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  1. Username: BrothermanBill Character name: Dathren Laraethryn Age: 51 Race: High Elf Are you a citizen of Haelun’or?: Yes. Discord: Strife#5631
  2. THE BALLOT ((MC name: strifeg0d )) Name: Kleo Vethrai Vote for Okarir'tir: ( X X ) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn ( ) Finnadh Uradir ( ) Kolvar Trafina
  3. THE BALLOT ((MC name: strifeg0d )) Name: Kleo Vethrai Vote for Sohaer: ( xx ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  4. Too soon. Have a good one, Firespirit, heard nothing but good about you! Best of luck in your real life endeavors, and be safe.
  5. On Immortality The journey of an um'ei, recorded by the Seeker Kleo Vethrai. One elven week has passed since I had been given my charge: A simple Um'ei, translated to "Sacred Journey" in high draconic. Part of my task was to locate the Sage's Seat, a shrine upon the Auric Path, notably near a hot spring with a beautiful tree upon it. But secondly, I was to answer a question that plagued by thoughts as I dwelt the frigid landscapes of the north. "What is immortality, if time is finite?" These words from my mentor, my liege, echoed within my mind
  6. i'm POGGING, grats my man
  7. Strife

    New 8.0 CT

    Probably one of the best CTs I've ever seen, if not the best overall! Great work, Junar!
  8. SHIVER ME TIMBERS BOARD THE UH ISLAND SWAB THE POOP DECK For real though let's be pirates
  9. "A just proclamation. For all of the Aegrothond prince's bravado, it seems they are of weaker constitution when faced with a true threat to their disreputable crown. To righteous victory, Grand Inquisitor." A herald proclaims.
  10. i am ready for my slice of life roleplay
  11. A hero of the war against the inferi, a grand herald of the First Father, heeds the call of war. For their slights against not only his liege, but his life-long comrades, he would too seek retribution against the barbarians of Elvenesse! "It is time. Let us strike fear into these slanderous murderers, and bring glory to the Titan." With worn blade in hand, he began to make the necessary preparations for battle.
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