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  1. THE DEMONIC PACT; A ROMSTUN’S TALE An artists depiction of Peter III paying homage to The Great Deceiver From the compiled works of Ronnie Romstun (1745) Truly moved by the literature piece published from the articulate minds of J.H Hippolit & A. Callahan, the tale of The Great Deceiver has been one that resonated with a bygone age - most notably during the Romstun-War versus Oren. It was in these times, judging off of the quotation “Iblees lives among us, and has taken, for over a century now,” that these were the beginning times of the Great Deceivers unholy influence upon the state of affairs. While in the past, the recollection of such events shook my heart to a point of collapse in my old age - I have found solace and confidence in sharing my recollection of events with the world after reading the courageously published works. It was during the premature stages of the Romstun-war that the dark blood-rituals taking place in Ponce were brought to the attention of the Romstuns, and while as history would write it the Romstun-Oren war occurred as a result of a senseless murder of Philip Horen. Unfortunately, I have to admit that this is not the case. The Romstun-Oren war had started over the Great Deceiver, for we had attempted to strike out against The Great Deceivers influence, ending it justly. It was however, that the Holy Orenian Empire did strike back against this, thus - eventually - resulting in the Romstun-Oren war. Therefore, it should be rightly noted that; IN CONVENTIONAL UNDERSTANDING, the Great Deceiver harnessed its grandiose amount of influence from the Holy Orenian Empire. In the aftermath of the aforementioned war, I took myself in to seclusion for many-years to study the Great Deceiver with as much keen interest as the gifted writers who published their own piece. While it seems that the general concept of the Great Deceiver is correct, for I agree with the writers philosophy; yet still, there must be criticism to be applied. While I cannot judge the influence of the Great Deceiver on recent affairs, there are several affairs which have been (assumably unintendedly) left out. The Great Deceivers influence had grown during the Lord Protectors reign, most importantly, during his war against the Rexdom of Krugmar. Upon my own findings, it seems probable that in exchange for assistance of such a great demonic power - the Lord Protector Adrian did succumb to such temptations. Indulging within a blood pact of his own just as the Gromach Clan did centuries beforehand. Furthermore, the influence and corruption in the current administration of the Holy Orenian Empire of this Iblesian entity did not stop there. The current King, Peter III alongside the Lord Protectors heir and first-born son did seek out the entity once more. Ready to pledge their own pacts in return for the demonic support against the three nations of: Haense, Curon & Suffonia during the inauguration of Peter III. Thus, it must be concluded that despite the writers absence of the current iteration of the Empire - that The Great Deceiver has left its mark on that too. And even beyond that, the entity that has worked alongside the Great Deceiver in the highest capacity has been the Holy Orenian Empire & the House of Horen. But to look at it deeper, from the perspective of the current war, it has been noted to myself that the Emperor did so threaten to crush the Duke of Morsgrads skull, infringe upon the sovereignty of many of its allies and lastly, launch incursions into allied territory. Unfortunately, this further leads me to a conclusion that I did not wish to make - that the Great Deceiver holds its greatest mark within the Holy Orenian Empire. As a missive to the proud soldiers of the AIS, remember that while the war may be long and strenuous, with attrition being a constant threat to fight against. Not only are you fighting for the wrong-doings of the Empire, you are fighting to rid the Great Deceivers influence upon this plane. I envy those that have the chance to strip such an influence from the root of Orenian politics; do what the Romstuns did not achieve. CURSED be HE, and DAMNED be YE who serve HIM. Disclaimer: It is assumed Oren is the epicentre, host & current platform for the Great Deceiver to operate internationally. Such information has been accrued from my own findings and research. The opinions expressed in this document are solely those of the author. Published by Ronnie Romstun.
  2. The Rescue; The Fight. The day started with the melancholy chimes of birds echoing throughout the serene bitter-airs of Avalain; deposited well within its confines was the Prince of Rubern - captive and barely conscious. A small grouping of rag-tag men had accumulated in a back-alley; a plan was hatched and with unanimous agreement, they had set off. Sneaking up to the palace they intertwined their lockpicks with the lock, scurrying about until they heard an avid “CLICK” resonate through the air, then the party snuck in… “Hands up!” a Lothranian Knight screamed as he barged inside, crossbow pointed towards the face of the Curonian regnant, however, as a canonist man of GOD he had sought fit to spare her and retrieved the Prince, exiting thereafter. The day for this band of men started off well, a seamless rescue mission was completed without a hitch; with that they set off in the direction of Rubern atop tattered steeds to recuperate from their hard days work. On their merry route home, they rendezvoused with two more members to join their merry band and marched onwards to Rubern. However, on their route home they came across a Haeseni patrol led by Tiberius - the man who had led the incursion ‘pon Rubern that initiated the war. It seems their day was not yet over for a fight would commence here. Blade was drawn and the fight started with the AIS band retreating a hill to take the high ground, bowing down upon the soldiers and inflicting casualties. The fight was hit-and-run on horseback for a long duration of the fight until they eventually retreated within the confines of their walls with a measly three members of their band left. There was not much else to the fight, the only highlights worth mentioning was when a man known as Harold Spencerton had claimed to be a commander of high class and was felled in a failed flank. Regardless of the boring fight, it was an effortless victory.
  3. Fennic Folly; The Dragon Knights   Admittedly, the utterances of victory vocalized by those of the Elven Union are accurate; They were triumphant last Saint’s Eve, having vanquished legionnaire forces. But alas, the Imperium will not forfeit so easily; Vengeance would be enacted -- And so it was. Iron clattered against the cobbled paths of the roads as a detachment of Dragon Knights, mounted on their steeds, streamed out of Helena’s walls. The trajectory of the Dragon Knights, who fervently lusted for Elven blood, was clear: Fenn. Tactfully planned out by Ser Darius Ault, the comrades advanced with intentions to ambush the bastion of the Elven Union’s deviant principles -- the seat of the habitually lambasted House of Tundrak. Upon their arrival, the odds were clear to all present. Imperial Forces were outnumbered: two to one. These odds were of meager importance to the Dragon Knights, the entirety of them being seasoned warriors excelling in combat. Consternation did not overwhelm these men, but excitement; A sensation like a scorching flame, only surging in magnitude as the enthrallment of a forthcoming fight remained ahead. Bellowing cries and the unsheathing of blades were prompted as the opposing sides advanced... and so it began. At the forefront of the elven horde was a temerarious Snow Elf, whose unblemished fivehead pierced the skies, such serving as a beacon to rally his ordermen. At their fronting side, were situated the imposing band of Dragon Knights, marshaled by the Grand Knight Darius Ault. Steel rendered through molten flesh and arrows pressed themselves profoundly into limbs; slackened bodies of fallen soldiers littered the snow-laden grounds. The corollary of the fray was a gruesome one to encounter; yet, not a singular knight perished this day. Despite the constant vexations that they bestowed upon the Imperium, mercy was shown to its adversaries: As he stood atop the myriad of corpses, Ser Ault, and his Dragon Knights, surveyed the Elven commander and his servicemen fleeing to imprison themselves within their walls.  “Nothing survives its touch, nothing escapes its grasp. It is a weapon of unspeakable power and unmatched devastation – a horror from a bygone age.” - Antonius I, on the Dragon Knights.
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  8. Recent word from the Barmy of Salami states that you are hereby denied from the Barmy Merchant Company. We do not associate with terrorists. - Barmy of Salami - Barmy Carly Welcome to the Company Barmy Boy. Report to the HQ outside Felsen for an interview sometime next Saint's Day. -Barmy Carly
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