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  1. Salvo

    The Avatar of Wurst

    Wurst, spirit of sausages and cured meat.
  2. Salvo

    The Formidable Anti-Imperial Coalition

    All the time passed playing with crayons finally paid off! I’m proud of you.
  3. Salvo

    Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi

    How do I eat passion fruit?
  4. Greetings! If you like Tabletop RPGs and The Witcher, you’re in luck! Below follows the link to download The Witcher Tabletop RPG in PDF form.




    Hope you like it.

    1. TankM1A2


      Sounds like you’re trying to give us all a free virus

    2. Salvo


      Your PC is not worth infecting, cur.

    3. Heero


      That’s the good ol’ Salvo we know and love

  5. Salvo

    [Denied] N0tt's Event Team Actor application

    My opinion remains the same from your previous application to GM. A genuinely terrible pick for ANY staff team.
  6. Salvo

    1 year ama without a clickbait title!!!

    Are you a male or a female? Depending on the answer to the previous question, would you address yourself with the term 'trap'?
  7. I can think of multiple reasons.
  8. At the moment, potentially the most annoying, childish, petulant and trouble-making person on the server. Do a sensible thing and trash this application.
  9. Heads will roll

  10. I have to say, you can ban people all you like, but you can't force them to like you or agree with what you do.



    I'm scared of where this server is heading.

  11. Salvo

    Equal Numbers

    It was actually a 1v7 guys I killed everyone by myself
  12. Salvo

    [Denied] LukyLucaz' World Dev Application

    This guy is literally a one-man-army. Huge +1.
  13. Salvo

    skinwalker's skin shop

    Request sent over Privately.
  14. The server has developed in such a way that you either allow people to start making political moves by implementing wars, or see activity keep dropping.