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  1. coloring book was a great mixtape

    1. Grigguc


      there needs to be a plugin that can change your how tall or short you are

    2. Space


      it wasn't that bad


      kinda forgettable tho imo

  2. Love you. Miss you. Come back. Kill Red Rose Tavern. Talk soon.

  3. Bring Back Guides

    Most people normally do not help out new players, or find them annoying, etc. etc. In reality, not everyone's some heart-loving individual who goes out of their way to help out some new person who's RP'ing as a pure black dark elf with glowing eyes or the likes. People who would join the team would have the task of doing this, perhaps those who normally go out of their way to help the players. Maybe they find the yellow tag a bit rewarding, and pushes them on to keep helping new players, or even try harder? Shiny things are nice. Like yellow name tags.
  4. [6:55:34 PM] Roy: eyad is now regent of redantus

    1. Raptorious


      ave redantus

      ave vradoryr

      ave orAn

    2. Pyro™
  5. kipples for king tbh

  6. socks died too young :'(