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  1. Username: Snooper44 Character: Darwin Alers
  2. How do I get a bigger profile picture?

    1. Vaynth


      Make a short Gyazo gif of the image you want. Make sure the gif is vertical. It will only appear large of it's tall and thin. And then upload it with the gif link.

    2. Snoop


      Thanks friend.

    3. Vaynth


      Welcome. : )

  3. Was attempted in Anthos, never really took off.
  4. The charter is stamped with the traditional Cardinal Cross stamp, passed on to each generation of Lord Commanders. Beneath it is signed in David Campos' signature
  5. How come the fringe war was so much funner then all of these laggy warclaims?

    1. Cybering




    2. Gorum©


      This warclaim wasn't bad at all after the crash, there's just way too many people in fights since people have like 2 weeks to rally.

  6. It is more wooded over there, which is why I believe they chose it. If it is bad a mod can simply recommend a closer position. Also, rangers were never a wood-elven thing. I don't know who put that concept into your idea. ranger groups have been around even for humans. Notably I recall one human ranger group of rangers fighting in the battle of the dreadfort on Anthos against the flays and white rose. They can be a range of things, rpers suriving and hunting in the forest, a fast moving and hitting force.
  7. Are clerics still a thing? And if so how does one become one/learn the magic? I've only played one character for so long. Considering getting into the clerical stuff.

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    2. Gusano Arentonio
    3. Snoop


      Yes, I have messaged the mrs. cleric.

    4. Farryn


      One does not simply mistake me for a man.

  8. As someone whom was convinced to join LOTC from another rping minecraft website, i'd say there really shouldn't be a problem in bringing a new community into the play. Back in Aegis other communities had one member purchase diamond VIP to get a plot, and then they'd build a city/town/castle or whatever. Guilds were wild back then and it honestly allowed more flexibility and creativity among the playerbase and its different communities to do things that were fun. The Teutonic Order and other knightly orders that had their own codes of chivalry, various holy crusaders/paladin groups that declared to wage a crusade against the undead, bandit groups that simply raided the main road, or even actual merchant groups that'd just sell things without any major allegiances to any nation. or It was fun and the best part was that the community was not always centered around nation drama, but rather did their own things and it was not always the boring and repetitive such as the same wars we have seen fought, 'fifth oren-urguan war' or 'civil war in oren, vassal against vassal. But now it could be paladins against forest rangers. Or merchants against a barbaric tribe. And eventually the guilds that survived proved their worth such as the Teutonic Order and even the White rose whom started out as a small monster hunting guild in Aegis before becoming the super military power that they were in Asulon for Oren when nations became bigger and more important then they once were in LOTC. Meanwhile other guilds that failed to hold their own were destroyed by bigger ones whom they managed to piss off because of a stupid move. Guilds hold more meaning then meets the eye for a lot of LOTC, it was a big factor that led to the diverse nations that we have come to know in modern LOTC. Salvus was formed in Aegis as a small town charter. Teutonic Order and White rose formed the kingdoms that led to the holy oren empire. All of these groups came to LOTC as friends and started out as small guilds/towns, met and merged into the community and made an impact with their group because they managed to prove their dedication and willingness for future ambitions. Maybe these forest rangers coming from a new server could do the same and shake things up a notch. Some new spice into LOTC that is quite needed. In light, many of us in LOTC after so many years are fearful of these new communities coming to merge into us because we have been used to the same people and ideals for so long. But this is a chance for us to shift from the same opinions we have been debating for so long and get the opinions of a bunch of new people whom have come to this server to have fun and rp just like we have done all these years, along with open us up to new opportunities which we have been hoping to see on LOTC.
  9. Could anyone give me some assistance in recoloring my character's hair and facial to be whiter since he is literallu 105 due to auto-age?

    1. Reeg_


      Shoot me a PM. 

  10. I don't believe they ever mentioned anything about you guys using it.
  11. Fix the server. So many unresolved hosts for people.

  12. It says I can't resolve hostname for the server? Any ideas how to fix?

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    2. Matheus


      Then have a tissue

    3. Snoop


      nothing is working

    4. Archipelego


      :( Server, why you no work?

  13. You all are idiots. Everyone knows that murica is the largest country in the world. Here's a map for you dolts that have never opened a US geography book http://i.imgur.com/3HTFpiK.jpg

    1. Lark


      This seems factual enough

    2. oblivionsbane


      I evidently live in mid-Africa. I never knew that!

    3. work will set you free