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  1. Raid Rules Feedback

    Are they good? Are they bad? Was it really worth a whole delay of a month to release these few paragraphs? Be sure to give me rep too. To add on, I am upset that raid caps still exist. This will only serve to encourage the formation of small friend pvp squads an exclude a majority of people that desire to partake but are deemed too inferior in PVP to be apart of it.
  2. How can freebuilds be destroyed?

  3. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Temp

    I've never met a man more dedicated to roleplay then Temp. I look forward to engaging in events with him. +1
  4. [Your View] Freebuild

    If you want nations, then there should only be 4. There is no reason for 13 nations to be considered immortal, it's unnecessary. If that isn't allowed then free-build should be allowed to remain, without protection of course.
  5. Can only orcs learn shamanism?

    1. Space


      only members of the orcs can, and they have to be accepted as a student by a shaman, so like effectively yes but there has been cases where there've been non-orc shamans

    2. Booklight12


      What Space said, the character just needs to conform to Orcish identity for the most part. To become a shaman you don't need to be an orc, you can be of any race. It's just more difficult. But if you show interest, and can work your way up to become an honorary non-orc orc. You can become one.

  6. The Tolls of Mournful Bells

    From the walls of Marna, Darwin Alers would stare quietly into the distance at the church whilst the bells rang throughout the kingdom at the announcement. For a moment he dipped his head and began to sign the cross, as did the small group of Lucienists he was leading. "Rest easy, your holiness. We will all join you one day when our duty is done just as you have completed yours." Darwin would then begin to depart from the walls and make his way towards the church to join the Order and the citizens of Marna in what would be a long day of mourning for the holy pontiff's death.
  7. [Your View] Freebuild

    I for one love free-build. I believe it encourages people to be creative and do their own new things. It also expands the political spectrum of LOTC from the races either fighting against eachother or themselves, to smaller towns rising up and forming alliance and declaring war against each other. I think it's really cool and it expels the OOC playerbases that have been entrenched as the 'top dogs' in LOTC for so long and allows for new people to come in and begin holding greater sway rather then having to spend months doing OOC diplomacy to get a plot in a nation to make a small settlement. Capital nations have to prove they are actually dedicated to providing RP that people want for them to stay. Also nothing stops nations from laying claim to land, establishing checkpoints, and razing and free-builds that ignore warnings and build on their territory. They need to be willing to put this effort in and have the backbone and legitimacy to actually be able to do as such. I know in Marna the OSL has established checkpoints and plans for regular patrols of its land to keep squatters away. There's no reason to hide behind OOC barriers because 'muh rp is dead'. Put an effort in to increase it then, that's why your a nation. This is also great as it deters nations like Salvus and Sutica (no offense) from becoming central hubs and taking away from roleplay of other nations. Now people are spread out and are free to roleplay as they want without being limited to one city, so all nations stand on the same ground in having a duty to provide something unique to their nation to entice people to join them rather then simply stating "We accept all! Come join us!" as multiple settlements will now be doing the same thing.
  8. Can someone link me the dynamap of Atlas?

  9. Thirteen Nations

    Why can't I say it? I'm not meaning to demean the activity of Sutica. Of course it's active, good for them. I'm just saying that usually nations like Sutica and Salvus eventually get smashed because of the desire to destroy the activity and hopefully have it come to other nations. Sutica is not a PVP nation, if a warclaim were done on it then it really wouldn't stand a chance at defending itself. Sutica is extremely lucky it was given an entire continent, otherwise someone would have come and destroyed it long ago.
  10. Thirteen Nations

    Sutica doesn't have an identity or a culture, it's just a nation of multiple different people with different personalities. It's pretty much like Salvus and honestly if it didn't have so much staff support and an island of its own, I don't think it'd have been around as long as it has.
  11. Stop "Thinking" On Roleplay Threads

    I agree. I believe that people should stop OOC into IC fighting over the forums. FMs need to start enforcing that.
  12. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    I'd argue that during wars all raid-caps should be off and rightfully so. The Fringe was a notable example, if we'd had raid caps it would be been a literal snore-fest. There was no such thing as a cool-down timer or having to have a GM watch over a raid/skirmish as it just happened regularly like five times a day. Wars mean putting your entire nation on the line as a loss means cession of territory of annexation. I also strongly agree with Narthok, limiting the amount of players that are able to take part in raids causes militarys to form small elite groups of PVPers and exclude other members. This isn't wrong, in fact its a good strategy but I think it'd be better if everyone could partake. Small raiding bandits on towns/cities should be limited however in my opinion of course with a cool-down timer. 8-10 people is reasonable. There is no real goal and it's just done for either to fun of it or for loot to sell/pillaging. There is no real loss, so there is no reason to have an entire army rushing into the city with no limits. Also to add, not all militarys are focused on just PVP, but to those that are in this community it is extremely vital we hold a mix of PVP/RP in these organizations. We have an event team for a reason, we should be using them to the fullest extent to get great RP outside of wars.

    Darwin smiles when he hears of the declaration, he hopes to see humanity's conflict end and his kind united once more under GOD.
  14. The Dead Returned

    Darwin Alers is confused as he looks over the roster, finding that no OSL had perished in any battle they referred to.
  15. A Condemnation of the Order of St. Lucien

    Darwin begins sharpening his blade within the walls of Metz. "Owyn guide us as we smite these pagans. If they are destined to be locked from the Seven Skies, we might as well put them out of their misery."