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  1. An old elf sat back, looking over the newest paper delivered to his home. He lets out a soft sigh, olive eyes trailing across the familiar writing and the words. His fragmented memory drifting back to years of grief. Of chances squandered. Tears shed and shared. He'd had so much hope for the easterner. He seemed so bright, and creative. But that was part of the lie. The mask. And the lies never stopped, he saw them and thought for moments that he was crazy. Was only he seeing this? The behavior changing. The starts of arguments shifted and changed. Different reports. Different storie
  2. An old elf lets out a soft, shaky breath when he feels the wave of sorrow washes over nature. His ear flicks oddly at the additional voice, bringing tears to his eyes before he scrubs them away. "Blessed be, Sister Ferret."
  3. Skin Name: Elven Embroidery Skinner’s Username: Miko Discord: OhDeerLord#5063 Bid: 11usd
  4. "And so it's begun." The old elf glances out, looking over the stump of tangled roots. He lets out a steady breath, and straightens the set of his shoulders.
  5. Skin Name: Elven Embroidery Skinner’s Username: MikoMonster Discord: OhDeerLord#5063 Bid: 5$ USD
  6. @rukio Please properly credit the art you source! Simply saying 'Pintrest' is not proper sourcing! Personal Work by Jeon Tae Kang https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LvdYP Sword by Alexandra Khitova https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3ovVJ Ardent Plea (MTG) by Brian Dugan https://www.chippyworks.com/home Luke 22:42 by Full of Eyes https://www.fullofeyes.com/resources/ Aelin's Tattoo by Jana Runnek https://www.instagram.com/p/BtMHHWQHF83/ Perseus by Jeremy Chong https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZVL4x Modified Elf Archer by Artist at Graft Studio https://www.artstation.com/ar
  7. skin: Onions have Layers bid: 6$ discord: OhDeerLord#5063
  8. She was one of the first he knew, who saw the path before him before he even knew himself. "You're going soon, aren't you?" The question he asked hanging in the air for a few moments as they spoke in his office. She had been there through so many points of his life. Effected it in so many ways he wouldn't realize until later. He'd almost seen her die before, Gi'garun crying out over her. She was saved then. It wasn't time yet. Their early talks, on faith and lack worship. He would remember that for ages, it comforted him when he was unsure of if
  9. “..the room right over there.” The old druid speaks while he unrolls the letter, reading over the words. The chatter continues around him, muffled through his ears. He vaguely hears himself respond to a question, but he’s re-reading the page again. And again. Belatedly, he realizes he still has guests, and tries to school his features- and it fails to go unnoticed. The voices shift to concern. “Is everything well?” His vision is blurring, and the words around him consoling. “I am sorry for what has been lost to you.” The Will is folded in behind t
  10. As someone who’s had the same elven character since 2011, yeah this thing gets a big no from me I also think you misunderstood the passage- comparable to their lifespan elves mature quickly, they reach 18 for physical maturity but culturally they arent considered adults until 50 years old. It’s not that they arent fully developed until they’re 50, it’s just that they arent considered adults that can go off and move out of their parents until after 50, by most group’s standards. asfor late-age elves, mine is only cresting 600, and I rp him as starting to have memory problems an
  11. A druid sits in his back garden, staring at a spot in the grass where a plum tree used to sit. His thoughts wander to the Sister Grove, to the promises made. To the work his love is doing out of sight- just in case. He stares down at his hands, clasped around a cup of long cold tea- and be it truth, the trick of the incoming twilight, or his own paranoia he imagines wisps of dark smoke about his hands. He remembers the deal they made vividly. His fingers curl tighter around the cup, and he lets out a long breath, moving back inside.
  12. beau beau beau beau beau beau https://imgur.com/a/s1If0Wd
  13. Yes they always have been able to Shapeshifting works with the soul, and the husk is a extension of the soul tree. So it’s simply projecting the transformation onto the husk like a tether.
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