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  1. your back yaaaaaaay

  2. I am still alive yep :D

  3. Guise guess what, da ddoser posted in the right section!

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      Give him an award the tin man has a heart

  4. Erm, I was accepted when I wrote my application ONCE. It was accepted by Availer (old owner)
  5. Well, sharing account information is a big no-no. Blaming others is also a big no-no. The thing is, we cannot know for sure if you or your friend griefed the town/city. As Freya said, she had to clear up 3k blocks...thats a lot of blocks. So you broke 3 rules, griefed other players creations, and ruined the atmosphere of some players. If a GM unbans you, you better thank them A LOT. It would be highly unlikely though for you to be unbanned. Sorry bud, but shouldn't have given your MC account password to your friend and/or anyone, including your sibilings.
  6. Report: [Link to your Ban Report] No report was posted, but I completely acknowledge why I have been banned, and I feel pretty stupid right no. Minecraft Name: awesumninja123 (Old hats probably remember me <3) Rule Broken/Disputed: [Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.] It's a pretty stupid dispute, however it is a rule, and it is very important one. I broke the rule of having an Rp skin while playing. Character Witnesses: [Name(s)] Everyone that was at spawn during the time. Event Details: [Reason for actions. Plea for lenience. First ban. Apology. Etc.] Basically what happend was I was refusing to put on an RP skin due to my lack of time that I was able to play. Because of the time constraint, I did not wish to put on a rp skin. I continued to refuse to not put on a skin until I logged off since I had to go to class. When I changed my skin and I wished to log on, I was banned. I wanted to log on right away since it was my 1 year anniversary of being on LOTC. This was one of the best servers I have been on by far, and I am completely sorry what I have done. Screenshots/Vids: [Link] None I believe.
  7. In addition to what Haelphon said, it would be great if you used the proper format. Without it, I believe that the GM's ignore the ban appeal. Proper format can be found here: Also, you do not need a VA to commit kills. You only need a VA to commit a robbery/unprovoked or provoked kill. Basically, the only way you can kill someone (if you lack a VA), is if you use self defense, and you use decent RP to back the kill up. If you use no RP what-so-ever and kill in self defense, then you will be ban reported, and eventually banned as you have right now. What you commited was a No Rp kill.
  8. I am jobless currently, so yes, that will be my full time job. In addition, I will ask a few of my colleagues to vouch for me. Thanks and have a nice day.
  9. Science test tommorow and I didn't study. Fakc

    1. CaptainBrock


      Good luck, I tend to study and do well but never tried with out.

    2. CaptainBrock


      Good luck, I tend to study and do well but never tried with out.

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