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  1. Fix Defender Default

    You're literally getting triggered, I am guessing because I somehow insulted friends linked to you. I referenced events that I experienced as a Shield as I believe it was during that time period was when RP really started to decline, you can defend it however you like. This is an opinion thread I could really care less if you feel my claims are false. You could say Teutons were toxic and assholes OOCly or that halflings at the time were PVP whores but you don't have any video or evidence backing it up, but it doesn't really matter because its all in the past and most of the people involved have departed. Also nothing is 'rose tinted'. I still have old roses call me dumb for being a shield lol. I was not around during Asulon so I have VERY limited knowledge on what went on or how bad it went. You perhaps were Commander and I give you credit, however it relates little to what I am referring to in my past post. Truthfully, I feel like you're just taking jabs at me and it's pretty rude as I have respect for you as an old friend who loled around with us even though we pretty much had all of Oren on our backs at all times. I have nothing against you, but I hold my stance on certain groups both past and present being responsible for what we are currently facing now. Also to add on to your note, a lot of your claims seem distorted. We were paid by Aron, who was the treasurer at the time. Perhaps you were just inactive as you did not partake much in anything other then TS most of the time, also you said you were a squire so I presume you just were not paid for that reason. VAs were not hard to attain you just had to write up a few paragraphs. In fact their enforcement was on a rare occasion as numerous reports usually ended up with a slap on the wrist. Of course they were still called to be removed because it restricted roleplay for many people which I do agree. I can't pull up archives from the past and you lack any proof that a majority of people who actually broke the rules were punished. Again this falls on a lack of facts that we both seem to be missing, guess we both just have differing opinions. Also VAs are gone so don't really care. Unless you are speaking about Asulon Salvus (which I presume you are), everything you have said I assume to be false with really no backing to it. I only remember you appearing every now and then. I don't mean that in an insulting way but that is my stance against your argument unless you are speaking again, heavily of Asulon which I was not apart of and honestly Asulon doesn't even play a role in anything I referenced in my past post. We both contradict each other but that's just our opposing opinions also with the fact that most of Salvus has already left the server to pursue their lives. Also I am not talking trash on any specific group. I didn't like the Roses but I base my stance on their valid RP skills based on my interaction with them. Of course you don't even have evidence to back up any of them 'falling short' but that's alright. Truthfully I think all groups in LOTC are trash, the entire community is trash at this point. Everyone has OOC toxic hate for each other and it only grows worse and brings the server closer to death. Also, Salvus is already remade. It's called Sutica and it now has strong backing of a lot of server staff (something we lacked in the Republic). I am glad they do RP fighting over there, good on them. I just wish they would organize more, as the nation itself is just anarchy. At the end of the day Sutica is just a piece of land that people go to in order to avoid the PVP and OOC strifes of the rest of the server. However, that isn't the best solution as I agree a "Salvus" should remain dead. Initially I discovered this when I had a few old Salvians and we decided to do our own thing for the fun of it. A multi-national state is just anarchy and it always will be as Kingston was, truthfully we should just have a neutral town near the CT and we could easily call it Sutica, nothing would be different. Hopefully new players can at least find themselves a group among some of the chaos or maybe an event hosted by Squirtgun, that'd be sick. Or maybe nations could do more events and less war between each other.
  2. Fix Defender Default

    Sure, whatever you say. I guess it must really be bad being forced to RP at a high standard so we can actually act like a roleplaying server. No you didn't, in fact I was with Zanderaw and Corprlskyler both who were the leaders of the Shields as I am assuming you should know until their eventual departure from the server and still keep in contact to this day. I shared to same situations with them which we often dealt with Flays and White Rose alike and they would strongly agree with what I claim when I say the two had different atmospheres to how they did things. Do I really care enough to write up entire stories of it though? No, not at all. It was in the past and I really could care less about those groups, though I use both as an example. The White Rose was very strong with its history and roleplay. I even over the years RPed with many of them and actually got to see just how passionate they were all about roleplay and writing up new lore to embark on new stories in human RP. Perhaps maybe some flays are doing the same? I don't know because the flays have always been a tight group of friends, which is fine as there are many groups like that. If they've encouraged RP that is great. My overall statement to all is that what we do reflects on new players in the server. If a new player joins and is just recruited to fight in PVP raids and warclaims and not log on for anything else, that is what they will do and it will spread as the standard for other new players. When I joined the server I was taught how to RP fight through a small spar before being recruited into the shields and was taken on regular training and missions, and was also paid for what I did. It was fun and I really wish the community would return to such values.
  3. Fix Defender Default

