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  1. [[OOC]] IGN:srifeg0d Discord [Optional]: I’m in the discord already! [[IC]] Name:Kleo Vethrai Race: Mali’thill Age:80 School(s) and Certifications applying to: The School of Magic, Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane . I’m open to all that I may learn however. Magics known prior:None Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Perhaps. Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes.
  2. what’s this meme about high elves and erp

    did the pure boys start doing grody ****?

    Edited by Strife Talos
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    2. Jenny_Bobbs


      I wouldn’t put blame on the high elves, from what I have seen i’ve found no encounter of ERP in the community I choose to play in. If you do want to take a look yourself and join in on the roleplay you can! 

    3. jdesarno


      Everyone does it, it’s just not one race. It shouldn’t be assumed one group is only for ‘erp’ Remember folks, don’t do drugs.

    4. Strife


      I’m not gonna be all puritanical about ERP but that **** doesn’t belong on minecraft of all places

  3. High elf or normal elf

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    2. Strife


      kill gender

      kill gender

    3. Panashea
    4. Strife


      I’m already doing that

  4. gamer gaming game video game video game player video game youtube video game racism video game objectivism video game ayn rand video game mormonism pakistani gamer video game hack how to hack candy crush 

  5. roggvir is a true man, unban

  6. Nature of the bug: Item loss First occurrence: Today, 11:30~ PM, Central Standard Time Describe exactly all the actions you took leading up to the bug: I recently died due to an overwhelming amount of spiders. That's not the problem, though. While I did lose my armor, diamonds, iron, and food, I also lost an important staff item along with it. I used the command a few days ago, but it didn't reappear in my inventory when I respawned. What happened? What messages are/aren't you getting that you would/wouldn't get normally : (in the event of a crash, please also provide the error log) Frequency of occurrence: Just today. Are you able to reproduce the bug: I don't want to try losing any more of my things.
  7. Your Name: Alphie Renasi Your Age: 25 Your Race: Human If joining as a mage, clarify on who has originally taught you, and for how long you’ve been learning: "Taught myself for about... four years from a series of books." What affinity of magic are you skilled in?: "Conjuration. Animals and such." -OOC- MC Name: StrifeOr Skype: StrifeOr, display name Terra/Aster When did you join the server?: October 21, 2011 If applying as a mage, list your magic type and state when you have begun learning it: Conjuration magic, self taught, 4 IC years.
  8. Strife Talos Nicknames:N/A Age:Appears to be in his early 30s Gender:Male Race:Human Status:Living peacefully. Description Height: 6'11 Weight:200lbs Body Type:Muscular Eyes:Blue Hair:Sandy Blonde Skin:Slight tan Markings/Tattoos:Scar across his chest, tattoo of the Talosian crest on the back of his right hand Health:Excellent Personality:Kind, headstrong, just. Inventory:Dawnbreaker, the slayer of thousands. Balisk's Staff. Heavy Crossbow. Gavenrenge, golden blade of justice. Further Details:N/A Life Style Alignment*:Chaotic Good Deity*:Aeriel Religion:(Not sure Alliance/Nation/HomeOren Job/Class:Warrior Title(s):Baron Profession(s):Miner, Swordsman Special Skill(s):Unknown to others. Flaw(s):Headstrong, too sure of his abilities, slightly insane from his long life and the trauma that came with it. Magic* Current Status:N/A Arch-type: Sub-Type: Rank: Weakness(es): Strength(s): Current Spell(s): Weaponry Fighting Style:Hellbane Stance Preferred Weapon:Blade Favored Weapon:Blade Archery:5/10 skill Biography Parents:All deceased. Siblings:All deceased. Children:Blaise Talos, Selene Talos Extended Family:N/A Pet(s):Mesmer (Warhorse) History WIP Artwork
  9. *Strife, while away at the untouched strip of land, testing his engineer's new design, gets a letter from his son, Blaise. He sees the form attached and sighs. "Perhaps Blaise wishes to help me relax after this is all over." He quickly begins to fill it out in his usual formal handwriting Name:Strife Talos Age: I've stopped counting over the years, I'd say around seventy eight? Nation of Allegiance during Aegis (Multiple are accepted):Oren, Alras City of main Aegis Residence:Alras Positions held in society in either land:Soldier Why ye wish to join th' guild: Fishing could perhaps take the stress off of my shoulders once I return from my journeys. *Strife stamps the bottom of the form with the seal of House Talos and sends off his messenger falcon back to Resmore for his son to turn in. His son recieves the letter and sends it to Haelphon. Strife, in the meantime, sips on strong wine as his engineers attempt to learn Neri's design of the invention*
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