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  1. The time for apologies is over.

  2. Last status was removed, can only assume that someone wasn't happy having me post this. Just check this https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/136422-✔-accepted-new-player/#comment-1293820 7m tall elf got approved, aka 7 meters aka http://goo.gl/HAAtwR that tall.

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    2. Ioannis


      Height and skin(humanoid not elf) are fucked up and he got accepted hahaha. I still remember Overland torturing me to write a good application..... but atleast he made me learn all the wiki :P.


    3. Pureimp10


      It's already been dealt with, and the AT member has been told of his mistake. It will not happen again. If you've really got a problem with it, contact TauFireWarrior.

    4. Kirrekith


      Me and him are laughing about it as we speak. 

  3. Begin writing a book up, get a few pages into it, random DC and lose all written work. Begin again and process repeats. Go AFK for ages and no DC. It's like my connection has the personality of an *******.

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    2. Neri
    3. Kirrekith


      @ThePinkLion That would require me to use a brain for more than just mindless key smashing, though I do realise each time it DC's part of me says "Why didn't you do that you dumby."

      @Freya My god thank you! I didn't know this existed.

    4. Neri


      It lets you paste stuff directly into books which is pretty useful. There may be better alternatives out there since it's pretty old by now.

  4. Armour stands are fun and annoying all at the same time. Thank you /butcher command.

  5. I love being disconnected repeatedly or not even making it past the login to LoTC... Absolutely love it.

  6. http://kirrekith.deviantart.com/art/Golem-Designs-529680141 Finished the front concept for a Dwarven Golem, thoughts plz
    1. CosmicWhaleShark


      It's very nice. You definitely have a good outline and the like. As feedback I would tell you to push your poses. Look for references for good 'line of action', and try to pose your concepts in interesting ways. Right now, what the golem is actually doing in the illustration is sort of up to interpretation. Make your own concept and personality of the character you're creating further definable by the pose you choose to conceptulize them in.

    2. Lvke


      my thought is that u shud draw something for me for free

  7. http://gyazo.com/acfa7b76bbb0e0bf41bb8dcd3cbb32e2 Developing a Golem concept art, so far this is what I've done, thoughts?
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    2. cj_scout


      Reminds me of the Dragon Age golems.

    3. Kirrekith


      Narp sorry, don't like Risk of Rain. But thanks for the compliment ^-^

    4. Z3r05t4r


      Needs more steam, hehe. No, but looks nice.

  8. I've said yes to crazier things, might as well say yes to something that can't hurt me but my wallet instead. +1
  9. Made some chibi's of my characters/me, link to the chibi maker in the link if anyone wants to play around and make their own characters or selves too: http://kirrekith.deviantart.com/art/Playing-around-465331230

  10. Does RP offer a good test ground to test a society and individuals morals? I wonder what LoTC would be like as a real world, how long things would last, or how long they'd function without issue. This would be a interesting study, could some of the nations in LoTC or characters alone survive in the way they act... If it was set in a real world environment? Views and thoughts anyone? Who would live and who would cease to exist if LoTC was to become based on real world mechanics, death, bir...

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    2. calculusdesola


      @Areon, you're forgetting to mention that much of the Imperial Army consists also of veterans of the White Rose and Order of Lucien, whom transfer these characteristics even to new recruits.

    3. Areon


      True mate, I meant no offense. I was just stating a supported opinion of mine of the majority of the forces.

    4. Draeris


      This sounds like an interesting idea, I got something similiar coming upm

  11. That moment where you can't find LoTC's IP... I must be going blind...

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    2. Irish


      Or mc1.lordofthecraft.net, mc2.lordofthecraft and mc3.lordofthecraft.net

    3. Kirrekith


      LoTC down atm? Can't seem to connect.

    4. Hunwald
  12. Hmm being told how much I was missed made me look back, remembering the times of Aegis and Asulon. To all those who still miss me (Lago and Heero) I miss you too, though times at my side aren't great know I hold LoTC Close to my heart as the ver foundations of how I developed my characters and developed myself. Perhaps one day I will return to the character, my bearded elf, one day I will roam the wastes and explore where those have explored before me. But for now, take comfort it the kno...

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    2. Kirrekith


      <3 You too Dilara, and I hope I can, though as I say, time isn't great at this end.

    3. Desires


      That was sooo deep.

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