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  1. I know it’s not by telanir but this is the pride and joy of my warn collection
  2. Salbo, Officer of the Rubernii Peacekeeping Force, hands Edyth a mirror. He then rides off in haste, wishing to rejoin his platonic lover.
  3. “Ah, yes, the infamous Marian brain-rot. I am glad the medical authorities have finally intervened, as the situation was beginning to be uncontainable and threatened the safety of Rubern.” remarks Salbo, Officer of the Rubernii Peacekeeping Force, upon reading the treatise. “I will ensure the rest of the men are notified and take the necessary preucations to avoid becoming infected.” “After all, we wouldn’t want them to turn into Haensemen.” the burly man smiles under his thick moustache, walking away to find his platonic lover. @TheElvenMage
  4. Infraction for combat logging? This server’s pathetic.

  5. Officer Salbo inspects a large rack of weaponry within the deepest recesses of Krasna. He nods once, satisfied, then addresses his ever-present companion while caressing one end of his large moustache. “It seems like we have a job to do.” @TheElvenMage
  6. Salbo readies the defenses alongside his compatriots. “No, Joah, you can’t /eat/ the Empress.”
  7. @Telanir send feet pics
  8. Salvo

    For the Reivers

    Reivers are more like Donovan or the possesed horse, but I appreciate the effort
  9. mushy cereal


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