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  1. Nalatac is a ******* youtuber
  2. I wasn't in the war but downgrade pls

  3. Yekim is what LOTC needs +1
  4. Thanks for the Prot 2 :D

  5. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Cracker Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): DrakeHaze Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): No-Rp kill Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Shalashask, cracker Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I ran into the warzone without a status on to check on who was currently in control of the warzone region so I could figure out if I wanted to fight or not. Since there were spies running around, abuse of status and the like I was cut down by Shalashask. I had assumed the side I was fighting for knew of my accounts and when I was killed I was angry, so in retaliation I came back to the warzone, found Shala at the docks and proceeded to kill him and denied returning of his items. This was a foolish mistake brought on by miscommunication and anger. I have since spoken to Shala and we have worked things out, screenshots/chatlogs were shown to Cracker to prove this. I am sorry for my actions and will do my best to not give in to my anger and do such childish things again. My posts and status updates were also a mistake due to my anger over the situation, sorry. Screenshots/Vids (Link): none
  6. Throdo is a great rper and overall chill guy oocly. +1
  7. Holy **** what a roast 


  8. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Readicti Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Dili Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): https://gyazo.com/a7c71bf884705b2b988973df3b72f4f6 The rule broken after discussion was later changed to ‘raid baiting.’ Character Witnesses (Name(s)): DrakeHaze, PascalHeit, whoever was present at Sanctuary Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Drake, Pascal, and I went to Sanctuary and we tried to sell some cactus green. The RP was a bit trolly and included some IG ‘paintings’ of a character we tried to sell to. As it went on, we were threatened by some Elves and refused to leave. Someone then emoted to stab Drake so we were thrown into a 3 v 6 PvP situation. We killed them and got banned a few moments later. I apologize for ruining the Sanctuary RP and carrying a pvp kit. I should’ve left after being threatened instead of continuing the bad RP and provoking them more. It is my fault for not recognizing the bad RP that was present, as I just assumed everything was ok because a GM was within the PVP. I’d like to apologize to the Sanctuary community and everyone involved in the situation and would like another chance to make up for my bad RP. I’ll avoid going to Sanctuary and await to appeal my blacklist. Thanks, Dili. Screenshots/Vids (Link): Nothing.
  9. Cool guy. Roasted some retard who lives in my city. 10/10
  10. When was I warned for bad villain rp? 

  11. Recent word from the Barmy of Salami states that you are hereby denied from the Barmy Merchant Company. We do not associate with terrorists. - Barmy of Salami - Barmy Carly Welcome to the Company Barmy Boy. Report to the HQ outside Felsen for an interview sometime next Saint's Day. -Barmy Carly
  12. quazimodo smirks from behind dean0 from the shadows behind the shadows