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  1. The Pact of Steel, 1630

    "kinda smart tbh, ally with the weak nation of 4 dwed who want to be the best sleepy runesmiths who have truth runes, who pose no threat, while attempting to eliminate a strong nations of active dwed. let's see what will happen." says bardo, apprentice to rodrik.
  2. staff are clearly salty redcoats if they deny
  3. A New Era

    bardo nods approvingly at the use of the rune of anbella, "yes, a great use for this, an expert rune smith like myself and rodrik would know that" he'd say to rodrik at his side. as he heard teh speech continue he'd laugh "intresting, woulkd be good with a powerful king like thorin or gorum or karl or algoda but im nay sure about this lads." hed slap his belly, readying his 4 pointed war axe made of black ferrum for war!
  4. Infernal fire in Oren

    bardo nods to rodrik "it seems our truth runes have worked, ay?" he says with a wink, before returning to his studies.
  5. i pulled out my tier 45 truth runes and i was all good

    1. DrakeHaze.


      whats a truth rune

    2. CaptainBrock


      only real runemages can know buddy @DrakeHaze.

  6. A Grudge Declared

    bado nods to rodriks words "it is good to see you old friend." he pats rodrik on the back, ready to head south.
  7. The Army of Kaz'Ulrah

    Enlisting (( RP Format )) Yer name: Bardo Frostbeard What are yer professions: Blacksmith Race: Dwarf In which cohort do you wish to be placed in: Any (( OOC Format )) MC Name: CaptainBrock Discord: idk im in the big one though Skype: captainbrock
  8. Denouncement of Urguan

    bardo johnson would cheer loudly, hoping to stand beside dirty mike and no longer recieve a rabhadh for his thoughts.
  9. The Urguan Wargames

    johnny nods, accpeting his invite as he is an important person "I'll be there." he says to no one but himself and his loyal Priest.
  10. Dungrimm's Call

    jon frowns "Not bBaldin!"
  11. [✓] idea for clay/mesa biome next map

  12. The Black Rider Rises

    eric nods, following the man
  13. The Removal of the Antagonist

  14. The Ire's Fall Part II

    Oyvind Frostbeard would frown upon hearing the news "A shame, Gror was a good lad, as was Bastion. Working with them to better the Kingdom was all I wanted to do, and they both fell." he'd frown.
  15. The Watch of the Flame

    Bardo Stonemace attempts to contact the leader of the order, wishing to join.