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    I play guitar and minecraft this is all I do.

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  1. Gosh Darn Raevir

    1. gamer_guy



  2. Vote for the new Vekaro Maer! > http://goo.gl/S0GfKg

  3. Men don't win wars, gold does.

    1. Hanrahan


      Actualleh on Lotc Men win wars, gold is as useless as burning fields

    2. Anderssn


      Gold don't win wars, gold win ladies.

    3. Hanrahan
  4. Mikhael's tinfoil hat falls from his head, the tinfoiling too intense this time.
  5. MCNAME: Beggin_Bill SKYPENAME: BegginBill How Active are you?: many Do you have teamspeak?: no IC: Name: Jerry Colin Race: Human/Elf Age: 17 Experience: Not a lot Short Bio: Jerry grew up and works for house Colin.
  6. Beggin_Bootay

    1. SortedJarhead


      You're not a troll.

  7. Zion got a broadcast saying they won. Thats an insult to the Oren playerbase.

  8. Ej friends of Conclavia!

    1. iMattyz


      Praise elf godan

  9. Holla for a Dolla

  10. Mikhael spots the poster, he mutters only one word. "wat"
  11. +1 Messy Medieval stamp of approval.
  12. Ej, friends of Malin.

  13. Make most swift holy removals of BegginBill bgecuase of his significant lack of lord of the rings knowledge.

  14. Rp default, bring VA's back.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Dilara(lotteje13)


      or or! we just start a hybrid... and make the ppl choose what they want for fights...

    3. yopplwasupxxx


      PvP is default if the two sides cant decide on RP

    4. Dilara(lotteje13)


      or the other person refuses all the rp that happend and doesnt pvp and just walks away cause thats allowed 2 :)

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