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  1. Ogdan

    A Call for Silvervein

    Ogdan would hear the news of the Silvervein’s return and grumbles lowly, “I ‘ope d’ese new generation uv’ silvahveins arenae loike da’ ones ah knew.”
  2. Ogdan finishes writing on the crumpled parchment. He leans over and grabs an envelope, tucking the letter inside, and seals it with a Goldhand seal. He takes it and walks over to the large birdcage he keeps in his home, reaching in and petting his feathery friend. “Take d’is to da King would’ya little fella?” he smiles as the colorful bird squaks back, “UTAK! To Utak Ireheart!” Ogdan nods and the bird hops onto his arm. Sauntering over to his balcony and hands the letter to the bird who would take it into his beak and soar off to find the king. Introduction: The amount of shops for tradespeople are lackluster in the city. The aim of this is to promote trade. We will restructure the main level of our city to allow for more shops while also making other parts of the city more accessible. Section One: The market stalls within the city shall be removed. Those who own a stall currently will have them remade and be given a new location to sell their wares from The stairs leading to the lower levels will be reconstructed and be in plain view. Section Two: There will be a total of six (6) new shops for anyone that wants to own a shop to display and sell their wares. One shop will be owned by the government and be ran by the Grand Merchant to procure minas for the kingdom. More stalls will be scattered around the city to allow more entrepreneurs a spot to buy and sell goods from. Section Three: Shops will cost three hundred and fifty (350) minas to purchase. They will be taxed a sum of two hundred (200) annually. Stalls will cost two hundred (200) minas to purchase. They will be taxed a sum of one hundred (100) minas annually.
  3. Ogdan

    The 30 Theses

    A tired Ogdan reads the letter and a frown forms on his face, “I ‘ave nae been ‘round fer such reforms d’at strayed us from d’is path. Howevah d’ese words speak da truth. I ‘ave nae known our religion aneh othah way.” he grunts and walks off shaking his head in disapproval of the current clergy.
  4. Viktor scrambles around to get things ready in the tavern. “I’ve even hired a bard for the opening tonight!”
  5. Viktor looks it over once and scribbles his name down.
  6. Is there a group of people that are on late? Like past 12-1am est l? I have a hard time finding RP in 2nd shift

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    2. Thomas


      Come to Llyria. There are normally about 8-9 people around from midnight est to as late as 7am est. Feel free to get in touch with my discord and I’ll shoot you the coordinates or what not. Tahmas#0117

    3. Princeton
    4. z3m0s


      I’m still around late old friend, I’m in Llyria as well

  7. Name: Dominik Clan: n/a Experience: Hunting, raiding Equipment ((provide a detailed account of your char's slapped together equipment)): Dom boasts a large two handed waraxe with a sturdy handle. Usually carries a hat hey on his hip asweell. A brute of a man large and burly. Are ye 'o faith?: Am open to learn
  8. Looking for someone to play as my kid son/daughter. Dwarf, apart of the Goldhand clan. PM me if interested

  9. Ogdan is looking for members to play as his son/daughter. Let me know if this interests you
  10. As a returning player with not too many ooc connections, how does one go about learning a specific school of magic? I need an overseer or a teacher? Quite confused on the restrictions.

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    2. Banner


      welcome back, ogdan! hope everything's good

    3. Ogdan


      Thank you @Bannerlord. As good as it gets! 


    4. ThatGuy_777


      You'll want to learn under someone RP'ly with the system as of current. It isn't too hard to figure out where teachers are so long as you have an IC idea of where they'd generally be. Reckon it's on the right track seven times out of ten. 

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