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  1. Salvo

    [World Lore] Gender

    My few remaining neurons are about to commit suicide
  2. Salvo

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Seriously? “Conflict that you believed is fueled by OOC?” Again, what’s stopping people from false-flagging others? How do you determine if someone is doing something for RP or OOC reasons? What if two people dislike each other both RPly and OOCly, and have both an RP and an OOC reason to quarrel? This looks more ridicolous the more I look at it.
  3. Salvo

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Then, if you may, please specify which wars you have so thouroughly studied over the course of LotC’s history. Because I can’t recall any.
  4. Salvo

    Conflict & War FAQ

    May I get examples of saltless, cooperative wars where EVERYONE INVOLVED had a good time and came out on top?
  5. Salvo

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I can easily tell you why people refused and would refuse to go to war: because they’d lose. Regarding your other points: I wholeheartedly agree with the necessity of wars deviating from the normality of domination and conquest, which is something I tried to champion in the past years, when I still believed I would be listened to. At the same time, I do not concord with your stance on OOC cooperation / good faith, as I can assure you, people do NOT LIKE TO LOSE. A war is a big deal, its goal is to achieve superiority, whether martial or economical is irrelevant, over your nation’s or group’s enemies, and that includes taking things away from the losing playerbase. No cut deals about this, for a war to be a war, someone has to lose, and when people have a chance not to, they will grab it, whatever that chance is. This means rule-sharking, whining to staff or, in Haense’s case, threatening you’d leave the server if the warclaim on them went through in order to strong arm the staff. So, that is a no from me. Cooperation inside a group of 10 players may very well happen. Cooperation between two groups of over 100 players each that have been at each other’s throats for months, you can’t reasonably expect to enforce something of the sort. Not a chance.
  6. Salvo

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I would also like to add that, no matter how you try to shape it or twist it, LotC never started a purely text-only based medium, but rather an RP-lite PvP/PvE server. I don’t know when this fixation upon text-based combat has begun, but know that I loathe it, and loathe the fact that it was tried to force it down our mouths for years at this point. Truth is, I believe all people that label others as “pvp-goons” and hold an utter and complete disliking for mechanics-based combat to simply be sore losers that cannot adapt and thus seek another way to ensure their win, in this case found with the complete (or near so) removal of PvP. I’ve never met an anti-PvP person that was, at the same time, a good PvPer. Makes you think.
  7. Salvo

    Conflict & War FAQ

    This seems like a terrible change. LotC is inherently competitive, not cooperative, and anyone claiming otherwise is simply delusional. You really expect people of opposing playerbases, of opposing goals (both IC and OOC), to cooperate with each other in, as you claim, “good faith?”. Non-interactivity and sheltering is already a massive plague on the server, with people calling GMs and hiding behind rules at the smallest happening possible. I simply do not see how further empowering this denial of interaction will benefit the server and its players, expecially when people have something to lose. After all, what’s stopping me from simply saying “no”, when things are not going my way, as seen with the Renatus-Haense war that just ended? Obviously, I don’t expect my post or those of others to be taken into consideration, considering how detached the upper echelons of the staff team are from the rest of the playerbase. To all people cheering for this change and the defeat of “evil pvp goons”, I suggest you take a long, long stare in the mirror.
  8. “Alexa, play despacito.”
  9. So long, Xalid. Thank you for listening when others would not. I wish you and your family the best.
  10. I am a firm believer that GMs should talk to players before handing out punishment to them. Logging off to see yourself banned/blacklisted the next day without anyone ever informing you is STUPID and needs to stop.

  11. How about @IZipZapManIstops handing out VBs like candies? Expecially after the whole Adria fiasco.

  12. You guys like being able to place boats in whatever river you go? Then stop doing this ****.
  13. Salvo

    Our Dues

    “In the end, you died of your own volition. Perhaps it is best so, old friend.” comments an aged man, leaving a wooden insignia of a carved sun on Lyonel’s tomb.
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