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  1. RP posts looking more like Twitter every year that passes

    1. alexmagus


      are they not supposed to? smh..

  2. Least schizophrenic lotc player
  3. You haven't played enough if you think people will go out of their cliques
  4. Based, Minecraft's freedom of construction has rarely been used to its fullest.
  5. What is strength without duty

  6. Yeah but look at him spinning Weee
  7. Got lost amidst the schizoposting tbh
  8. Listen to The Turn of a Friendly Card you zoomers

  9. Thank you Zac, very cool Would play if I didn't loathe the 5th edition / actually had time, but you're a good lad and I've always admired your attitude
  10. Discord and its consequences have been a disaster for this server (semi-cit)
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