infused with the essence of Sweetberries. And as the Musin people gather together to dine and raise their voices in song, they offer silent thanks to the Giant whose gift has brought them together once more, united in celebration and bound by the sweet bonds of friendship and community. For in the heart of Babblebrook, amidst the laughter and the music, the spirit of the Sweetberry Festival lives on, a testament to the enduring power of love, hope, simple joys of life. -◈-◈-◈-
  11. Looking for someone to actively play the children of the King of the Musin! Let me know if this would be of interest! 🐁👑

    1. Islamadon


      The king of all Musin is KIKURAGE!!!

    2. Carson



    3. Turbo_Dog


      Kiku is my god

  12. King Patches of Babblebrook stood before the painted rock that Spuds had made, a solemn look on his face. The Musin king’s hands slowly reached up to remove his crown, resting it upon his chest. ”Farewell friend… May the Sentinels of the Starry Skies watch over you…” Finally he looked up into the clear skies above and spoke in but a whisper as a tear trailed down his cheek. “Oh look… rain…” (Thanks for all the fun times Roller. Wishing you all the best!)
  13. Smiling the Musin King, Patches nodded his head to his close friend. ”Aye! Sounds like a grand time out. The cookies sound so good too… I don’t think I could get just one!”
  14. Time for another day of Questing and Adventure in the life of the Destined King of the Musin! 🐭👑

  15. Patches of Babblebrook, the king of the Musin read this decree that was handed over to him during his afternoon cup of tea, a smile forming on his face. ”A protected species eh? Maybe I should pay Númendil a visit someday…” The little mouse king folded the decree over and finished his cup of honeyed tea with a content sigh.
  16. I've had a moment not too long ago where I was tricked into being kidnapped whilst I was in LC. I was really high up in the air building and didn't hear the shout emotes until I was sent a msg asking if I could hear the emotes. I went down to check what was happening and was tricked into being lead away from my building which lost me a day of LC. All so they could summon some creature. I would have been fine with this had I not been in LC and had I not been told they had been to 5 places before coming to me. Making me feel like they saw I was online and knew I'd be in my town. Other than that though... Banditry can be good if implemented properly and roleplayed to a good standard. Because I've witnessed some poor banditry RP and just lose all interest in giving it any attention. It makes travelling along the roads not worth it anymore.
  17. Yeah but once you’ve made your first ever human or elf etc you can just make them again without the need of an application using the in game commands. With CA’s you have to make a new app every single character you make, regardless if you’ve made 1 or 5 of them before.
  18. I mean speaking from experience, not all furries can be like that tbh, but some of them can be so I understand what you mean. It does seem to mainly be the Kha that have this issue though. But sometimes Furries just prefer to play beastmen because it's not just the cliche. Human, elf, Dwarf, Orc, races seen in like... nearly every single fantasy RPG setting.
  19. I think either the way CA's for races like Musin, Kha and Hou-zi need a remake or something because a lot of it makes no sense or puts people off. I'll admit the Musin CA's are nice because I can see that there's another Musin player being played
  20. That just sounds like an issue with the people deciding to meme rp. Not the race itself. Pretty sure Meme RP isn't allowed in any race, yet why limit certain races to a CA to limit meme RP when anyone can just do it.
  21. +1 Being the owner of the Musin town and having people come to me needing help with Musin CA's almost daily makes me wonder why we even need it. half of it is just N/A and it just makes bringing new people in confusing to some.
  22. King Patches of Babblebrook rubbed his eyes and sighed as he read the message. "I did state I didn't want any violence in the shire and to cease the petty squabbling... Both sides didn't stop and it escalated... I'm glad injuries were tended too but as my mother used to say... don't throw stones in glass houses." The King of the Musin took a sip of his honeyed tea and crossed his leg upon his throne. "If the hostility on both sides stopped when I requested it to, then I'm sure no injuries would have been sustained. I'm not angry at those present... just disappointed that the peaceful land of the Shire is so beset by danger and violence."
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