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  1. your back yaaaaaaay

  2. I am still alive yep :D

  3. Guise guess what, da ddoser posted in the right section!

    1. Tee-Tree


      Give him an award the tin man has a heart

  4. I am jobless currently, so yes, that will be my full time job. In addition, I will ask a few of my colleagues to vouch for me. Thanks and have a nice day.
  5. Science test tommorow and I didn't study. Fakc

    1. CaptainBrock


      Good luck, I tend to study and do well but never tried with out.

    2. CaptainBrock


      Good luck, I tend to study and do well but never tried with out.

  6. Ah, then I would like to be a part of the permanent group of the fighting force. I can also work as the civilian employees Due to me being a sort-of-a high rank in these militaries, I had to command a few people under my command. In the Oren Guard, I had to train and lead a dozen of recruits, as well as the Alstion Guard. In the FoA, I had to guide and train the people that were below my rank [quite a few people actually]. And lastly, in the Alrasian guard, I had to watch over a whole team (consists of about 10 people). I hoped this somewhat solved your doubts on me. I will also try and get a few people to vouch for me! Thanks, and have a great day~
  7. ((MC Name)): awesumninja123 Character Name: Sam_Tarus Race: Elf ((RL)) Age: 12 (pretty cool though :D) Current Occupation: None If any, preferred positions: Head of security possibly, however, I would love to be part of the security section. Particular skills can be written here: 99 swords, 99 mining, 48 blacksmithing, and 38 extra credits
  8. where the heck are you pugsy :o

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    2. everblue2er101



    3. Rhogar


      Killing me during an undead attack about 4 months ago in Aegis..

    4. Ⓢⓚⓘⓟⓟⓨ
  9. Doing hw~

    1. Alkenaar


      Then y chu on LotC?


    2. awesumninja123


      I'm an addict. I can't focus :o.

  10. If you need help building the sanctuary, I can help ~awesum (Im still active!)
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