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  1. OhDeerLord!

    [Bounty] Tainted Spriggan | Difficult

    ‘Humblest of his line’ A druid mouths as he reads the post, grimacing.
  2. OhDeerLord!

    [Reformatting]Gemstones, and their Properties

    Theres quite a few reasons why this wouldnt work, especially something like the peridot’s ability to... age up a child like your using cheat codes in the sims. There’d be so many issues, from the trauma of suddenly morphing a 2 year old child into a 6 year old, the growing pains all rushing in at once and then the mental trauma.. they wouldnt have learned anything, and just be a 2 year old in a 6 year old’s body. -1 for me here, I could go into each gem and debunk how it wouldn't really work Also, if you’re wanting to create this as a new gem-based magic, you should work on some sort of origin and reason why this is happening
  3. OhDeerLord!


  4. OhDeerLord!


  5. OhDeerLord!

    [✓] Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    Alright so I’d like to ask that instead of sitting there saying ‘its useless’ or ‘its pointless’ How about you read through the lore and give notes on the actual re-write itself, instead of using a generic term on it as a whole. Put aside all of this pettiness and actually give criticism on the content of the submission and not the baggage you have with it. What’s your opinion on the new take on Amber? The generalization of wood strength? How about the new take on Unnatunement and the drawbacks one would go through, ignoring prior iterations that retained the PK clause. Please give some actual criticism on what is in the re-write, and not your baggage about it as a whole.
  6. OhDeerLord!


    ((Its rather poor planning to have this smack dab between holidays.))
  7. OhDeerLord!

    [✓] Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    It doesn't make it more difficult, it’s stated that the symbols become inherently known to a tree lord. You don’t have to learn it, if your a tree lord you already know, like instinct. It just adds a deeper explanation to why another Tree Lord needs to be there to make a new Tree Lord
  8. OhDeerLord!

    [✓] Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    Was fun helping out!
  9. Dwyn listens to the shouts of the Gladewynn men, grimacing slightly in his personal grove and waiting for the violent drunks to leave.
  10. OhDeerLord!

    From Beyond the Wall

    [!] Birds would find their way across Atlas, leaving a heafty scroll at each major settlement they come across. It starts with a foreword. To whomever reads this, Man, Mali, Uruk, Druid, Cleric or otherwise. Reguardless of race or creed there is a storm making its way up our home of Atlas. While we fight against the hordes of September another danger is brewing. I don’t know how, or where, but I received a book written by one ‘Doomsayer’ detailing the danger creeping farther north. We must all take heed, it has already taken several settlements and large cities under its shroud. – Dwyn Tinuvial [!] What follows and a transcription of the book. "Heed this warning, dear readers. The September Prince is the least of our worries, for it is the south from which Doom's Legions march. If we do not act with haste, death shall be the price which we all pay. The snows advancing North, and all animals within that area perishing. This act has not been taken seriously enough. The wall, it has changed. What once was a smooth wall of ice, rising to the sky is now covered in gigantic spikes, reaching out North, towards us. Something is on the other side of that wall, and it is trying to break through. Fortresses of massive size have appeared along the Southern wall. One of them, belonging to the Vaeyl Order of the Red Diamond, reaches nearly as high as the wall itself. The other, is of an origin unknown. Both go back, to whatever rests beyond the wall. South of Markev, amongst the ruins of an ancient fortress has risen a giant portal. As tall and wide as 10 men, a crystal floats within it. It is here, that a resurrected Wyvern and its followers went. From beyond the wall, enemies have come before. A Coalition of Southern Nations fought to stop them , and won. Amongst the powerful beings was the Wyvern previously noted. Surely, with its return, something is amiss in the South. We've seen those from beyond the wall before. They've tried to kill us, seeking our death and destruction. I am certain now, they shall come once more. It is not a matter of if, now, but a matter of when. Dear readers, if you've made it this far, please. Heed this warning. If we do not act to stop it now, many shall die as a result. Ready yourselves dear readers. For the real war shall soon be upon us."
  11. OhDeerLord!

    Maybe free character art???

    *raises hand*
  12. OhDeerLord!

    [✗] [Lore Amendment][Enaction of Yeu] Force Disconnections

    Alright that's understandable. She wasnt part of the creation of the lore, though she was one of the first few people that became a student under Quav and part of the trial, and ironicly both Auric and myself (Creator of the lore and I helped proof read and stuff, ect, first characters with the magic) are against this amendment xD bahaha
  13. OhDeerLord!

    [✗] [Lore Amendment][Enaction of Yeu] Force Disconnections

    Just a FYI here, Firegirl isnt the creator of Enaction of Yeu Rthulu, she is just a regular player submitting a amendment to a magic she uses
  14. OhDeerLord!

    Soul Tree Amendment

    Seeing as Oliver was able to get away with not having his character PK'd when his soul tree was unnattuned (atleast from what I've overheard) it makes sense that this should be turned into something that every holder has access to +1