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  1. “You want me to make what style of swimsuit?” An elf asks, watching his partner vibrate with the force of a large memeplex. “..Alright.”
  2. OhDeerLord!


    Next to the rooted Druid, a Red stag would rest for the night, leaving his side only after the first rays of sunlight on the day of the planned attack.
  3. Upon seeing the notice, a elf snorts softly. He’s heard bits about these spider worshipers, and their attempts at claiming mori culture. He rolls his eyes, and smiles slightly to himself at the irony, uttering “A vaen, foluss zhah elggin nindolen myar'a b'lath” To himself before turning back to his work on a painting, his hands stained with white.
  4. “Hekkaes...” An elf mumbles softly to himself, taking notice of the missive “Perhaps I’ll swing by.”
  5. Dwyn looks up towards the ceiling, hearing Hareven’s shouting. He snorts and goes back to his own preparations for the festival.
  6. Thats just silly, Just taking quick glance at our tier progression you'd see that even at t3 "Depending on the situation and demand, an animal might comply with his request." If your seeing a lower tier druid not struggle with requesting then send it to their teacher
  7. Druidism in no way ‘controls’ nature though. While yes, the skill is called Communion and Control, what is actually happening is a conversation between a druid and the subject. A request, if accepted, is carried out to the best of the subject’s ability/want of effort. A request, if denied, is not. I.e. Example- A druid doesn't ‘control’ a tree, and make it lower its branches A druid asks a tree if it could lower a branch, so we might gain a vantage point. The tree agrees or disagrees, depending on the tier of the druid and the way they make the request. If a druid starts CONTROLLING and FORCING nature to do things, it starts turning it’s back on the druid, and refusing outright. (Next part more a general statement on the lore, not specifically directed at King of the Moon) I think that’s one of the main things that this lore gets wrong in that it’s origin stems from a misunderstanding on how the magic works- A druid doesn't CONTROL nature. It doesn't get bent to our will and whim, in our view of ‘ideal’ nature- The job of a druid is essentially janitorial, trying to keep things as the chaotic nature, the balance and cycle of life and death- righting the wrongs caused by descendants influence. One of the main misunderstandings I’ve seen in this lore piece in general is that it generalizes druids as tree-huggers who spread flowers everywhere, which is not the case.
  8. Without going into the debacle of this being discount druidism, i’ll just quickly bring up the first concerns that came to mind as its 2am Probably shouldn't nix certain races out of learning/getting this(Houzi and Kha) How would the influencing interact with a Druid’s communion, I’m surprised that was never touched on in this unless something’s changed, a 16 week (3.5 months or so) to t5 seems pretty short to me
  9. Is there going to be any sort of event that sets us off for transition?

    Far as I know there hasnt even been a call to action/a gathering of 'lets gtfo'. Such as last few transitions events gathered people in the CT to create their boats or whatnot.

    Unless I missed something there hasnt been anything telling us HOW we're leaving

    1. NotEvilAtAll
    2. Burnsy


      Yeah, the September Prince is gonna dunk a Thanium bomb on the Cloud Temple.

  10. ‘Humblest of his line’ A druid mouths as he reads the post, grimacing.
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