    RP has already fallen below the line of decency long ago shortly before Anthos fell and the Fringe emerged and brought forth the tide of PVP over RP. People come on to the server now to bolster numbers in the numerous warclaims that would happen every other week over OOC politics. It really gets boring after a while and dulls the server as no major group is able to enforce strict RP standards whilst they are being assaulted by PVP hordes who want to do it for the memes because they happen to have a college break. The White Rose and Flays raided Salvus in Anthos. The flays would walk in and emote "swings sword at him" then call pvp. The White Rose would walk in and RP shield bashing us to the ground, holding us down, and then lunging their blade into our chests. What is the difference? One brought immersion and atmosphere to the roleplay, the other was simply a gang of friends that liked to PVP and mess with people. When the White Rose left the server, the flay's methods became the standard and PVP became the default way to resolve any dispute over RP. At the end of the day, PVP is not ideal in all scenarios. You want raid rules fixed, then remove Nexus combat so everyone stands on equal grounds when it comes to PVP. I fully understand the issue of people who delay heavily and do agree PVP is needed in certain scenerios. However, I strongly believe it is important we as a community attempt to rebuild our roleplaying standard rather then ignoring it and letting the server's integrity rot even further.
  4. is there an organized group of spooks?

  5. [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    Nah, no enchantments. Add a little speed enchantment and nothing more. We don't need OP enchantments. Also again, I agree. Why don't the devs argue as to why we should be keeping all of this Nexus PVP mechanics? A majority of the community has made suggestions, hell let's make a poll and see how many people really want it gone.
  6. Don't Break PvP More

    Perhaps just remove all of Nexus' functions from weapons and armor? Keep axes breaking shields, however everything else should go. I cannot stress enough how difficult it is for new groups to even stand a chance against groups that have been around for a long time and are able to craft legendary weaponry that can literally two hit people and can easily take multiple people with diamond/iron fully enchanted. It's just dumb and it takes away the fun of even bothering to try making something new because in the end all new groups end up having to merge into the larger groups just to survive. Bows should not have velocity bonuses, swords should not have sharpness, armor should have no bonuses. It should be plain vanilla. It worked in Anthos and even in the maps prior. If you want to keep professions, that is fine. Make it so only blacksmiths can make weaponry/armor, only farmers can farm crops, only lumberjacks can cut trees, but for Christ sake don't add all the EXP and grinding as if you are so desperate to keep people on the server. We are here for the RP and story line development, not to grind levels.
  7. how does one gain knowledge of the undead arts

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Snoop


      rip, even playing something related to it for RP would be fun if possible

    3. drfate786


      Hahha, good luck. Personally, if I were some necromancer I would hire some "Igor" to go around and steal corpses for me to use.. But hey, dem necros diss meh.

    4. Snoop


      I mean, even RP out a zombie or something for a lich would be cool.

  8. [Recruiting] The Order of Saint Lucien

    OOC: Minecraft Username: Snooper44 Timezone: EST How active you can be (semi/always/neither): Always Why are you interested in joining: I've known a lot of the folks in the guild from previous days on LOTC. I like how you guys conduct your roleplay and want to get back with a group that actually cares about its roleplay IC: Name: Darwin Alers Age: 30 Race: Human Gender: Male Noble or Common Lineage: Common Experience and Knowledge of Canonist dogma (None/Semi/Fluent): Semi Religious Affiliation (Atheist/Canonist/Xionist): Owynism Willingness to serve for life upon taking oaths of entry into the Order (None/Complete/Semi): Completely
  9. What is there to do as a human anymore? what factions exists among the empire?

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    2. cuckio


      Honestly miss Salvus, 2012-2013 era.

