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  1. >Principality of Savoy


    ...but why?

    1. FlemishSupremacy
    2. Starryy


      salvo everyone is in the discord but you((and paul)). everyone((but paul))
      only like 5 of us actually even play on the server in the old hats channel



      it's starryy im changing my user back to it since none of the dementia ridden old ppl recognize me it might be fixed by the time you see this


    3. Salvo


      Leave me alone Vammy

  2. Also, careful, some people on this server take these things literally
  3. There’s already americans on the server, no need for another iteration
  4. Not just CT, but the entire map / lore should be clean-slated and something different from the usual pseudo-medieval tolkienesque map be done. Continuing further in this setting will only lead to stagnation, and many groups are too deeply entrenched in their identity to ever consider change. So yeah, do something different or continue witnessing the rotting process. We talked about this on Discord. @LotsOfMuffins
  5. I know it’s not by telanir but this is the pride and joy of my warn collection
  6. Salbo, Officer of the Rubernii Peacekeeping Force, hands Edyth a mirror. He then rides off in haste, wishing to rejoin his platonic lover.
  7. Infraction for combat logging? This server’s pathetic.

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