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  1. A finely penned parchment would be posted in various taverns, notice-boards, and anywhere a band of comrades could see it. In formal font, the transcript read as followed. To all whom organize under the banner not of a nation, but of brotherhoods, common interests, or academic pursuits, the Pale of Aldemar extends a generous offer to you. We offer affordable, yet quality residences for the meeting hall of any guild, free company, order, or academic institution that does not violate Imperial or Pale laws of decency and ethics. Groups that might be eligible are. but not limited to, mercenary bands with members of honorable standing within the Empire, brotherhoods of adventurers, academic orders of educators, students and researchers of history, magic, or other esoteric fields, artists and performers, and artisans of all disciplines. Keep note that Imperial law and Pale residential laws do come into effect, and thus non-elves may own these halls, but will not be allowed residency or citizenry within its walls. The price of a guild hall is to be determined, as are the taxes levied upon such an estate. We, of Tor Eldar, welcome all of our new organizations that would populate our guild halls. Please direct inquiries to the Warden, or one of his Council of Lords, for more information. Signed, Keledan Laraethryn, Warden of the Pale of Aldemar and Maruthir of Tor Eldar Penned by, Lord Kleo Vethrai of Tor Eldar
  2. A bittersweet day for the patriarch of the Vethrai family had dawned as he heard the hiss of roiling acid melting skin. A long-held enmity has been quelled, yet at what cost? A truly pure soul had been lost in what seemed to be a desperate grab for power. A glimmer of hope to prolong the careers of evil men was all the motivation needed to take the Maheral from this world. But, as many would assume, it takes more than one to plan a crime so heinous, so despicable. Kleo would keep watch within his own corner of Arcas, to ensure those attempting to flee their trial would find no succor, no repose within his sights. For those whom would stoop to such deplorable measures were a danger not only to malikind, but all life within the lands of Arcas and beyond.
  3. Holy ****, Skippy’s back? 

  4. Not bad, I love little fluff pieces like these. +1
  5. I look forward to seeing you all in THE elven settlement!
  6. Glad to see THE elven nation got a spotlight. Excellent camerawork!
  7. This sounds like more of a thing the ST/ET should handle through simply making events. “Teaching” someone to CRP should be relegated to a guide on the forum at most, and through trial and error in events/random happenings within a city.
  8. Strife


  9. “Inaction truly is the sport of now for el’cihi’ata.” Kleo says in great amusement, sipping from a cup of fine tea in his abode as he read over the letter. “If I recall correctly, the Sillumiran haven’t always had such a high turnover rate. I do wonder what has changed that.” He concluded, before discarding the piece of parchment, simply giving the thought a mirthful chuckle before returning to his studies.
  10. A few updates have been made. I would like to see what other people think of the lore with the changes to voidal magic. I was considering lowering the “cap” on the magics, only able to absorb up to T4 spells.
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