    3. Jentos


      cossack rp???

    4. cuckio


      Also: N o r l a n d i c  r o l e p l a y

  10. [CA] [Hou-Zi] Snooper44

    MC Name: Snooper44 Character's Name: Seng Jing Character's Age: 30 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Hou-Zi / Fei-Zhu Creator's MC Name: Snooper44 Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Long ago the Daemon known as Metztli who'd later create the Kharajyr that populate and serve her today, wished to try her hand at uplifting life for the first time and from it came the birth of the Hou-Zi, a primate species that resembled humanoids. Metztil had chosen to gift knowledge to the alpha-male of the primate species who'd become known as Hou-Shen. He'd been gifted the task of spreading the knowlege to his breathern and working to create a civilizaiton. With Metztil's blessing Hou-Shen would be extremely successful as he birthed a nation that would rise into a vast empire and he'd declare himself the God King. The Hou-Zi empire stretched across Axios uncontested aside from their one rival, the children of Malin. Driven by desires of conquest Hou-Shen led the first war against the children of Malin, conquesting the dark elven city of Magara'lin. Although he was successful this proved to be their greatest fault as they underestimated the children of Malin and when Hou-Shen led a second war against the children of Malin the battle he engaged in ended in disaster with many Hou-Zi killed and Hou-Shen himself being slain in the battle and leaving a great wound on the Empire who now was without their absolute ruler. It was from this point the Hou-Zi declined as the elves saw the opportunity and banded together to drive back the Hou-Zi into their homelands and eventually wage a total genocide on the race. The Hou-Zi found themselves also falling victim and having the final nail set in their empire's coffin to an ancient deity known as the Poison, who had been responsible for causing the downfall of multiple civilizations who'd overstayed their peak and he'd no reason to overlook the Hou-zi's weak state. Without warning he'd flooded the main city of Jing-Taiyun that caused the golden palaces to crumble and every other structure, destroying their only home and crushing their last moral. The few that remained retreated deeper into the forests and remote mountains of Axios in order to survive, remaining in hiding until even the long living Elven people forgot of their existence. The Hou-Zi at their peak were unique and regarded their wealth highly. Power was important to them along with absolute loyalty to their god king Hou-Shen. Also, unlike other races of the realm Hou-zi were well known for their martial arts and some often trained in the art of chi, allowing them to draw their inner spirit and turn it into power of their own to use. One other unique factor concerning the Hou-Zi is its three sub-races which were created by Metzli, The Laobai-Zi which consisted of the most populous of this three, and strongly resembled chimps, they were well known for being recognized as the peasantry of their remnant society and bear the shortest lifespans. The second is the Fei-Zhu being most like baboons or orangutans, living from 150-250. And the largest of Hou-zi are the Hei-zhu, appearing like silver backed gorillas and living the longest at 250 - 300 years. When it comes to religious faith the Hou-zi once looked upon their creator Metzli which they called 'the awakener' when their empire was still grand. However since the decline they'd commonly refer to their creator as 'the doombringer'. In the modern day all Hou-zi mainly worship their past god king Hou-Shen who they pray will return to lead them back to greatness. Their only main fear aside from the elves and other races finishing them off is 'the Poison' which brought their empire to its knees and destroyed any home they once had. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  11. How do I join the Hou-Zi nation? Also where can I find a skin?

    1. cuckio


      Apply on the forums I believe, should fall under creature application if memory serves. Sup Snoop. I guess ask someone good at skins or make a request at a skin shop. 



  12. The MANTICORE Initiative

    Username: Snooper44 Character: Darwin Alers
  13. How do I get a bigger profile picture?

    1. Vaynth


      Make a short Gyazo gif of the image you want. Make sure the gif is vertical. It will only appear large of it's tall and thin. And then upload it with the gif link.

    2. Snoop


      Thanks friend.

    3. Vaynth


      Welcome. : )

  14. Remove Birds Add Warhorns

    Was attempted in Anthos, never really took off.
  15. [✗] Guild Charter

    The charter is stamped with the traditional Cardinal Cross stamp, passed on to each generation of Lord Commanders. Beneath it is signed in David Campos' signature