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  1. oyvind frostbeard sheds a tear and lights a candle, for the black riders will ride in his name, forever.
  2. meanking irl stream 1 mil views homeless brit in nyc challenge
  3. full lore reset on next map and restart **** from scratch, talking everything not just magic shgit abnd cannons im talking like natiosn horen ibless krug all that shabham xd
  4. Recruitment: bardo MC Name: bardo RP Name: captainbrock Relation to the clan bardo is an ex frostbeard son of bargod and is cousin of clan father thorir. Profession hookah Skype/Discord you have it
  5. yes i want to fly around aegis
  6. yes!
  7. bardo frostbeard would once again shrug watcjign garrOnd and Verthaik his fearless leaders return he would shrug again realizing he was wrong he would frown and once again turn to ostromir and state "interesting development"
  8. bardo frostbeard shrugs remembering none of his frostbeard friends at the ships return he always recalls the ship being named the BIG BLACK BASTION "interesting development" he says to ostromir
  9. Bardo Frostbeard cheers "Aye! I will not have ta names ov me Clan Members slandered! Their past matters to me!"
  10. i pulled a plate yesterday for one rep i had to grunt it out with straps and a belt but i got it now im going to try and add 2.5 to each side for a total of 140 200 pounds less then my body weight :D heres a picture of me as prooff taken by mad granddad ask him if you want him to send it over facebook messanger
  11. some good entertainment and we can get a nice meal of the loser why nto?
  12. THE MELEE (FOR EVERYONE) NAME: Bryant Valmaron AGE: 20 TITLE (IF APPLICABLE) LAND OF ORIGIN: Alban, Haense MC NAME: CaptainBrock
  13. -=- 15th of The Deep Cold, 1620 It was a cold and dark night, illuminated by naught but the moon and the torches that covered the trail. Oyvind’s legs ached as he climbed up the path to the Frostbeard crypts. An ache that went through flesh and bone, an ache he wouldn’t of felt years back, in his youthful days of Kal’Karik, or the golden age of Kal’Azgoth. He moved his hand to get a loose hair out of his eye, a hair now grey that was once jet black. As he entered the warm and lit crypts, his eyes wandered to the empty tombs, donning a smile on his face but frowning as he realized they would soon fill. Perhaps with his old body, or perhaps some other younger, more loyal Dwed. Oyvind stopped to pay his respects, to a young Frostbeard he’d never heard of, to Bastion’s dead Grand Queen. To Kerwyr’s grave he spoke soft words of apology and misguidance, of regret and ruin. He wiped the tears from his eyes to now see a vision of hope he had once seen in the idea he pitched to Kerwyr. “Uncle, what are you doing here?” Spoke the voice of Garrond Frostbeard “Garrond, my nephew. I’m sorry… I have misguided Kerwyr and so many others, I framed it on him, my vision for an Urguan that’d flourish once again. Garrond, I’m sorry, I’m not half the man your father ever was. Tell Gorum and Morug I’m sorry, and Goruk… Aye, I will nay mislead anymore young Dwed into stagnation.” Oyvind departed the crypts, wiping his brow as he turned up the mountain and began to climb. Past tree level he went, to the very peak of the mountain that held Jornheim, the one that overlooked the ruins of Karlsburg. He frowned as he looked at the ruin, as memories flooded of recent times in Kal’Omith and Tal’Azmar. “This is not what you would have wanted brothers, Gorum, Goruk, Morug… I’m sorry. Urguan has fallen, and so shall I.” the aged Dwarf said as he threw himself off the top of the mountain. His grey hair flapping in the wind, his lips forced open to a crooked smile, revealing a gold tooth. This was the end of Oyvind.
  14. Kerwyr III nods "Jorik is the best"
  15. No fast travels at all, the islands aren't far off from the mainland they can build a nice big old bridge